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Have you ever wanted to convert your Outlook for Mac (OLM) emails into PDF or HTML format? Perhaps you need to archive important messages or share them with others who don’t use Outlook. Whatever the reason, it’s actually quite simple to convert OLM emails into these formats. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step to save OLM emails into PDF format.

About OLM Emails

OLM is Outlook for Mac data file used to backup Outlook emails and other mailbox items on a Mac computer. Outlook for Mac OLM file stores users’ information like emails, notes, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc. while working on Mac operating systems.

Benefits of converting Mac Outlook (OLM) emails into PDF and HTML Format

  • PDF is the preferred file format when considered for sharing email information.
  • After converting Outlook for Mac OLM emails to PDF, one can password-protect PDF files to protect sensitive and confidential email information.
  • PDF file can be easily accessed through any device like laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • PDF format retains all hyperlinks, text, images and formatting.
  • PDF file has smaller size, occupies less storage space as compared to other file formats.
  • Accessing PDF file does not require any technical knowledge.
  • HTML file format is much more versatile such that it can be opened in any web browser.
  • HTML files are simple to edit, are lightweight, user-friendly and changes are reflected instantly.
  • HTML file works independent of operating system, is accessible by Windows and Mac both.

Manual Method to convert OLM files to PDF and HTML format

Steps to save individual OLM email in PDF format using Print Feature

  1. Open Outlook for Mac.
  2. Import .OLM file via File > Import option.1
  3. Open the imported OLM email folders and right-click on any email that you want to save as PDF file.
  4. From the options, select Print.2
  5. From the drop-down, select Save as PDF.3
  6. In the Save As wizard, enter the PDF file name, Title name for email, and then click Save.4

This way you can save individual Outlook for Mac OLM email to PDF format.

Steps to save OLM emails into PDF format using Print Feature

  1. Select multiple emails while holding Shift or Command key.
  2. Right-click and then select Print.5
  3. Enter the PDF file name and click Save.6

Limitations with Manual Method to save OLM emails into PDF and HTML format

While converting OLM emails into PDF or HTML format is a relatively straightforward process, there are some limitations to keep in mind when doing it manually. Here are some of the main limitations you may encounter.

  • Time-consuming: If you have a large number of OLM emails to convert, the manual process can be quite time-consuming. You will need to repeat the same steps for each email or batch of emails, which can be a tedious and time-intensive task.
  • Formatting issues: Converting OLM emails to PDF or HTML format may not always preserve the original formatting and layout of the email. This can result in text, images, or other content appearing differently than it did in the original email.
  • Attachment limitations: Depending on the conversion tool you use, attachments may not be converted or may be converted separately from the email itself. This can make it difficult to keep track of which attachments belong to which emails.
  • Security concerns: Converting OLM emails to PDF or HTML format may compromise the security of the original emails. For example, if you convert an email containing sensitive information to an unsecured PDF file, anyone with access to that file could potentially view the information.
  • Cost: While there are free online conversion tools available, some may come with limitations or only allow you to convert a limited number of files before requiring payment. More robust conversion tools may require a subscription or one-time purchase, which can add up over time.

If you have a large number of emails to convert, require strict formatting accuracy, or need to ensure the security of your emails, you may want to consider alternative solutions or professional conversion services

Professional Tool to Save OLM Emails into PDF and HTML Format

Professional Regain OLM to PST Converter tool converts Mac Outlook (OLM file) emails to PDF and HTML file formats. OLM to PDF/ HTML file conversion can be done even by novice or non-technical users, no such technical expertise is required. The software offers an easy-to-use, self-descriptive graphical user interface for easy email conversion. The software while performing Mac Outlook OLM files to PDF/ HTML file conversion maintains metadata and folder hierarchy. Besides this, the software generates a preview of all OLM emails before converting them to PDF and HTML files.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

Features of OLM to PST Converter

  • Export MAC Outlook (OLM) email data with all attributes like Inbox, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes.
  • Maintains all email properties like To, CC, BCC, date, time, subject, and attachments.
  • Apart from saving Outlook for Mac OLM email data in PDF and HTML file formats, the software also saves
  • OLM files in PST, EML, MBOX, EMLX, vCard, MSG, RTF, and MHTML file formats.
  • Migrate Mac Outlook (OLM file) emails into Office 365 account or Live Exchange Server.
  • Transfers MAC Outlook OLM emails into Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, GoDaddy, Amazon Workmail.

Simple Steps to save OLM emails into PDF and HTML Files using Regain OLM Converter tool

  1. Download, install and launch Regain OLM to PST Converter.
  2. Browse and select OLM file for conversion.
  3. Check all scanned mailbox items in preview.
  4. Select desired location and target file format as PDF or HTML.
  5. Click Save Now to convert the selected Outlook for Mac OLM emails.


This article highlights the manual method for those users who are looking for a more accessible format like HTML and PDF. Here, we discussed the manual method to save OLM emails into PDF format using the Print feature. But the manual method has a few limitations as mentioned in the article. To override the limitations of the manual method, we recommend using a third-party professional tool toExport MAC Outlook OLM emails into PDF and HTML file formats. The solution is available as a free-to-download demo version.

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