The Ultimate Guide to Backing Up Telenet Webmail Emails Locally

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A data backup is a boon for the end users as it comes in handy in unwanted situations like data loss due to attack, accidental deletion, data inaccessibility, etc. We know how important email data is for us and it will be a nightmare if we lose our email data. The same scenario applies to Telenet Webmail emails as multiple users search for a solution to backup Telenet Webmail emails to a local drive.

If you are also one of those who want to store email data in a local drive for any reason, then this write-up is dedicated to you. Must read till the end and backup Telenet Webmail emails in a professional way.

Why Users Want to Backup Telenet Webmail Emails?

Every individual knows their personal needs and circumstances and then makes a decision. Still, some common reasons to backup Telenet Webmail Emails are listed below:

  • As a prevention, users store emails in their place to handle any unwanted scenario that is a threat to emails. Having a backup is always preferred by the professionals.
  • Freeing up space to reduce the storage from the server is also a common reason.
  • Having email data in your local storage makes you capable of accessing the data even in the absence of connectivity and downtime of the server.
  • Saving email data in a preferred file format like PST is also a common task users do.
  • If someone has decided to move to another email client like Outlook, saving data in the PST file format helps users as you can simply add .pst file to Outlook and access the data.

Does the Telenet mention any manual way?

The good news is “Yes” Telenet has mentioned a way to download manually, but the bad news is “It’s is not satisfactory”. Telenet’s official website has described a few steps to download the emails. Still, it has not informed us about the resultant file format and other requirements of users regarding email backup. Steps are:

  • Firstly, open the source mailbox.
  • Now, click on the settings.
  • Here, select “Import/Export”.
  • You will get two options: Export Everything and Export Something Specific.
  • Move according to the need and click on

Your Emails will start downloading to your computer/ machine.

Wait! It’s Not Over. Also, Be Aware of the Demerits:

  • Using Telenet’s manual way to backup Telenet Webmail emails, you can’t have a backup in your preferred file format like PST, if any.
  • You have to add and process every mailbox one by one. It is a very tedious task if you are an organization or multiple mailbox owners.
  • It is a very time-consuming process where you must wait a long time to download a single mailbox.
  • You will not get advanced options like incremental, advanced filtering, or multiple file formats for saving.
  • Moreover, you have to compromise with the risk factor of human errors.
  • If the process interrupts in between, then you have to start again from the very beginning.

So, What Option do Professionals Have to back up Telenet Webmail Emails?

Regain Email Backup Tool is a picture-perfect tool to back up webmail emails. This software can back up emails from all email clients/ servers that use IMAP, including Telenet. Also, it is developed to provide easy and effective processing; hence, it has many advanced features. Some of them are:

  • You can add multiple mailboxes of any size for the backup.
  • It offers multiple file format options out of which you can choose your preferred file format to save the emails. E.g. PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, HTML et cetera.
  • Regain Email Backup Tool is Compatible with all Windows O.S.
  • Users get a filter option to specify the email data for the backup.
  • It has a very easy-to-understand GUI that makes it very easy to use.
  • You will get the same folder hierarchy in the backup. The data integrity and originality will remain intact.
  • Users get free lifetime technical support with the Regain Email Backup Tool.

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Steps to Backup Telenet Webmail Emails:

  • Download and install the Regain Email Backup Tool.Regain Software to Backup Telenet Webmail Emails
  • Now, enter the credentials of your Telenet account to connect.Telenet Webmail emails backup
  • You can see in the left pane that your mailbox folders are visible. Have a preview.Step 3
  • The next step is to select the file format you want to save the Telenet email data. Also, must browse the location to save the resultant files.Step 4
  • Finally, click on the Next button, and the backup process will start.Step 5

Wrapping up:

Having a backup is always wise, and email backup is a must. For the same, many Telenet Webmail users want to email backup and search over the internet for the solution. I have described a professional tool for easy and instant backup with multiple features in this write-up. The professional email backup tool developed by Regain Software is a picture-perfect tool and is available for evaluation. You can easily download the tool for free and try the demo version.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Along with Telenet Webmail Email Backup, is this tool also capable of downloading Proton Mail’s emails?

Ans. Yes, this tool works for all the email clients/servers that use IMAP protocols. Telenet, Proton Mail, Zoho, Gmail, Apple Mail, et cetera uses IMAP.

Q2. What will be the structure of emails in the resultant PST files?

Ans. The data structure, including folder hierarchy and others, will remain the same as the original. No alterations will be made while having a backup of Telenet Webmail emails.

Q3. I want to access my Telenet Webmail Emails in Outlook. Will downloading email data in a PST file allow me to do so?

Ans. Yes, downloading/backing up in the PST file format is the correct way to access all Outlook data. You can add the PST file to any Outlook Desktop application and access the emails in Outlook.

Q4. If I need technical assistance in running the Regain Email Backup Tool, will I get it free of cost?

Ans. Yes, it is one of the perks that users get with the Regain  Email Backup Tool. Users get free lifetime technical support, and we are 24*7 available to assist you.

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