How to Save an Email to a Flash Drive?

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Are you using for email communication and want to know how to save an email to a flash drive? It’s a good idea to back up your valuable emails. Despite the fact that desktop-based email apps are quite widespread nowadays, certain people continue to utilize web-based email platforms. is indeed a very prevalent web-based email platform among users. In concept, it is overall similar to Google’s Gmail service.

In this post, we will discuss the complete guide on how to save an email to a flash drive and a few related topics that you must know. Let’s get started!

Are and Outlook Online the same?

A majority of users believe that and Outlook Online are similar platforms. Basically, those individuals are incorrect. Actually, is an updated edition of Windows Live Hotmail (WLH), a Microsoft-discontinued email program.

Former users of Hotmail may simply sign/log in to by entering their previous email address, such as However, users are no longer able to establish new email accounts using that domain extension. Users can just create email addresses using the domain. However, the good news is that officially accepts email addresses with both domains.

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Why do you want to export emails from Outlook?

There are several reasons why you might want to save or export emails from Outlook, including:

  • To create a backup of important emails in case of data loss or corruption.
  • Transfer emails to another computer or email client.
  • To comply with legal or regulatory requirements for record-keeping.
  • You can free up space in your Outlook mailbox.

Benefits of Saving Outlook emails to a USB flash drive

Using a USB flash drive for storing your exported emails has several advantages, including:

  • Portability: You can easily carry your emails with you and access them on any computer with a USB port.
  • Security: USB flash drives can be password-protected or encrypted to keep your emails safe from unauthorized access.
  • Durability: Unlike traditional hard drives, USB flash drives have no moving parts, making them less prone to mechanical failure.
  • Accessibility: If you have your crucial data in a local flash drive, then you can access it anytime. It helps in the scenarios if there is downtime with the server or network issues.

How to Export emails from to a USB device

If you want to know how to export emails without having a professional solution, we think using the desktop application of Outlook is the best way.

You may use a desktop-based email client, including Microsoft Outlook, to back up all of your emails and text messages from If your computer previously had Outlook installed by default, you may use the Outlook program to set up your email account.

Then maybe you can simply export your email messages, contacts, schedule of events, and other information to a data file of Outlook with ease (PST). When your email account has been properly set up with Microsoft Outlook, you may export all of your emails, text messages, and other information to a .pst formatted file. Then you can save PST files to a flash drive or other storage medium.

If you don’t know how to export all your emails with the MS Outlook desktop-based client, we’ve included a step-by-step guide below just for you. So, without further ado, let’s begin the approach.

A manual way to export Outlook emails to USB flash drive:

  1. Launch MS Outlook and Go to the “File” tab and on the taskbar, select “Open & Export” > “Import/Export”. Manual Steps to Save Outlook Emails to Flash Drive
  2. You must select an action to execute in the Import and Export Wizard. Because you wish to keep a backup of your mailbox info or data, select ‘Export to a file’ and then click Next to proceed. Migration is in progress from Outlook to USB Flash Drive
  3. Whenever the ‘Export to a File’ wizard appears, select “Outlook Data File (.PST)” in the dialog box and click Next to begin the procedure. Simple ways to export Outlook emails to Flash drive
  4. Select the mailbox folder to export from in the Export Outlook Data File dialog box. You have the option of selecting any particular mailbox folder or the whole Outlook data file. By selecting the Include subfolders option, you may additionally include the subfolders. Backup Outlook Emails to Flash Drive
  5. Afterwards, Press the “Browse” option and navigate to the USB device where you wish to store your PST files. The PST file’s name can be changed (if necessary). To agree, click OK. Free manual tips
  6. The route you’ve chosen will be displayed in the “edit” box beside the “Browse” icon. Next, pick the choices for dealing with repeated objects. Finally, Press the Finish button to begin the procedure. Manually export emails from MS Outlook to USB Drive
  7. The PST file backup will be made and stored on the USB disk in a couple of moments. Free guide to migrate Outlook emails to USB Flash Drive
  8. Lastly, you can eject the USB drive or pen drive and use it whenever you need it.

Things you should be aware of before going with this Import/Export way:

Before moving with any method to deal with crucial email data, it is good to know all about it. Some limitations and drawbacks are also associated with this Outlook’s Import/Export method.

  • Executing complete tasks with proficiency is like walking on eggshells. The manual method is full of complexity and asks for prior technical knowledge.
  • The manual way consumes too much time; hence it is not a preferred way for professionals.
  • You have to compromise with the results as no advanced option like filter allows customizing.
  • Users have to repeat the task time and again if they have large data.

Is there any professional solution?

We realize you feel very bored with the huge and long manual steps. The above manual guide is effective but takes more technical knowledge and time. If your emails are too many, then it will take hours to complete the whole export. Regain software has developed an advanced utility to provide a one-stop solution to professionals. It doesn’t require any technical expertise. Besides, this recommendation is more effective, time-saving, and reliable than the manual solution. Let’s have a look at its highlighted features:

  • It also backs up calendar items, tasks, contacts, and emails.
  • There is no restriction on the size and number; it a backup large volume of data without any issue.
  • You can do a selective backup of the data from, formerly
  • With the backup of emails from, it also has backup attachments associated with the emails.
  • This utility is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating Systems.
  • Being a user-centric utility, it facilitates resuming and pausing. It helps in the scenarios if you want to resume the process from its last stoppage.
  • It properly maintains the integrity of the data, maintains the folder hierarchy, and keeps originality intact.
  • Regain Backup Tool offers multiple file formats to save the data. Examples: PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, vCal, vCard, et cetera.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

How to save an email to a flash drive using this advanced utility?

  • Firstly, install and launch the Regain Hotmail Backup Tool.step 1
  • Now login to your Hotmail Email Account using the asked credentials like IMAP Address, User Name, Password, and Port Number. step 2
  • You will have the folder list view of the account and keep checking the folders you want to include in the backup. Click on the Next. step 3
  • Now you will be prompted to the backup options. Here, select the file format in which you want to back up. For here, we are selecting the MBOX file format. Click Next.step 4
  • The backup process will start, and you can see it processing.step 4
  • As the process completes, you will get the completion message. Click on the Finish.step 5

So this was the simplest way how to save an email to a flash drive.

It doesn’t require any technical expertise. Besides, this recommendation is more effective, time-saving, and reliable than the manual solution.

Wrapping up:

Saving or exporting emails from Outlook to a USB flash drive is a useful way to back up important data, transfer emails between devices or clients, and comply with legal requirements. By using a USB flash drive for storage, you can enjoy the benefits of portability, security, and durability. With the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily export emails from Outlook to a USB flash drive and access them whenever needed. Hence, we recommend the  Regain Hotmail Backup Tool as a professional solution after exploring all the dimensions of this task. It is trusted software and can smoothly back up or Hotmail emails without worrying about data loss. Also, a demo version is available to explore the tool before purchasing the license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. I have 50+ OST files of vast size, and most of them are orphaned. Can I use your tool to convert them into PST and then move them into a USB flash drive?
Ans. Yes, you can use the Regain Outlook PST recovery tool to recover your PST files of any size and move them into a flash drive.

Ques2. I want to save each email in a separate file. How can I do that?
Ans. Use the Regain Outlook PST recovery tool to convert each email into MBOX format and then move the MBOX files to a Flash drive.

Ques3. What are the different file formats the Regain tool offers to save Outlook emails?
Ans. Using the Regain tool, you can convert Outlook emails into PST, EML, MSG, HTML, and MBOX file formats without any hassle.

Ques4. I have a PST file and don’t have Outlook. Can I use your tool just to preview the emails?
Ans. Yes, you can use the tool and preview your POST files for free. With this tool, you can even preview the corrupted PST files.

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