How to Import OLM files into Office 365 Directly

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If you’re an Mac Outlook user and want to import the OLM files to Office 365 directly without utilizing the Mac platform, here we explain both Manual and Automatic methods for transferring emails from OLM to Office 365. Lets start.

However, the solutions indicated by Microsoft do not permit importing OLM straight into Office 365 by manual method. As there is no direct converter that can be used, the process can be done by the conversion of OLM to PST by using an account on IMAP. First, you must convert .olm to .pst files and then upload the converted PST files to Office 365 account (It is entirely a manual procedure). Follow the procedure below and continue reading.

OLM to Office 365 migration

But Before You Start, What is OLM?

In general, on Mac computers, Outlook uses OLM-formatted files to save information. The data storage files used by Mac Outlook (OLM) vary from those used for Windows Outlook (PST), and Microsoft does not have a documented application to transfer OLM files directly to Office 365.

Outlook is an email client for desktops which is widely used for sending emails and reception. It’s available via both Mac as well as Windows operating systems. The major difference among Outlook on Windows as well as Outlook for Mac is that it creates PST file to Windows along with OLM file for Mac to store information.

Web-based applications are in great demand in recent times. This is why Microsoft has created Office 365, a cloud-based software that allows users to send and receive email over the internet. It encompasses a wide range of cloud-based software like Office Online, Outlook 365, Yammer, and others. Office 365 keeps data in the cloud, and is accessible from any location and at any point. This is why Mac as well as Windows users are moving towards the web.

Reasons to Import OLM Files into Office 365

There are many reasons you need to upload OLM Files to Office 365 account. Some of them are listed below:

  • Office 365 is a web-based software, which means it can be used from anywhere.
  • It helps keep data on the internet, thus reducing the possibility of losing data.
  • Office 365 provides greater security and safety over Mac Outlook.

Manual Method to Import OLM to Office 365

For importing MAC Outlook emails to Office 365 manually, It takes Two steps:

  1. First Convert OLM to PST using an IMAP account
  2. Second Import Converted PST file into Office 365

For Converting OLM to PST requires initially setting up an IMAP mail address and then transferring mails through one network to another. Gmail with IMAP configuration is a popular network that may be configured with both a Mac and an Outlook user account. For your clarity, we have separated the process into six easy steps.

  1. Setup a Gmail account using IMAP: Create a new Gmail address using IMAP settings, or activate an old account with IMAP system preferences.migrate olm emails to office 365
  2. Configure Outlook for Mac using a Gmail account: An Outlook for Mac account may be quickly set up by using a Gmail account.Transfer MAC Outlook emails to Office 365
  3. Make a label in Gmail: Create a Gmail label in the Gmail account using iMAP Settings to transport the data from the OLM file to the iMAP inbox.Import OLM to Office 365 directly
  4. Setup Outlook with Gmail: After transferring the information from OLM to Gmail label, the initial stage is to attach the Gmail account to the Microsoft Outlook account.Transfer MAC Outlook emails to Office 365
  5. Import emails: After the above step, import all emails from your Gmail iMAP account into Microsoft Outlook and begin viewing the OLM files in PST format.export olm to office 365
  6. PST to Office 365 Import: When all of the data has been imported in PST format, utilize the Office 365 account to import the converted PST files in order to view the account via the internet.OLM to Office 365 Migration manual steps

Limitations of manually import OLM files into Office 365 using IMAP

Since it’s a completely manual procedure, it is certain limitations. If, however, you’re an inexperienced user, it could be a huge difficulty to carry out the conversion and then import your files to Office 365. To help you, We have provided some restrictions below.

  • Using the manual technique, a user can hardly import emails from an OLM file into Outlook 365 (cloud-based).
  • There is also the possibility of corruption of data during the process of migration.
  • The manual process of import of OLM to Office 365 is time-consuming and inefficient.
  • This method does not ensure the integrity of data when copying or transferring the OLM document to Office 365.

Professional tool to Import OLM files into Office 365

In general, people are most inexperienced with manual processes since it’s an extremely time-consuming and lengthy process. If you don’t possess the necessary skills, there’s the possibility of losing data. And there’s no built-in method provided by Microsoft to direct import .olm file to Office 365.

Therefore I believe that the best solution for all users is to utilize the manual method. However, not everyone has the money to purchase software. In this case you can use the manual approach.

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The question is what software or tool do you need to use? There many online tools for the job however, which one is the best? There’s a question of user-friendly. Therefore, we believe Regain OLM to Office 365 Migration software will be the ideal solution for you.

How to use Regain OLM to Office 365 Migration Software?

It’s easy interface is so easy to maintain. Just within a simple step you can Import OLM files to Office 365. Get the easy steps below.

  • Install and launch the Regain OLM to Office 365 Migration Software.
  • Navigate the browse button and pick the OLM file that you wish to migrate. Check the summary of all scanned files and select “Office 365” from the menu that appears.
  • Input your Office 365 account access information.
  • Select the “Connect” option to quickly export the OLM file to your Office 365 account.

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