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In this blog, We learn about the Yahoo Mail and Office 365 account and their features. And we also know, How to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 account. Lets start.

In the modern world, emails are a valuable way to talk to people. Every area of business is being shaken up by technological advances, causing web-based email tools to set their standards and come up with new ones to meet the needs of the next generation of users. Today, users can use any email platform they want, whether they are businesses or people. As technology improves, users are being forced to ditch their old email services and switch to better web-based email clients.

Gartner Research from 2016 and 2017 found that almost 80% of Yahoo users are considering switching to other web-based email apps. Microsoft Office 365 was a name that came up a lot during this research. Yahoo Mail fails miserably at meeting the needs of business and personal users in the 21st century.

Why Users Move from Yahoo Mail to Office 365 (Microsoft 365)?

Before we talk about how to switch from Yahoo mail to Outlook, let’s talk about why more and more Yahoo mail users are switching to Office 365.

Flexibility: Office 365 has different plans for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses. Businesses can easily grow by using their plans or adding new ones as they grow.

Functionality: Most Office 365 plans give you more than just a mailbox. Users also get Excel, PowerPoint, One Drive, and other Microsoft programs and services. Even if these applications aren’t included in the package, they are easy to add as add-ons.

Security: Microsoft has some of the most advanced features to keep its users safe. Office 365 has a lot of security features that are usually only found in enterprise suites.

02 Best Methods to Migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365 (M365)

Let’s take a close look at the steps of the manual method. There is no easy way to export Yahoo emails to Microsoft 365, which is a shame. First, we need to save Yahoo emails in PST format and then move them into the Exchange Online Account. So, let’s go through the steps below:

Method 1: Import Yahoo Mail to Microsoft 365 Using Free Manual Method

Step 1: Send emails from Yahoo to Outlook PST file

Follow the easy steps below to save your Yahoo emails in PST format. All you need to do is learn how to use Yahoo Mail and its features.

  • Open Yahoo Mail in your browser and sign in with the information asked for.
  • Click on the icon for your Account and go to Account Info.
  • Click on Account Security on the left side of the screen.
  • In the Account Security Wizard, scroll down the page and turn on the option “Allow apps that use the less secure sign-In.”1
  • Open Microsoft Outlook and sign in with your username and password. Click the “File” button.2
  • Go to Info >> Add Account >> Manually Configure Server Settings and click Next. 3
  • Go to Add New Account and choose POP3 or IMAP for your account type. 4
  • Next, enter the Yahoo email address and password that are asked for.
  • In the next wizard, type pop.mail.yahoo.com where it says “incoming mail server,” and “smtp.mail.yahoo.com,” where it says “outgoing mail server.” 5
  • Click “More Settings” and choose “POP and IMAP Account Settings>>Assign an Account Name.”
  • Go to the Outgoing Server tab and click on Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server and My SMTP Requires Authentication.
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab and enter 995 for the “POP3 server” and “465” for the “SMTP server.”
  • Then, choose SSL as the type of encryption. Also, click “This Server Requires a Secure Connection.”
  • Now, click the OK button and then the Next button.
  • Finish, then leave.
  • You have to restart Outlook at this point.
  • Choose “Send/Receive” and then “Send/Receive All Folders.” Now, all of the folders from Yahoo Mail will be moved into MS Outlook.
  • Go to the Default location to confirm and see if the moved Yahoo emails are saved in.pst format.

Step 2: Export Yahoo emails from a PST file to Office 365 account.

There are two ways to Import PST to Office 365 or Outlook 365, depending on what your system needs and how well they work together.

Method 1: Use Network Upload to Export emails from Yahoo to Office 365

  1. First, copy the SAS URL to the clipboard and install Azure AxCopy on the System.
  2. After that, upload all of the PST files to the Office 365 account.
  3. Here, you have to look at the files you’ve uploaded before you can move on.
  4. Make a new file for importing.
  5. So, you finished moving your emails from Yahoo to Office 365.

Method 2: Migrate Yahoo emails to Office 365 or Outlook 365 Using Drive Shipping

  1. Now, copy the PST files to a hard drive that has been encrypted with BitLocker.
  2. Move the Drive physically to Microsoft.
  3. Once the hard drive is received, the data personnel folder starts to upload the received Outlook data to a temporary location on the Microsoft cloud.
  4. Finally, you can move your Yahoo Mail to Office 365 with the help of the import services in Office 365.

Limitation of  Manual Method to Export Yahoo Mail to Microsoft Office 365

Users will run into different problems when working with the above ways to migrate Yahoo Mail to Office 365. So, to get around these problems with the manual method, I suggest you to use Third-Party Software to move items from your Yahoo Mail mailbox to Office 365. Some common disadvantages are:

  • If you use the manual method, you can’t move a lot of mail.
  • The manual method takes a lot of time.
  • There is always a chance that data will be lost or changed if the steps are done by hand.

Method 2: Migrate Yahoo Mailbox to Office 365 Using Regain Software

Undoubtedly, the manual solution works, but it comes with many drawbacks and limitations. We suggest using an automated solution like Regain Yahoo Mail Backup tool.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

The tool is coded by professionals and offers several required features to enhance the process. Users can easily move their Yahoo emails to Office 365 mailboxes with several advanced features. Some of its features are as below:

  • The software completely eliminates the risk of data loss and meta-property alteration.
  • It offers a user-oriented GUI, making it the first choice even for non-technocrats and first-time users.
  • Apart from Office 365, you can move Yahoo mails to Gmail, Outlook PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, and several popular file formats.
  • You can use this software in any Windows operating system, including the latest Windows11.
  • It effectively scans the yahoo mailbox after addition and filters out duplicate items from migrating into Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Regain software offers a free variant of the tool that allows processing the first 30 items per folder. Using the free version, you can evaluate the tool’s skills and features before making any investment in the tool.


Office 365 is slowly replacing old and outdated email clients, and today, it is the fastest-growing product of Microsoft. Due to office 365 modern-day features, organizations are choosing it as their new email client to collab and communicate. After reading this blog, we hope you can migrate Yahoo mails to Office 365 manually, but it is recommended to give Regain Yahoo Backup tool a try for enhanced and error-free results. In the end, it’s all up to you.


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