How to Import Windows Live Mail (EML) files to Thunderbird?

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Nowadays, email communication is a vital need for both individuals and organizations. For this purpose, there is no insufficiency of email clients. Various email platforms have different benefits. Users frequently switch from one platform to another until they find one that matches their specific needs. Here in this blog, we explain How to Import Windows Live Mail (EML) files to Thunderbird. Now Let’s Start.

Windows Live Mail (WLM) and Mozilla Thunderbird are two of the most effective email clients. However, as of January 10, 2017, Microsoft has discontinued the service for WLM. However, countless users are still using it and continuously encounter difficulties since Microsoft does not provide updates or technical assistance for it.

On the other hand, Thunderbird just received an update and is advancing, and many Windows Live Mail users are now looking for a means to integrate Windows Live Mail into Thunderbird and switch to it as their email program.

However, if you have backup files or those exported from Windows Live Mail in EML format, you may be asking how to import EML files into Thunderbird. In this article, we will talk about the most effective methods for performing the importing process.

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Suitable Approaches for Importing Windows Live Mail EML Files Into Thunderbird

There are both manual and third-party solutions. As usual, the manual solutions are totally free of charge, but not the third-party software. Read the importing methods as follows and decide what suits you.

Using the Import/Export option

For this method, you will need to add an add-in named “ImportExport” to Thunderbird. Besides, if you are using Thunderbird 78 or the oldest versions, then this process is not for you. Try to use the latest version of Thunderbird to go through this process.

  • First and foremost, you must install the free “ImportExport” tool add-on. Afterwards, on your PC, save “import-export tools.xpi”.
  • Now launch Thunderbird. Navigate to the Menu >> Navigate to the Tools menu and then to Add-ons.Import Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird
  • Next, hit the settings button and select Install Add-ons from the drop-down option. The add-ons will be installed immediately.Manual Steps
  • Then, navigate to the folder on your PC where the import-export tools.xpi file is located. Lastly, hit the Open option after selecting the import-export tools.xpi file.Manual Guide
  • After that, hit the Install Now button.
  • Then, restart Thunderbird by clicking the “Restart Now” option.Import EML files to Thunderbird
  • Next, in Thunderbird, make a new folder for it by right-clicking on Local Files and selecting the New Folder button.
  • Create a new folder with the specified name and click the “Create Folder” button.
  • Click the right button of your mouse over the recently created folder and choose Properties >> Choose Import/Export Tools >>Choose “Import all messages from a directory“, and then choose its subdirectories.
  • Specify the default directories in your system that hold EML files. Then, press the “OK” option.
  • In this way, two subfolders are imported into the test folder. You may also check the total number of EML files that have been imported.EML files to Thunderbird
  • To view all the imported EML files in Thunderbird, go to the folder.

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Import EML to Mozilla Thunderbird by just dragging and dropping.

This technique is a lot simpler than the above one. The procedure for carrying out this strategy is outlined below.

  1. To begin, make a new folder in Thunderbird.Step 1
  2. Second, navigate to the directory in which your EML files are kept.
  3. Next, drag and drop the EML files into Thunderbird directories.Step 2
  4. That’s all. All of your EML files will now be exported to Thunderbird.

In this way, you have imported your EML files into Thunderbird. Isn’t it so easy? Importing Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird, on the other hand, is a useful alternative. However, there is no mechanism to detect and exclude junk emails.

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Aside from that, the drag and drop technique is restricted, and users may only import a certain number of EML files using it. If you have a large number of EML files to import, do so in tiny batches or utilize a professional EML conversion program.

Are you thinking of switching to Outlook from Windows Live Mail?

Outlook and Windows Live Mail are both email platforms by Microsoft. But as we all know, Microsoft has discontinued support for WLM, and that’s why many users feel the necessity to switch to Outlook because of its benefits.

However, if you have any important emails in Windows Live Mail and you need to import them into Outlook, it’s natural that you will worry about your data. But while using professional software like the Regain EML Converter software, you can keep yourself fearless of any kind of data loss.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $19

Are you wondering how it works? Let’s see the steps.

Before starting, you must appropriately download and install the software on your device. The installation procedure is much like the previous ones. After running the software,

  1. Press the “Browse” option to choose the EML files you wish to convert. Regain EML Converter Tool - Home Screen
  2. Then you will get a preview of all the scanned EML files, and then just hit the “Save” option to proceed to the next stage. Preview Emails after Scanning
  3. Choose the file type you want, which includes PST or MSG, and afterwards hit the “Save” option. Select Saving File format
  4. Your files will then be stored on your system after the conversion process is completed.

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