Convert OLM to PST File with Verified Methods

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In this blog, we explain manual ways to convert OLM to PST file, if you are looking for solution to export MAC Outlook emails to PST file, you are at right place. Let’s start.

Microsoft Outlook is a highly popular email client used by various big organizations and small firms to communicate with their important employees. MS Outlook provides multiple features such as calendaring, scheduling, task, contacts, etc., to its users. Microsoft Outlook is available for both Mac and Windows applications. The functions of both systems are quite similar, but their file format is different, which is used to store data. Outlook for Windows stores all its user mailbox data in PST file format, but Outlook for Mac stores it in OLM file format.

This issue made data migration for the same client difficult because one needs a particular format pertaining to that specific client to access data. So, in this article, we will discuss the method to convert OLM files to PST file format. And also briefly explain its advantages /disadvantages.

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Why User Convert OLM files to PST file

We know from the above discussion that OLM and PST file format is data storage files for Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook, respectively. Various users in the world are using Outlook as email clients; some of them are using Outlook on their Mac system, and the rest of them are using Outlook on Windows PC. So, when users shift from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, we need convert MAC Outlook emails to PST file.

Most Common Reasons why user migrate from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook:

  1. When users are a shift to a new company or organization.
  2. Users are changing or upgrading to a new computer.
  3. Using more than one computer at that time, they need the conversion.

Manual Way to Convert OLM to PST file:

Before proceeding, let me tell you that this method is tricky and lengthy. If you want to use this method, then you should have technical knowledge about the procedure. Because if you do anything wrong, then it may cause data to lose.

  1. Create an IMAP enabled account
  2. Configure Outlook for Mac with the IMAP account
  3. Export Outlook for Mac emails in an IMAP account
  4. Configure Outlook for Windows with the same IMAP account

Step1. Create an IMAP Account

    1. Open Gmail account, then click on Gear icon on right side of Gmail account.
    2. After that, click on setting button and on the setting tab, click on the POP/IMAP tab.
    3. Then, check IMAP status. And enable the status if it is found disabled. Create an IMAP Account

Step2. Configure Outlook for Mac with IMAP Account

    1. Open Outlook for Mac and click on Menu > Tool > Accounts.
    2. Now choose Email and enter your email id, password, and other asked details, then click on add account.
    3. After the complication of the process, check your IMAP mail account.Step to Configure Outlook for Mac with IMAP Account

Step3. Export Outlook for Mac emails to IMAP Account

    1. Open Outlook for Mac, then select the item you want to transfer to Outlook for Windows.
    2.  Select Move > Copy to Folder.
    3. Then type the name of your IMAP folder and choose Copy.
    4. After that, update the IMAP folder with Send/Receive button.
    5.  And all your OLM emails are now in the IMAP account.Export Outlook for Mac emails to IMAP Account

Step4. Synchronize the IMAP account with Windows MS Outlook and copy the emails.

  1. Set up the same Gmail IMAP account you created on your Windows Outlook client.
  2. Move the emails from the IMAP account to your Windows Outlook Inbox Folder by dragging and dropping. Steps to Synchronize IMAP account with Windows MS Outlook

Limitations of Manual Method:

  • The manual method is very complicated and is dependent upon the internet speed and server reliability of the IMAP email client.
  • To operate the manual procedure, the user needs to have sound knowledge of both the email clients and also working knowledge of the IMAP account.
  • If the user uses the wrong procedure during conversion, then it may lead to data loss.

Professional Solution with Automated Tool :

Regain OLM to PST Converter is the perfect tool created to overcome the limitations of the manual method. This tool has an easy and simple procedure to convert OLM files to PST file format. It has advanced and latest security features which secure your data during conversion.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

  1. Install Regain OLM to PST Converter on your system. Click on the Open button. Step 1
  2. Now click on Browse button to select an OLM file from your system and then click on the Open button, the selected OLM file will be shown.Step 2
  3. Click on OK to start the scanning process. Once the scanning process is completed, click OK.Step 3
  4. You see the preview of all OLM file which are ready for conversion process.Step 4
  5. Now select the format in which you want to convert and save file and then, Click browse.Step 5
  6. The tool starts saving the data into selected file format at specific location. It will take hardly a few seconds to be completed. Once the saving process is completed, click OK.Step 6

Advantages of Using Professional tool

  1. This software can export MAC Outlook emails to PST File in Just a Few Clicks.
  2. You may also convert OLM Data with all Attributes like Inbox, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, etc.
  3. In this tool, you get a quick preview of all emails before Conversion.
  4. There are no file size limitations for conversion.
  5. It is compatible with All-MAC Outlook and Windows Versions.

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