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Emails are the backbone of any modern-day communication, personal or professional. With the advent of cloud-based email services, businesses and individuals have been flocking towards services like Office 365. One major challenge in switching to Office 365 is migrating the data from existing email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. PST (Personal Storage Table) files are commonly used in Microsoft Outlook to store emails, contacts, and other data. Several PST to Office 365 migration tools have been developed to ease the migration process, each with its unique features and capabilities. This blog post will discuss the best Office 365 migration tools in the current market.

Although it is technically possible for administrators to import Outlook Personal Storage Table (PST) files into user mailboxes using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 (Exchange Online), doing so requires too much time and effort. Also, if you choose to go with any manual ways, chances are you are risking your data. There are many drawbacks, limitations, and technicalities associated with the manual ways that professionals avoid.

Reasons to Use a PST to Office 365 Migration Software:

Due to security and regulatory concerns, importing PST files into Office 365 is more time-consuming and laborious than importing them into Outlook. For instance, if you want to use the manual Network Upload approach, you’ll need to create the PST import task and then use AzCopy (a command line-based application) to upload the PST files to Azure Storage; and last, you’ll need to create and upload the mailbox mapping file (CSV) to O365. You must validate the mapping file, resolve any errors (if any), and initiate the import task before your migration from PST to Office 365 is complete.


If you opt for Drive Shipping, you’ll need to back up your PST files to a BitLocker-protected storage drive, send it to one of Microsoft’s data centers, pay $2 per gigabyte (GB) or $2,000 per terabyte (TB) of PST files, and then wait for Microsoft to upload them to Azure Storage on your behalf. However, to initiate the import process, you must create an import task and then upload a CSV mailbox mapping file to Office 365.


However, the shortcomings of such manual approaches must be overlooked. In particular, PST files greater than 20 GB cannot be uploaded or migrated. Mail attachments greater than 35 MB are automatically deleted (unless you increase the limit to a maximum of 150 MB). In addition, the Drive Shipping process could take a few days to a few weeks. Your disc may span multiple countries before reaching its destination, creating data security and compliance concerns.

One solution is to use a PST to Office 365 migration tool, which will allow you to bypass these restrictions. It facilitates the import of single or multiple PST files into users’ mailboxes in Office 365. Using import PST to Office 365  program streamlines the process by skipping the middleman and removing the restrictions. That’s why we know about the best Office 365 migration tools.

Best Office 365 Migration Tools Available:

  1. Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool

The PST to Office 365 migration tool is a top-notch software coded by Regain Software. This program lets you quickly migrate multiple Outlook PST files into Office 365 mailboxes. This tool’s finest feature is importing a PST file to an Office 365 account with either an Admin or a User account. The PST file can be imported into Office 365 by a single user without the need for Admin authority. Let’s know why it is one of the best Office 365 migration tools.


  • You can import emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks from PST files into Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Also, you can migrate several PST files at once without hassle. There is no limitation on the migration of multiple .pst files concurrently.
  • Multiple filter settings to selectively move data from PST files. It helps users to get only the desired data in the Office 365 account.
  • Effectively preserves the organizational structure of PST files. Maintained folder hierarchy helps users to get easily co-up with the data.
  • Users can also import a PST file into shared mailboxes in Office 365.
  • After the migration, the software displays a complete log report of the migration.
  • Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool is compatible with all Windows and Outlook versions.
  • Requires no installation of Outlook for PST to Office 365 migration.


  • The tool is not compatible with the Mac Operating system.

2.  SysTools PST To Office 365 Migration

It’s another great tool for moving your old email archive into your new Office 365 inbox.


  • It’s compatible with all Outlook versions and Windows operating systems.
  • The software can export your emails, calendar, tasks, and contacts to Office 365.
  • It can import a PST file into Office 365 with an administrator account.
  • The tool can export to either your primary mailbox or your archive mailbox.
  • It keeps your folder structure intact during the migration process.


  • Not compatible with Mac OS.
  • Requires Impersonation to move data;
  • Bulk import PST files into Office 365 for users with business and enterprise licenses.
  • You may take some time to be comfortable with the GUI of the software. 

3. Aryson – Import PST to Office 365 Software

With the Aryson PST to Office 365 Migration Tool, you can quickly and easily import multiple users’ PST data into Office 365. Below is the list of some advantages and disadvantages associated with this Aryson’ s software.


  • Import emails and contacts from a PST file into O365.
  • Migrate multiple Outlook PST files.
  • There is no file size limit during the import process.


  • There are no incremental import features; hence, users may face some issues if the process interrupts for any reason.
  • No support for category-based migration.
  • The tool is not compatible with the Mac Operating system.

4. Kernel PST to Office 365 Migration Tool

The PST to Outlook 365 migration tool offered by Kernel/Nucleus technologies is also an option in the market. It transfers all the information in a PST file to an Office 365 inbox. Some of its advanced features are:

  • The benefits include exporting big PST files to Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Import multiple Outlook PST files into Office 365 in a single go.
  • Provides options to migrate selective data using filters.
  • It also preserves folder hierarchy after the migration.


  • Can’t save migration report in CSV format.
  • Requires impersonation rights for PST migration to Office 365.
  • Users may find the interface of the software complicated though it depends from user to user.

 5. Stellar PST to Office 365 Migration Tool

Stellar is an alternative program that allows you to import numerous PST files into Office 365 mailboxes. It’s a comprehensive tool for moving data from Outlook to Office 365.


  • Move multiple PST file data into Office 365 outlook
  • It keeps all the email properties during conversion
  • Migrates archive PST file to Office 365 efficiently
  • Requires no installation of Outlook for migration


  • It can mess up the folder hierarchy
  • The software can’t import individual folders from PST files
  • It doesn’t allow migrating from PST files to a webmail email client.

Author’s Choice :

Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool is the best option after comparing the best PST to Office 365 migration tools. Regarding PST to Office 365 migration, the software meets every need, whether big or small. The above comparison chart also helps consumers select the best tool for their needs. Here are some of the many advanced features in which Regain PST to Office 365 migration tool stands apart from the competition:


  • Migrate PST to Office 365 Shared Mailboxes

Only one of the five programs can transfer your PST files to the shared mailboxes in Office 365 and that is Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. This program allows users to transfer data from personal storage files (PSTs) to group mailboxes in Office 365. This feature is only available in the Regain software and not in any other tool. With little doubt, the victorious in this category is Regain’s PST to Office 365 Migration tool.

  • Selective Category Migration

It is common for people that they want to transfer only a few selected things from a PST file. Therefore, we have tried out all five available PST to Office 365 Migration tools, with the ability to migrate only certain types of files. Only three of the five options provide the same service. However, the extraordinary and straightforward nature of Regain’s provision of this choice is hard to deny. A user can select the items (emails, calendar, contacts) from PST to migrate with a single mouse click and get desired result.

Display Live Log Report

We found that only Regain and Systools, two of the top five PST to Office 365 Migration tools, generate a comprehensive migration process report during our research. Counts of successful imports and failed imports, as well as the location of the imported files and more, are all included in this report. As a result, it has once again proven to be the best of the five PST to Office 365 migration tools.

  • Free Trial Version

Regain PST to PST Office 365 Migration Tool also offers a free demo version. Users can easily download the software and have a trial. Users can have a practical experience with the software and then easily decide. The free demo version processes the 30 items/folder, which makes it easy to evaluate for users. Users can easily download the software by scrolling this blog down, the link has been given, or you can download and install it from the product page.

  • User-Friendly GUI

Everyone wants to have a simple and straight process to migrate PST files to Office 365 mailboxes. Not everyone is very comfortable with the technicalities; hence an easy-to-use solution is a must required. Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool is an easy-to-understand solution with a user-friendly GUI. Anyone from the non- technical background can easily execute their migration tool.

Free Technical Support

Though the GUI of this tool is very user-friendly and easy to understand, still, if you need any assistance, Regain’s technical support team is all-time available. Regain Software provides round-the-clock technical support to its users. Users can easily contact the technical team using any option given on the official website, includes emailing, telephone conversation, or by submitting your query on the contact page.

  • Cost Effective Solution :

As a result of exhaustively comparing and contrasting the aforementioned five applications, it is abundantly evident that the Regain PST to Office 365 migration tool is the superior option. The tool also provides an array of cutting-edge features in a very economical package. It’s well worth the cost, considering how many useful extras you get.

All mentioned features make Regain Software one of the best Office 365 migration tools. Now, we will learn how it works and what steps we have to follow.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

How Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool Works?

  • Firstly, install and open the Regain software’s Outlook to Office Outlook to Office 365 Migration Tool. This tool is also known as PST to Office 365 Migration Tool.
  • After launching the tool, you will get the display given in the below image.Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Process
  • Select the .pst files that you want to import to Office 365 mailboxes.Step 2
  • After selecting .pst files, now make a connection with the server. Select Office 365 as the server and enter the credentials and click on Connect.Step 3
  • Click on the Import button to start the migration/import from the PST to Office 365 mailboxes. You can also see the status of the process.Step 4


Migrating from PST files to Office 365 can be a complex process if you don’t have a proper solution. But, with the right tool, it can be seamless and effortless. The above-mentioned best PST to Office 365 migration tools are the top 5 at the current time, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Among all these, Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool is the author’s choice, whose download link is also provided in this blog. Choose the tool that best fits your needs and make the switch to Office 365 with ease. You should download and install the demo version of the software to have a practical experience of the software’s work.

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