How to extract attachments, contacts, calendars, & email addresses from OST?

As we all know, an OST file is a data storage file used to store offline data in an Outlook profile on users’ local device. It is also known as the Offline Storage Table, which contains complete Outlook data such as email, contacts, calendar, logs, tasks, and more. At one time or another, it generally happens with Exchange users that they need to extract data or export it from OST file via Microsoft Outlook. This can easily be done with the MS Outlook Import / Export feature, but for this. Outlook should be connected to the Exchange server and it should be accessible.  In this blog you have been told about a paid third party tool, which can help you to extract emails, attachments, contacts, calendars etc. from OST files, even when the file is orphaned or corrupt. However, it also works when Outlook is not connected to the Exchange server.

Extract Email Address, Contacts, Calendars, and Attachments of OST files

Download one of the simplest and fast solution named Regain OST Recovery Tool which is quality tested solution to easily extract data from OST files without any Outlook and Exchange Server connectivity. Because of its easy interface the data extraction from OST files become very easy for any kind of users. Let us see which items are extracted by the software and in which formats.

Extract OST contacts to VCF/MSG → This program loads single OST or multiple OST files simultaneously to extract all contacts with details such as name, email address, pictures, mobile number, etc.

Extract OST calendars to ICS/MSG → Calendar migration from OST file to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, ICS, VCARD format can be done using this application, including all calendar details such as – scheduled assignment, appointments, meeting, etc.

Extract OST Attachments → Attachments can be easily obtained via OST file. Users can easily select OST folders and extract attachments of the desired files according to their requirements.

Extract OST email addresses → This software allows users to extract email addresses from an OST file. Users can extract email addresses such as From, Subject, To, Bcc, etc. seamlessly without any problems

Steps to Extract OST data items – attachments, contacts, calendars, & email addresses

  • Install the Regain OST Recovery Software on your Windows System
  • Browse and choose a single or multiple OST Data file
  • Select the items to extract – email address, attachments, contacts, etc. for scanning
  • After Scanning Software generate a Preview of selected OST Emails items
  • Now Select the File Format in which you wish to save your extracted OST email items
  • Select the Destination location to Save extracted OST file
  • Now Software Start Saving

How to extract items from OST file using manual solution?

If you choose manual trick to extract your calendars, contacts, email addresses, and attachments from Outlook OST file, then it is mandatory for you to install MS Outlook and connect it with your Exchange Server.

Process to Extract Calendars from OST file

  • First of all you need to Open MS Outlook
  • Click on File menu → Open & Export → Import/Export
  • Now choose Outlook data file & then select Calendars from OST file
  • Now enter the destination path as per your choice to save the files
  • Finally hit the Finish button.

Process to Export OST email addresses data

  • Open MS Outlook; go to File and then select options
  • Select the Advanced option and then click on Export option
  • Now select Export to a file option
  • Now you need to choose Outlook data file
  • Select email folder, here you can also include sub folders as well
  • Use the browse button to choose the path where you want to save the email addresses

Process to extract OST contacts to VCF

  • Open MS Outlook and move to the “File” menu
  • Now you need to select the desired contacts
  • After that again go to the “file” menu and click on “Save As” option
  • Now you need to “name the file” and choose VCF under “Save as Type”

Process to extract attachments from OST file

Users can open Outlook and can extract attachments from OST emails one by one. Other then that, no method is available to extract attachments of OST email messages.

Shortcoming with Manual Solutions

There are few more shortcomings that users may face with the manual solutions-

  • Contacts from OST file to VCF can be exported easily. But there is no other manual method is available that can convert your multiple contacts from OST file to vCard format quickly.
  • Manual solution is very time consuming and has long procedure to extract attachments from every OST emails.
  • In manual solution, there is no surety of safety of data when you extract the items from OST files

That’s  the reason why most of the users want to opt a professional tool that only take few steps to extract your valuable calendars, contacts, attachments, and email addresses from OST files. This software is 100% safe and secured in terms of providing accurate results. You can check the functionality of this software by using its trial version that comes absolutely free of cost.

OST File Corruption Reasons and Their Solutions

We already know that nowadays Outlook is most popular email client and used by a large number of users across the globe. Microsoft Outlook uses Offline folder (OST file) to allow its users to work offline without any issues. The Outlook IMAP accounts such as and Outlook 365 account stores their mailbox data in OST file format. But, What if the file gets damaged due to any reason and all stored data becomes incomprehensible?

Therefore, in this article we will discuss the common causes of OST file corruption and the best possible ways to recover an OST file as well as a trick to solve this corruption issue. So let’s we start the discussion.

Brief About OST File

OST files are a user mailbox content replica stored on the Exchange server. It is automatically created on the first use of Microsoft Outlook as soon as you connect to the server. Once created, the data is synchronized with the e-mail server so that it can be used offline as well as in the event of a shutdown of the e-mail server. The user can create email and other data elements in the OST file and, even when you are not connected to the server. But, once you get the connection, the local file is synchronized with the server again and these data items are automatically saved directly to the server.

Upon return of the connection, the OST file is automatically synchronized with the Exchange Server mailbox. It looks comfortable, but in reality, it is not. Like other programs and files, corruption occurs with OST files. Let’s examine the reasons.

What’s the Reason behind OST file corruption?

During the synchronized process, if you’re OST data is disrupted due to bad internet connectivity, then the OST file may be damaged. Once the OST files are disabled, the Outlook functionality will also be affected. In addition to these reasons, there are many other causes of OST file corruption, which is clearly divided into two categories such as hardware and software.

Hardware Related Issues

The corruption issues related to hardware are mainly caused due to inappropriate configuration, malfunctioning, failure in the external components of the computer system such as network connectors, hard drive, modem, internal or external power unit, etc

  • Delay due to network connectors
  • Affected storage device
  • Bad sectors on hard drive
  • Sudden power loss/Surges

Software Reasons

If you have problems with logical inconsistencies, all of them are subject to software issues. These errors occur due to error transmission, viral infection, application failure, and downloading of programs from some unreliable source. Some errors are as follows:

  • Outlook program failure
  • Abnormal Extinction of Outlook
  • Add inappropriate Outlook
  • Specific storage limitation

Six Most Common Solutions to Fix OST file Problems

Method #1: Start Outlook in Safe Mode

The main reason behind starting the Outlook in Safe Mode is to disable the add-ins, which can cause errors in the boot process. This allows it to work safely without corrupting any add-ons or files. To open MS Outlook in safe mode uses this command – “outlook.exe / safe”.

Method #2:  Update the Folder

This method allows you to change the properties of folders, and fix inaccessible OST file problems. This procedure applies to Outlook 2010.

  • First, right-click the folder and click Properties.
  • A dialog box will appear. Click the “Clear Offline Items” option and hit the OK button.
  • Next, on the Outlook 2010 ribbon, click the Send / Receive option.
  • Finally click the Update Folder to save the changes.

Method #3: Disable Firewall settings

You can render antivirus programs and other firewall settings inoperative as some programs are designed to scan and detect problems for all incoming and outgoing e-mails. If you turn on the antivirus option, it may disrupt the operation of MS Outlook in a timely manner. So you can try disabling the settings and rebooting Outlook to see the changes.

Method #4: By Compacting the OST file

Having an over-sized OST file may create troubles and errors such as – tediousness in Outlook performance, OST file corruption, etc. the data still exist in the deleted folder, even when you delete the data or any items. To delete items in your “Deleted Items folder”, you must individually remove all items that consume your lots of time. Therefore you can use compact OST file option as it reduces the additional space which is acquired by these file.

Method #5: Use scanost.exe Tool

Microsoft gives users two integrated tools, such as ScanPST.exe or Inbox Repair Tool and ScanOST.exe or OST Integrity Checker, to repair small issues that occurred in Exchange OST files. The Scanost.exe tool scans all the elements of the mailbox that is included in the OST files and is presented on the Exchange server. This tool assures users to fix minor corruption issues related to the OST file.

OST File Corruption Reasons and Their Solutions


However, the OST integrity check is only available in Outlook 2007 and its previous versions, and it is discontinued in Outlook 2010 and later. You can use the Inbox Repair Tool to fix errors found in both OST & PST files created in that particular Outlook version.

Drawbacks of Scanost.exe tool

There are some limitations associated with the ScanOST.exe or OST integrity checker. Take a look at the points below:

  • It is not possible to recover lost email or other items from the OST file.
  • Only minor corruption can be detected in the OST file.
  • Security is not provided when recovering data.
  • Do not repair Outlook 2010 and later versions.

Method #6: Make Use of Professional Software

If in case these manual methods don’t works, you can take the help of some professional tool. You can opt Regain OST Recovery tool to fix the OST file corruption issues. This utility is useful because it corrects all types of corruption and restores data files.

It can also transfer data from corrupt OST files to other file formats. The utility has the fastest scanning speed and is supported in all versions of Outlook. You can download the demo version of this tool for free.


I have described above the main causes and solutions of OST file corruption. When corruption in Outlook OST files is unexpected, you can try the above solutions. However, it is best to use an OST Repair tool as this will help you in restoring your data without any trouble. I hope this article helps you with your doubts.

Fix and Repair Oversized Outlook PST File

What is Outlook PST File? And the nature of PST (personal storage table)?

As we know that PST file is a vital component of MS Outlook. it is also known as personal storage table which is created by MS Outlook to store all the emails and other database included contacts, task manager, calendar, note-taking, journal, and web browser likewise the equivalent attachments. These files are used on a large scale by many home users as well as various small industries. Before MS Outlook 2003 and 2007, the PST file could store 2 GB of emails and the attachments. But with the incarnation of new editions of Outlook it rose up to 50 GB.

The PST files are divided into two types: one ANSI and the second one is UNICODE. ANSI (1997-2002) is that type of PST file that supports the older versions of MS Outlook. This types of files are capable to store the data up to 2 GB. But, this file has one drawback, that they do not support multilingual files. Outlook provides the user an option to make ANSI PST file in the latest edition. Whereas, the UNICODE is an outlook PST file utilizes for the 2003 and later versions to yet. It supports multilingual data files and can hold up to 50 GB data. But, it has a drawback that it cannot support older version of MS Outlook.

Try Regain PST to Office 365 Migrator tool to Import Outlook PST data to Office 365 account or Exchange Server. Download Here

When the Outlook PST File cross its range of storing, is called Oversized PST file.

The latest version of PST file has the capacity to store 50 GB file data. But still there are chances of PST file corruption due to size issues. Let me explain you in details why a corrupt oversized PST file can create a problem. Suppose you are working in an organization and using Outlook 2007 for sending or receiving emails routinely without caring the size of PST file. One day you felt that your Outlook application is start responding slowly, and you don’t pay attention to these issues in the beginning but a time will come when you try to access your emails but Outlook doesn’t respond and shows error messages.

This error messages indicates that your PST file has been corrupted due to large storage of emails and other items the PST file get oversized. Whenever the PST file crosses its maximum limits, exactly we will surround of worse issues.

Some are the error messages given below, you may encounter while you make effort to open a deprave or corrupt Outlook PST File.

  • The filename.pst is not from a personal folders file.
  • The filename.pst has reached its maximum quantum limit.
  • An emergent error fends ingress to this file. Utilize Scan Disk to examine the disk for errors and flaw, and then try utilizing the Inbox Repair tool again.
  • The set of these folders can’t  open.
  • Can’t extend the folder right now.
  • Errors have been discovered in Outlook Outlook PST File. Quit all mail-enabled applications.

Anyway, the above-shown error will not frustrate you more. If you will deal perfectly with the oversized Outlook PST File.

Divide PST File:

PST file comprises of large sized which May causes a chances of data lose. If you won’t have to face big errors in future, you have to Split PST file. Splitting of PST file is a way of dividing large size file into several small PST file size. By accomplishing this execution you’ll get two or more than merely a Outlook PST File.

Remove Duplicate Items:

Duplicate items play a major role in over sizing the PST file. It may happen when there are large numbers of duplicates items which have occupied all the free space of the Outlook PST file. So it is the better option to remove duplicate items from the PST file.

Readily get an oversized PST in the healthy state with backup:

Many organizations prefer backup option which is considered to be the best way to recover PST file of any size. If you found any error messages while opening a PST file, it means that your PST file has been corrupted. If you have taken backup for your PST file then you are very lucky because you can easily recover your PST file from the backup. But, it may happen sometime that you may forget to take backup for your file, then in this situation you should use third party tool to recover your corrupted PST files.

Do this if you are careless with backup:

If you think that backup process is long and you can’t handle it then, you should use the Inbox Repair tool, commonly known as the scanpst.exe utility. To run the Inbox Repair tool, you must locate its executable file.

Third party options to get execution accomplished:

If you are getting problem or facing error in Using MS Outlook email client. You can use best Regain Outlook PST Recovery Software, this tool repair damaged PST files and saved it in working condition. This tool scans complete PST file and extract all Outlook files like emails, calendars, contacts, task, notes, etc. This Outlook PST Recovery software support all MS Outlook versions including, 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 and also provide option to save recovered emails into PST, EML, MSG, HTML format.

Try free trial version of Regain Outlook PST Recovery Software which gives you facility to save 30 emails per folder at free of cost. The software never makes any changes in the folder structure and email formatting during conversion process.

How to Recover your Deleted or Lost Outlook Mails by Outlook Email Recovery Tool

In this article, I will explain to you three methods to recover your lost or deleted Outlook Mails. These manual methods will definitely help you out in the process of recovering lost or deleted Outlook emails in all versions of Windows operating system.

I receive various questions related to lost or deleted Outlook emails recovery and most of my audiences have no idea about how to restore their emails after deletion.

Sometimes, you delete your emails or some other item intentionally or unintentionally from your Microsoft Outlook account, there are some changes are taking place that you will be able to restore it back. First of all, you need to look for your deleted emails or files in ‘Deleted Items Folder’ and due to some reason you cannot find the email or file there, then look it on ‘Recoverable Item Folder’.

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However, there are assured things that you need to remember before performing this kind of Microsoft Outlook email restoration or recovery from your account.

  • You can restore or recover your lost or deleted emails or files if still it is located in the ‘Deleted Item’ folder.
  • But if it is not available there then recovery process of your permanently deleted email or files needs much more expertise to restore.

Note: these two methods will basically focus on recovering your email from normal deletion wherever the third methods of recovery will show you how to recover permanently deleted or lost Outlook emails or files.

First Method: Follow the steps below to recover your deleted or Lost Outlook emails that still available in Deleted Item folder

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook, click on ‘Deleted Items’ folder.
  2. Browse and locate that particular deleted email. Right click on the file and Move it to the other Folder.
  3. To move it to the ‘Inbox’ folder, click on ‘Inbox’ then after click on ‘Ok’.
  4. Apart from email, with this method, you also restore some other mailbox items also.
  • For contact recovery: Right click on the file and click on Move and then after select Contacts.
  • For calendar item recovery: Right click on the file and click on Move and then after select Calendar.
  • For task item recovery: Right click on the file and click on Move and then after select Tasks.

Second Method: Follow the steps to recover your Outlook deleted or lost Mails, if it is not available in the Deleted Item folder.

If your deleted emails or files are not available in Deleted Item folder then it could be deleted permanently or it is available in Recoverable Item folder. Basically, this is a hidden file and folder where mostly deleted files or emails go to this folder. When you have done any of the things below:

  • Unfortunately, delete something from the Deleted items folder.
  • Deleted any email or file permanently by using Shift+Delete.
  • Intentionally or unintentionally emptied your ‘Deleted Item’ folder.

However, you can follow the steps below to restore or recover deleted permanently Outlook emails:

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook and go to the email list folder.
  2. Go to the Deleted Items folder.
  3. After that go to Home and choose the option ‘Recover Deleted Items Server’.
  4. Now you need to browse and select that file which you want to recover and then after click on ‘Restore Selected Items’ and click on the Ok button.

Note: when you restore or recover your email from ‘Recoverable Items’ folder after that the selected item automatically transfer to ‘Deleted Item’ folder. To restore that specific file from ‘Deleted Item’ folder, you to follow our first method step by step.

Recover Your Outlook Mailbox Lost or Deleted Data with a Professional Software

There are certain conditions, where you cannot find your PST file in ‘Recoverable Items’ folder then there is the only way to recover or restore your deleted emails in Outlook by using professional Regain Outlook PST Recovery software.

This is the software that I have been using from the last couple of years for recovery is Outlook PST Repair.


Outlook PST Repair Tool

The Outlook PST Repair tool is one of the most advanced software and effective as well which helps you not only in restore your lost or deleted files or emails but also helps you to recovery or repair of your corrupt Microsoft Outlook PST files. This tool is also best known online for restoring contacts, emails, tasks, calendars, and other mailbox items also. And the best thing about this tool is that it doesn’t harm original file or data, so that means, it keeps safe your data from any type of loss, corrupt or changes. Regain Outlook PST Repair software has integrated with advanced recovery algorithm with high compatibility ratio. It supports all version of Window Operating System as well as all version of Microsoft Outlook.

Unfortunately, it has only one drawback is that it doesn’t support MAC AND Linux Operating system. Hopefully, it will be available to MAC and Linx soon.

So, this the way to easily recover your deleted or lost Outlook emails in Windows. I hope this article helps you.

How You Can Fix Your Damaged or Corrupt Outlook PST Files or Personal Folder

If you are facing PST problem and you don’t know how to solve or fix this Outlook Personal Folder PST file error? In this case, this article can help you to fix this error. Read it must.

Commonly, PST Files or Personal Folder Files are used by Microsoft Outlook to store Outlook data, like email files, folders, and contacts or any personal data related to your MS Outlook.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook and you are experiencing that your system is showing some warning, alerts messages or error due to missing files, logical conflicts or mishandling in your Outlook, then that means your Personal Folder files needs scan or repair and this the right time to do this.

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Cause of a Damaged or Corrupt Outlook PST File or Folder

    • Formation of a New PST File: It generally happens when you are upgrading your Microsoft Outlook to the newer version, during upgrade a new PST File will be created and this newly created file takes place and corrupts your old PST file.
    • Huge PST File is created: Generally, the Outlook database stored in PST files. When you use Outlook regularly then its size of PST file will also increase. Eventually, when it crosses the actual limit of data and it becomes lacks to archive then it gets corrupted or damaged easily. User can use split pst file tool to reduce the size of large pst file.
    • During Sharing File on Various Networks: Necessarily, in this advanced technology generation, we like to download new software and install them. For safety, we need to install reliable anti-virus software. But still, the system prone to attack by virus or malware. It can be a cause of your PST file damage or corrupt.
    • Due to Outlook wrong Up gradation: Sometimes, while you upgrade your Outlook and your PST file becomes damaged or when you handled it improperly, then also it will be damaged.
    • Error during PST Compression: we need to Compress PST files to increase the hard disk space. During compression of PST file, there are chances of error that may damage your PST files.

However, if you are unable to open your old Outlook PST personal folder, emails or contacts, it could be damaged and needs repair, but with Outlook PST Repair tool you can easily fix an issue.

Professional PST Repair Utility

This Microsoft Outlook recovery software is one of the most efficient Outlook PST file repair tools that not only recover your corrupted PST files but restore your old deleted emails as well. It has a feature to restore all the items in your MS Outlook like emails, contacts, notes, calendars, journals, and more. Without losing any integrated data. With this tool, you can also carry out the damaged or corrupted Outlook PST files in the recovery process before scanning of Outlook data corruption.

After performing the recovery process, you will be allowed to save your old data in various output formats like PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, and DBX. This PST Repair tool scans the entire item existing in your mailbox in PST file and recovers them in a proper manner.

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This Regain Outlook repair tool also provides you an option to search a specific file from your scanned result which is based on criteria defined by the user. It ensures you the complete recovery of your mailbox data. It supports all  Microsoft Outlook versions like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, it is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It helps you to recover your lost emails, contacts, notes, calendars, journals successfully from damaged PST file.

Repair Outlook PST in just few easy steps

The PST repair tool is totally capable to recover your all mailbox items from your damaged or corrupted PST files with both UNICODE and ANSI file formats. With this Regain Outlook PST Repair tool, anyone can able to add new PST files on their Outlook account without any problem.