How to Convert NST to PST in A Few Clicks?

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NST file gets created when a user connects an Office 365 account with Outlook. It is also known as the Group Storage Table as it saves the Groups Conversion and Groups data. NST files are very similar to OST files in folder structure and other properties. For reasons like portability, accessibility, and feasibility, users convert NST to PST. PST files can be accessed in any Outlook account by simply adding them. Also, PST files provide password protection. If you also want to convert NST to PST file format and are looking for a detailed guide, then here it is.

Process to Convert NST to PST:

  • The first and foremost thing that favours users is you can simply convert NST to OST just by changing the file extension .nst to .ost.
  • Just by simply changing the extension, you will have an OST file and then you can simply convert OST to PST.
  • You will get the same folder hierarchy and data structure in the .ost file as it was in the .nst file.

Using Import/Export Facility of Outlook:

  • Open the Outlook and click on the Open & Export.How to Convert NST to PST?
  • Now, click on the Import/Export.
  • In the Next dialog box, select “Export to a file” as the action to perform.Steps to Convert NST files to PST
  • On the next page, you have to Select the File to Export to a File and click Next.
  • Here, you can include the subfolders as per the need and click Next. Before it, simply select the NST file whose extension is changed to the OST file format.
  • Next, browse the location to save the resultant PST files. Also, out of three available options, select the most suitable option given for the duplicate items.
  • Finally, click on the Finish and the file items will convert into PST file format. In the end, you also get the option to apply the password on the PST file.

 Is This the Only Way that Professionals Use to Convert NST to PST?

Most of the professionals don’t use this manual to handle their emails storing file formats. For efficient and effective file conversion, a professional tool is everyone’s search. But, before moving to the professional method, first, let’s know why professionals don’t use this Import/Export method.

  • You need to be technically sound, as a single mistake can lead to data loss.
  • Chances of human error are very high.
  • If you have multiple files, then it will consume a lot of time as you can add files only one by one.
  • If your OST is not in a healthy state, then this process will not be suitable for you.

 So, which is the Recommended Tool by Professionals?

Every professional needs a one-stop advanced solution for their need; hence, OST to PST Converter developed by Regain Software is the first choice of professionals. As We have already mentioned, NST and OST File are very similar in properties; hence, this tool is equally effective for both of them. Some of its offerings are:

  • You can add multiple files without any restriction on the number and size of the file.
  • This utility also works on the corrupted ones, severely corrupted, and hard deleted items.
  • It maintains the data originality and folder hierarchy even after converting to the PST file format.
  • This utility has a very simple GUI; hence, any user without any technical knowledge can complete the conversion task.
  • Users can also convert to MBOX, PDF, vCard, HTML, MSG, and EML-like file formats.
  • This advanced tool is also capable of migrating OST to Office 365, OST to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Exchange Server, etc.
  • To check the efficiency of the tool, a free demo version is also available to download that allows converting 30 items per folder.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

Steps to Convert NST to PST in an Efficient Way:

  • Simply install and open the Regain OST to PST Converter.
  • Now, add the OST/NST files that you want to convert to PST file format.NST to PST Converter
  • Here, the tool will scan the file and show a preview of the items present within the OST/NST file. You will also get items after recovery if there is was corruption issue with the added file.Steps to convert NST to PST
  • Now, select the PST file as the resultant file format. If your added file is large, then you can also maintain the size of the resultant PST file by providing a size limit at the Split PST File option.NST File Converter
  • Also, browse the location where the resultant PST file will be saved.Open NST file to Outlook
  • Finally, click on Convert Now, and the tool will convert NST to PST in a speedy way.

Final Words:

NST to PST conversion is a widely executed task by Outlook users. NST file save the Group Conversion data, but the best part is its similar structure with the OST files. Users can simply open NST file to Oulook by simply changing the extension NST to OST. Users can convert NST to PST file format in a few simple steps using the Regain OST to PST Converter. To check the efficiency of the tool, users can try the demo version of this professional utility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I directly convert NST to OST just by changing the extension, and the OST file property will remain the same?
Ans. Yes, you can directly change the NST file extension to an OST file, and the property, and data integrity will remain intact.

Q2. Is the Regain OST to PST Converter the same effective on the NST files and files converted to NST from OST by changing the extension?
Ans. Yes, it is the same effective. This utility by Regain Software is tested and verified. It works in the same manner as it works on the OST. You can effectively convert NST to PST with this tool.

Q3. How will I manage the resultant PST size if NST files are large?
Ans. We all know that a PST file has a recommended upper size of 50 GB. Hence, to keep the NST file within the size limit, the tool offers a Split PST File option.

Q4. I tried the demo version of this tool to convert NST to PST and I am satisfied with it, but I just want to clear the difference between the demo and full version.
Ans. The demo version is just a restricted version of the licensed version. In working both are same. The demo version allows to convert NST to PST, the 30 items per folder while there is no such limitation with the licensed version.

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