How to Import EML Data into MS Outlook the Easy Way?

As you know, emailing is a vital part of our day to day life. Emailing has become one of the most important jobs in this world for any company. Nowadays, life becomes impossible without email conversations. Without email, even our basic jobs would have been more and more complex. Emails have been used more exclusively for communication. Be it an organization or individual, email is known to be very important when it comes to communicate with each other. Email conversation can be seen widely due to excessive email use.

Why to Convert Emails?

These days, there is no lack of email applications available for conversations. Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client used on Windows. Basically, identical file formats are not support to store mailbox data. For instance, emails and other mailbox items are stored in Outlook data file by Microsoft Outlook which is named as Personal Storage Table or PST.

Microsoft provides other email clients like Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express to store emails in EML and DBX file formats respectively. In older versions of Windows like XP, Outlook Express was used. Though MS Outlook can still be used, Outlook Express is a default email client available on XP. In later versions like Windows 7, Windows Live Mail to store email files. In order to switch between different email clients, it is important to convert emails.

Suppose you are based on Windows Live Mail and you want to use Microsoft Outlook. Your old emails are stored in EML file format that cannot be exported directly to MS Outlook. However, Windows Live Mail features in-built feature through which all the email messages can be exported to either Outlook or MS Exchange.

For EML to Outlook migration, you don’t need any technical expertise. All you need to follow these simple steps –

  • Launch Windows Live Mail client on your PC along with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go to File > Export Email > Email Messages
  • Select the desired format to export emails on Windows Live Mail Export toolbox, to Microsoft Exchange. Click Next to proceed.
  • It will show a message on the screen before starting the export process. Click OK to Confirm.
  • Choose Mailbox folders to export to Microsoft Outlook. Either you can choose a specific folder or all folders to export. Click OK to proceed.
  • It will conduct an export process on the system. Please wait to complete the process successfully.
  • Export process will be finished within few seconds. Click on Finish.

To manually convert EML into PST file format, the aforementioned trick is very effective and simple. You can also try third party Regain EML to PST converter which performs more rapidly than those tricks. This manual trick takes a lot of time when it comes to export emails in bulk.

On the other side, Regain EML to PST Converter is smart enough to perform bulk conversion within minutes. You don’t have to choose EML files one by one. You can easily choose multiple files to perform batch conversion. Before buying full version, it is recommended to use trial version of the program to get familiar to the process. Any non-technical or technical user can easily use this program. You don’t need any technical knowledge.