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Microsoft Outlook Email client and Exchange Server duo is very well-known in the emailing world. To properly execute the tasks related to emailing, the Outlook email client should be connected to the Exchange Server if used with Exchange.  And to confirm, you can see the connectivity status as “Connected to Microsoft Exchange.” If your status is showing “Trying to Connect,” your Outlook is disconnected from the Exchange Server, and there is some issue with the connection; you should read this blog for the resolution.

Some common reasons for Exchange Server Disconnection:

However, the reason for Outlook disconnection from the Exchange Server may vary from user to user. There are some common reasons:

  • Network Issue
  • Issue with the OST file
  • Outlook Profile Corruption
  • Add-ins may be the cause
  • Certificate Issue (HTTP/ HTTPS)

Workarounds for Outlook Disconnected from Server Issue:

1. Ensure There is No Network/ Connectivity Issue

The most common reason behind Outlook’s disconnection is the network issue. Must ensure that your connection is on and connectivity is fine. Also, must log in with the OWA (Outlook on the web), if login is successful then there is no issue with the Exchange Server.

2. Reinstalling the Microsoft Outlook

The first method we are going to fix this issue is uninstalling and reinstalling the Outlook program. Take the steps that are shared below to resolve this issue.

  • Go to the Start menu, click on it, and go to the Control Panel.
  • Then, select the Program and Features from the options.
  • Now, look for the Microsoft Office Outlook and right-click on it.
  • After that, choose the Uninstall option.
  • Then, reboot your machine after completing the uninstallation process.
  • Reinstall Microsoft Outlook and reboot your system again.
  • Open the Outlook program and check whether the issue has been solved or not.

3. Launch Outlook in Safe mode

Users can face this issue due to defective add-ins as well. So, if the above solution fails, follow the steps below to connect the Outlook to Exchange Server.

  • First of all, close the Outlook program.
  • After that, press the Windows + R keys at a time.
  • Then, write outlook.exe/safe and click the Enter. Troubleshooting Guide: Outlook Disconnected from Exchange Server
  • Use the username and password to log in, and check the status bar.
  • If the status bar shows connected to Exchange, kindly turn off the add-ins and restart Outlook.
  • After opening the Outlook program, enable the add-ins.
  • If the status changes to disconnected, remove the defective add-ins from Outlook.

You can resolve the Outlook disconnected from Exchange Server error by removing the problematic add-ins. If this method won’t work for you, go to another solution to fix this issue.

4. Setting up a new Outlook profile

A corrupt Outlook profile can also create a problem establishing the Outlook connection to the Exchange Server. Let us know how to resolve this issue by creating a new profile in Outlook.

  • Start with closing the Outlook client.
  • Then, kindly open the Control Panel, go to the Mail option, and click on it.
  • Now, go with the Show Profiles… option. Step-by-Step Fix: Reconnecting Outlook to Exchange Server
  • Enter the profile name and hit the OK button. Understanding the Impact of Outlook Disconnection from Exchange Server
  • After that, you need to configure your email profile.
  • Once you have done with the configuration process, a new profile will be created.
  • At last, it will take some time to synchronize the data, wait for it, and check if the status has changed from disconnected to connected or not.

5. Rebuilding Outlook data file

If the above methods don’t fix the Outlook disconnected from Exchange Server issue, you can rebuild the Outlook data file (.ost). The steps are mentioned below; follow them.

  • Firstly, launch the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Make a right-click on your profile and click the Open File Location option.
  • Now, you will prompt to the location of the OST file; right-click on the .ost related to your profile and make a copy of the file. Overcoming Outlook Disconnection Issues with Exchange Server
  • After copying the .ost, move it to another location and delete the OST file from the original location.
  • Finally, you need to restart Microsoft Outlook.

6. Check for the Microsoft Outlook update

  • Launch the Outlook program, move to the File tab, and press on it.
  • After that, click the Office 365 account option.
  • Now, choose the Update option and continue with the Update Now option.
  • After completing the updating process, check whether the issue is solved or not.

Converting OST to PST Favors Users:

Converting OST to PST always favors users, especially when you cannot access the Exchange Server. In such a situation, having a PST file in local storage allows users to access the data. In this situation, when your Outlook is disconnected from the Exchange Server, PST files could be a boon. Users can add PST files to any Outlook account and access emails and other data.

Let’s Know How Professionals Convert OST to PST:

Emails contain crucial data; hence, converting OST to PST tasks should be handled errorless. For the same reasons, a professional OST to PST Converter is a requirement of professionals. For the same, Regain OST to PST Converter is an expert utility tested and verified by MVPs and many professionals. Some of its highlights are:

  • It is capable of recovering OST files in a manner that converts OST to PST.
  • Users can add multiple OST files in a single go without any restriction on the OST file size.
  • If your OST file is large, you can also set the size for the resultant PST files.
  • Regain OST to PST Converter is compatible with all Windows OS and able to migrate OST to Office 365 and many more.
  • The originality of the data (folder hierarchy and all) remains intact.
  • Users also get a free trial version to test the software’s working.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

See How Simple It is to Convert OST to PST:

  • Firstly, open and launch the Regain OST to PST Converter. The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Outlook Disconnected from Exchange Server
  • Now, browse the OST files from the PC/machine using the Add Outlook Files button.
  • The software will scan the OST files and show a preview. Moreover, you can quickly check the folders and expand them to see their data. Top Tools to Diagnose and Fix Outlook Exchange Server Connection Issues
  • Next, click on the Export from the ribbon bar. Select the destination to store the resultant PST file. Also, choose the PST file as the target file type. Here, you can also use the Split PST option to set the size of the resultant PST file. Proven Strategies for Keeping Outlook Connected to Exchange Server
  • Click on Convert Now, and the process to convert OST to PST will start. Outlook Disconnected from Exchange Server: Resolved
  • Finally, you will get a message of process completion. You will also get a report of the process.

Final Words:

The issue “Outlook is disconnected from Exchange Server ” is very annoying if it persists after all workarounds. In this blog, we have listed many cross-checks to resolve this issue. However, the best practice for professionals is to convert OST to PST to deal with such situations. Also, PST files are easy to port and accessible through any Outlook email client. Use Regain OST to PST Converter to convert OST to PST files efficiently and effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1. How to confirm Outlook is Disconnected  from Exchange Server Issue is not from Exchange’s end?

Ans. Try to login through OWA, if you succeed then it indicates that it is not from Exchange’s side. It indicates the issue is some settings or in Outlook email client.

Ques2.  Which is the best tool to fix the Outlook disconnected from Exchange Server issue?

Ans. The Regain OST to PST Converter Tool is an outstanding solution that fixes this issue quickly and effectively. It also recovers the corrupt OST file data and makes your data secure.

Ques3. Can creating a new Outlook profile resolve the Outlook disconnected error?

Ans. Yes, you can fix the Outlook disconnected from the Exchange Server issue by creating a new Outlook profile. This solution removes the corrupt and wrongly configured profile from Outlook and helps create a new healthy profile.

Ques4.  Can I simply access my email data through a PST file even in the absence of Exchange Connection?

Ans. Outlook facilitates adding PST files and accessing PST files in Outlook Email Client.

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