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As technology landscapes evolve, users often switch between different platforms to meet their changing needs. Such transitions can be exciting and daunting, as they come with the challenge of seamlessly and securely migrating data. This blog will delve into the intricacies of OLM (Outlook for Mac) and PST (Personal Storage Table) formats. Also, we will know the process to convert OLM to PST.

We will explore the reasons behind the switch, the importance of effective data migration, and the step-by-step process to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Whether you’re an individual making the shift or an IT professional assisting others, this guide provides the insights and instructions needed to facilitate a hassle-free conversion, ensuring that your valuable email data remains intact and accessible.

What is Outlook, and what is the difference between OLM and PST?

Outlook is a widely used personal information manager and email client developed by Microsoft. It is available as a standalone application or as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook offers a range of features, including email management, calendar organization, task tracking, contact management, note-taking, and more. It is designed to help users efficiently manage their communications and schedules in both personal and professional contexts.

Difference between OLM and PST:

OLM (Outlook for Mac) and PST (Personal Storage Table) are two distinct file formats used by Microsoft Outlook to store data, particularly email messages, contacts, calendars, and other items. The main difference between OLM and PST lies in the platforms they are associated with and their specific purposes:

Criteria OLM  PST
Platform OLM files are used by Outlook for Mac, the version of Microsoft Outlook designed to run on macOS operating systems. PST files are used by Windows Outlook, the version of Microsoft Outlook designed for Windows operating systems.
Purpose OLM files store email messages, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other Outlook data on Mac systems. PST files serve as containers for storing email messages, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other Outlook-related data on Windows systems.
Features OLM files support the features and functionalities specific to Outlook for Mac, including its integration with macOS and design elements. PST files support the features and functionalities of Windows Outlook, including its integration with Microsoft Office applications and Windows-specific capabilities.
Conversion When transitioning from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, users often need to convert OLM files to PST files to ensure compatibility with the Windows version of Outlook. PST files can be imported into Outlook to migrate data from one Windows system to another or to back up Outlook data.

Why Choose PST files over OLM file format?

Mac Outlook has some disadvantages, which create problems during the process. There is no way to remove these drawbacks. So, the best solution to overcome this matter is to switch from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

  1. When you use Mac Outlook 2011, you will find a black line between the message and contacts, so messages and contacts are not shown accurately.
  2. HTML and RTF formats are not supportable in Mac Outlook.
  3. You need technical expertise to use Outlook for Mac because it is very complex.
  4. Mac Outlook is unable to drag email messages into the calendar.

Scenarios to Move from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

You may need to switch from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook in some scenarios. It might be for any reason:

  • Better Integration: Windows Outlook might offer better integration with other Microsoft products and services, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. This can enhance your productivity and collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Feature Set: Windows Outlook may have certain features or functionalities not available in the Mac version or be more advanced on the Windows platform. This could include advanced email management, calendar features, or integration with third-party applications.
  • Customization Options: Windows Outlook might provide more customization options for the user interface, themes, and layout. This can allow you to tailor the application to your preferences and work style.
  • Performance: Depending on the hardware of your Windows computer, Outlook for Windows might run more smoothly and efficiently than the Mac version on specific systems.
  • Business or Work Requirements: Windows Outlook can help ensure compatibility and streamline communication and collaboration if your workplace or organization primarily uses Windows-based systems and software.
  • Migration to Windows Device: If you are moving to a new Windows computer or device, using Windows Outlook could be a more seamless transition, especially if you have an existing Outlook setup.
  • Support and Updates: Microsoft often prioritizes updates and support for its Windows applications. Windows Outlook might receive updates, bug fixes, and new features more frequently than the Mac version.
  • Third-Party Integration: Some third-party applications or plugins might have better compatibility and functionality with Windows Outlook, expanding your options for enhancing your email and productivity experience.

How to Convert OLM to PST?

Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook both have different file formats. So you cannot open an OLM file in Windows Outlook. There are two methods by which you can convert OLM to PST file format:

Free Manual Method

So, we start with the manual method because it is free of cost, and there is no need for third-party tools. Follow the procedure step by step given below:

  • First, you must create an IMAP account using a Gmail account.OLM to PST conversion
  • After creating a Gmail account and moving to a setting, you will see forwarding and POP/IMAP tab on the setting page; just click on it and enable your IMAP status. And save it.Convert OLM to PST
  • After creating an IMAP account, you must set up Outlook for Mac and configure Outlook with an IMAP Mail account.
  • You need to open Outlook for Mac on your device. Go to the toolbox, and select the account option from the list that appeared.convert .olm to .pst
  • Select emails from the Account Window.step 5
  • Enter account details in your email address and click the Add Account button.step 6
  • You must create a Gmail level to adjust the IMAP Account with the Mac Outlook.

So, go to your Gmail account Settings.

  • You will find the label tab on the top bar. There you have to click on the Create New Label button.OLM to PST
  • In the new level dialog box, just give a new level name and click on the create tab.step 2
  • Move all the email messages and data to the IMAP mailbox folder.
  • Finally, you need to upgrade the Mac Outlook IMAP folder by clicking the Send/Receive button.

Limitation of Manual Method:

  • The manual method is a lengthy process. It takes lots of time to convert OLM to PST file format.
  • There are more chances of file corruption.
  • To operate the manual method, users require technical knowledge.
  • If you have corrupt OLM files, then this method is useless.

We found many problems when we manually performed this process to convert OLM to PST, as discussed above. You can avoid all the above issues by considering a professional tool.

Try Regain OLM to Gmail Converter for Importing OLM emails to your Gmail account.

A Recommended Solution for OLM to PST Conversion:

You can use Regain OLM to PST converter. It is straightforward to use. It takes a few steps to convert OLM to PST file format without causing any changes and damage to the original files. You may also convert your corrupt OLM files, which is impossible in the manual method. Just follow the simple below-given steps:

  • Firstly, install and launch the Regain OLM to PST Converter.
  • Now simply browse and add the OLM files that you want to convert. The software will scan the OLM files.Regain OLM to PST Converter
  • You can view the data within the file. You can also expand a selected folder to view the items within it.Step 3
  • Now simply choose the PST file format to export and save the data. The software facilitates many more file formats too. You can also control the resultant PST file size by entering the split size limit for the PST file. It will split the resultant PST file on reaching the size limit. Browse the destination path too.Step 4
  • Click on the Save Data and the conversion process will start.Step 5
  • Sooner, you will get a pop-up message stating “File conversion process has been completed”.  Click OK.Simple Steps to Convert OLM to PST


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the need to transition between platforms to meet evolving requirements is expected. Such shifts can be exciting and challenging, demanding seamless and secure data migration. When considering the conversion from OLM to PST, choosing a reliable method is essential. While manual methods exist, they can be time-consuming, prone to corruption, and demand technical expertise. A professional solution, such as the Regain OLM to PST converter, offers a more efficient and reliable approach. It preserves data integrity, converts corrupt OLM files, and streamlines the process, ensuring valuable email data remains intact and accessible. Users can download a Free trial version from here:

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I import the PST file directly into Windows Outlook?

After converting OLM to PST, you can import the resulting PST file into Windows Outlook. Use the “Import/Export” feature within Outlook to accomplish this.

Q: What are the benefits of using a professional OLM to PST converter?

Professional tools ensure a smooth and accurate conversion process, preserving folder hierarchy, attachments, and metadata. They also offer batch conversion options, saving time for users with large amounts of data.

Q: How do I use an OLM to PST converter?

Typically, you install the software, select the OLM file to convert, choose the desired options (such as folder selection), and initiate the conversion process. The tool will generate a PST file to import into Windows Outlook.

Q: Will the folder structure and attachments be preserved during conversion?

Reputable OLM to PST converters preserves the folder structure, attachments, and other metadata to transition from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook seamlessly.

Q: Can I convert selective items, or is it an all-or-nothing process?

Most professional tools allow you to selectively choose which items or folders to convert, giving you control over what data is migrated.

Q: Can I convert OLM to PST without using third-party software?

While some manual methods might be available, they can be complex and risk data loss. Using specialized software is generally recommended for a hassle-free and reliable conversion process.

Q: I want to test this utility from Regain before buying; is this possible?

Yes. You can easily test this utility by simply downloading the free trial version. The trial version allows to convert the 30 items per folder. There is no limitation with the licensed version and you can easily upgrade free version to the licensed version.

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