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If you’re looking for a solution to move your Outlook data to Apple Mail to open OLM files into Apple Mail, you’ve found the correct place. If you want to learn more about the same, read on!

MS Outlook is a popular email client, it is developed by Microsoft. MS Outlook is compatible with both systems such as Windows system and Mac system. But both email client saves their data in different file format. Windows saves in PST format while Mac Outlook saves in OLM format.

However, when using Outlook for Mac, some users have reported experiencing compatibility concerns. Outlook-related issues prevent it from functioning on macOS. Because of this, they like using Mac Mail, the preinstalled email client on Macs. With Mac Mail, a free email program, the user can personalize several aspects of the inbox to suit their preferences. Both systems support high-quality email communication between users but behave in quite different ways. All user information from Outlook for Mac is stored in an OLM file, which must be imported into the Mac Mail program.

To begin, let’s define an OLM file and see what it stores

Comparable to the PST file format used by Outlook for Windows, OLM is the standard for Mac OS X’s version of Outlook.

Since Outlook for Mac 2011 uses OLM files as its container format to store all of its local data, its introduction coincided with that of OLM files. This file type is use to Save all of the information that can be found in a mailbox, including messages, contacts, tasks, notes, calendars, diaries, etc. Each directory and its contents are save sequentially in a single file. At present, you can open OLM files in Apple Mail all versions.

Why do users open their OLM files in Apple Mail?

You’ll receive an OLM file when you export information from Outlook 2011, 2016, or 2019 for Mac. Everything from emails and tasks to calendar events and journals is archived. When using a Mac, you’ll automatically be using Apple Mail for your email. It’s free of charge and supports many email protocols (SMTP, POP3, Exchange, IMAP, etc.) without requiring additional software or registration. As a result, many people are looking for a way to transfer their email messages from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail.

Open OLM files into Apple Mail by manual way

If you have OLM files and want to use in Apple Mail, you will not find a simple manual way to do it. However, if you insist on taking the manual route, you’ll be shown how to convert your OLM file to an Apple Mail compatible format like MBOX so that you can send it to your inbox.

An in-depth guide on how to switch from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail is provided below.

  • Firstly, launch Microsoft Outlook on your Mac PC. Select the inbox you’d like to open in Mac Mail.Manual Steps to Open OLM files in Apple Mail
  • Secondly, move the inbox folder to your desktop by dragging and dropping it there. An MBOX file will be created automatically. Step 2
  • Repeat the steps for each of the necessary Mac Outlook 2011 and 2016 mailboxes. Create a folder to store all MBOX files in.
  • The next step is to open the Apple Mail email program. Click import mailboxes option under the File menu. Step 4
  • A new tab or window will appear. To begin, users must select the Files in MBOX format and hit the Continue button. Step 5
  • Navigate to the directory where your MBOX files are stored. In order to import MBOX files in Apple Mail, pick the option to do so.
  • Now, click the MBOX icon, and the folder with all your MBOX files will open. You can choose which mailboxes to convert by checking or unchecking the boxes next to them. Step 7
  • Go ahead and press the Next button. A complete copy of the contents of the chosen mailboxes will be imported into Mac Mail. A notification will advise that the specified files can be discovered in the Import subfolder of its mailboxes Limitations of the Manual Approach

Limitation of Manual Method

  • There is a lack of practicality when working with many mailboxes. If you have multiple mailboxes, you will need to follow these steps for each one.
  • It’s a slow and laborious procedure.
  • The folder structure of the inbox’s contents is lost during the initial save to MBOX format.
  • Information loss is always a possibility.
  • This method does not allow for selectively saving data.
  • Also, there is no guarantee that the migration will succeed every time.
  • Orphan or damage OLM files cannot be import into Apple Mail.
  • The person doing the import must have a good understanding of the technical aspects of both systems.
  • Outlook for Mac and Mail must be preinstall on the user’s computer.

Users always prefer to go with the easier and more trustworthy third-party commercial solution because of the aforementioned drawbacks of the Manual Method.

An Automated tool to Open MAC Outlook emails into Mac Mail

This Regain OLM Converter tool is developed by professionals and has been tried in several OLM migration scenarios, and every time this tool has become a data savior. The tool is developed by keeping all users needs at the center of the development process and has several advanced and user-oriented features.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29


  • The tool is 100% secure and allow user to convert multiple MAC Outlook OLM files simultaneously.
  • It offers several popular file formats to save OLM files. Also, you can export OLM files to the cloud server.
  • You can preview the added OLM files data before converting/ exporting it to another location.
  • Software maintain the meta-properties and data integrity as it is as it was before.
  • Regain software offers a free tool variant that can save the first 30 items per folder without restriction.
  • The tool is convenient; even non-technocrats can get desire results without technical assistance and set-up.


Importing Outlook data files (OLM) to Apple’s Mail program ( is difficult, yet it consistently ranks among the most sought-after customer inquiries. This is because you can only open OLM file in Apple mail. So, we’ve developed a precise answer to carry out the conversion smoothly. This program quickly and securely transforms your Mac Outlook data into an MBOX format. Those who have MBOX can quickly and easily convert Outlook OLM files into Mac Mail.

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