Sync Made Simple: Integrating Google Calendar With MS Outlook

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Maintaining order is challenging. You might already be using a calendar program like Outlook or Google Calendar to stay on top of your hectic schedule. Even more than one tool (like Google Calendar for personal events and Outlook for professional meetings) may be helping you stay on top of everything. It can merge the two, so you can see everything happening at one. Synchronize a Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar is doable, but not without some hassle. What you need to accomplish is detailed below.

Having a single calendar to track all of your engagements would greatly simplify your life. Anyone who has access to your calendar and would like to schedule time with you and yourself would have no trouble seeing your available slots. Meetings wouldn’t be double-booked or missed.

Synchronize Google Calendar with MS Outlook

Follow these instructions to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook inbox:

  1. Launch your Gmail inbox.
  2. In the upper right corner of the website, you’ll find a square with nine dots; clicking on this will take you to Google’s collection of useful applications. synchronize Google Calendar in Outlook
  3. Now click on waffle icon to access the author’s personal Google Drive.
  4. Now select “Calendar” from the Google applications menu, your Google Calendar will open in a new tab. Step 4
  5. Copy the link to your Google calendar. Step 5
  6. Put the link to the calendar in your bookmarks.
  7. Next step is to access your email in Microsoft Outlook.
  8. To access your Outlook calendar, select it from the list of links on the left side of the screen. A brand new window will load with your Outlook calendar.
  9. To access Outlook’s calendar, select it from the left-hand menu. Step 9
  10. Click the “Add Calendar” button on Outlook’s left sidebar. You’ll see a window that says “Add calendar” appear. Step 10
  11. Pick “Subscribe from web” from the menu on the left side of the new window that has opened up. Step 11
  12. Copy the URL of your Google calendar and paste it into the box that displays. Step 12
  13. In the new window, enter the URL of your Google calendar.
  14. The next step is to give your calendar a title. You must provide your calendar a name before saving it. Use the available colour schemes and symbols to make your calendar uniquely yours. Step 14
  15. To specify where your calendar will appear, either clicks the arrow next to “Add to” and chooses “My calendars” or “Other calendars” (more on this shortly). Integrating Google Calendar With MS Outlook
  16. It’s up to you whether you file your calendar under “My calendars” or “Other calendars.”
  17. After you’ve input the information above, select “Import” to have Outlook share its calendar with your Google account. Step 17
  18. To sync your Google Calendar with Outlook, select “Import.”

Use Google Calendar in Microsoft Outlook and make adjustments

Unless you specifically tell Outlook to put your Google calendar to “My Calendars,” Microsoft will add it to the “Other calendars” area. You can keep your calendar here or move it to the “My calendars” area.

Most users will save their own calendars (such as birthday calendars) under “My Calendars,” while shared calendars and the like will be kept in “Other calendars.”

To get your Google calendar out of  “Other Calendars” and into “My Calendars,” follow these simple steps:

  • If you wish to relocate a calendar shown under “Other calendars” on the left side of the screen, simply move the mouse over the desired date.
  • Just hit the “More” button next to the calendar.
  • In the resulting menu, choose “Move to.”
  • Next, select “My Calendars” from the drop-down menu. A new “My Calendars” tab will appear in your Google Calendar.
  • To access your personal calendars, click the ellipsis (…) next to the calendar.
  • Repeat steps (a) through (c) above to return your calendar to its original location under “Other calendars.” In the final step, instead of “My Calendars,” select “Other calendars.”

Export Google Calendar to PST file using Regain Software

If you find the above methods lengthy or don’t want to take the data loss risk, I suggest using an automated tool and importing your Gmail calendar to Outlook PST format. For this, you can use the Regain Gmail backup tool.

The tool is coded by professionals and holds several required and user-oriented features. Several G suite users already use the tool to manage their Gmail data and keep them on a local disk.

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Regain Gmail backup tool’s primary motive to build is backing up Gmail data into a local disk in several file formats. The tool allows to backup Gmail mailbox into PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, and EML file format.


Gmail mailbox contains several important business-related data and keeping it safe is none other than your responsibility. In this write-up, I’ve mentioned a way to sync Google calendar with Outlook and an automated tool to back up Gmail mailboxes into a local drive.

Note: Regain Gmail backup tool is available in a free variant and you can use the tool before making any purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Can I simply copy the Google Calendar URL and add it to Outlook’s add calendar option?
Ans. Yes, you have to move in this direction, but also remember some other points, like using the ‘subscribe from web’ option.

Ques2. Can we add Google Calendar through PST file in only Google synchronized Outlook or any Outlook account?
Ans. If you have a calendar saved in the Outlook PST file, then no need to sync Google Calendar with Outlook. You can simply add a PST file to any Outlook account and access your calendar in Outlook.

Ques3. If I use Regain Backup Software to back up emails so, can I choose only one file format, or can I opt for multiple file formats?
Ans. Users can take backups in multiple formats one by one. For each backup, you have to select the file format, and in that particular process, email backup will be taken into that format.

Ques4. Despite configuring and synching Gmail to Outlook for each item type, can I back up all Gmail emails in PST and access them in Outlook?
Ans. Yes, by simply downloading email data in PST file format and adding PST files to Outlook, you can access Gmail email in Outlook. For email backup, use the Regain Email Backup Tool; you can also backup email for free.

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