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We all know EarthLink as an internet-providing company, and many of us have email accounts on EarthLink. EarthLink Webmail is a commonly used emailing platform. There are a lot of queries regarding the EarthLink settings and many searches for how to enable EarthLink settings for IMAP, POP, and SMTP servers. Most users enable webmail settings when they want to move from EarthLink to any other email client. However, whatever the reason to enable Webmail settings for you, we will cover all the dimensions of it.

Many users enable EarthLink webmail settings to connect with other prominent email clients; the most important is Outlook. Let’s look at how to connect EarthLink to Outlook using the IMAP protocol.

EarthLink Webmail Settings for IMAP Server:

Note: It doesn’t matter what domain you are using, the settings will remain the same for all.

  • Enter your full email address and password for authentication.
Incoming Server
Port Number ( Incoming) 993
Security Settings (incoming) SSL/TLS
Outgoing Server
Port Number ( Outgoing) 587
Security Settings ( Outgoing) STARTTLS

EarthLink Webmail Settings for POP3 Server:

Note: Incoming POP3 Settings are different for each domain however outgoing settings are common.

  • Format: pop.domainname
Incoming Server pop.
Port Number (Incoming) 995
Security Settings (incoming) SSL/TLS
Outgoing Server
Port Number (Outgoing) 587
Security Settings ( outgoing) STARTTLS

 EarthLink Webmail Settings for SMTP Server

SMTP Server
SMTP Port 587
Security Settings SSL
Password password

Are you Switching to Outlook?

In a typical scenario, enabling IMAP and other settings meant to move from EarthLink, and most of the users’ target is Outlook. If you have the same need and want to handle this issue professionally, backing up webmail data in Outlook’s Data Storage File (PST File) is wise.

Manual Way to Connect with the Outlook using the IMAP

  • Open the Outlook > File tab > Add account.
  • Go with the manual setup > Next button >> Select the POP or IMAP
  • Enter the name and email address. Also, choose the IMAP account type.
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • To Logon enter the EarthLink email address and password.
  • Click the “More Settings” button and choose the Outgoing Server tab.
  • You must select the My Outgoing Server (SMTP), which requires the Authentication option.
  • Keep the same settings for the incoming mail server.
  • Now go with the Advanced tab >> 993 (incoming server).
  • For the Outgoing Server (SMTP) > 587, select SSL from the dropdown menu.
  • OK >> Next >> after completion of testing >> Close.
  • Finally, click on the Finish
  • This is how you can connect EarthLink with Outlook using IMAP.

See how downloading to PST file format helps users?

  • If you are moving from EarthLink to Outlook, having data in PST file format allows users to add and access the PST file in any Outlook account.
  • PST files can easily store up to 50 GB without any issue. Even Microsoft has recommended a 50 GB size; however, you can store more data. PST files are easy to port and access.
  • Also, PST files can be protected with a password.

How Professionals Backup EarthLink Webmail Emails in PST File Format?

Every professional wants a quick and effective solution for their email management. To export EarthLink to PST file format in a manner to get data in Outlook, the Regain Email Backup Tool is an advanced utility. See, what does it offer:

  • Users can export EarthLink webmail emails to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, and HTML-like prominent file formats.
  • It is a very speedy tool that can download a large mailbox to PST file format in a very fast manner.
  • The option to manage the resultant PST file is also available. Users can set the size for the resultant PST file.
  • You get the same folder hierarchy and data structure in the PST file as in the EarthLink mailbox.
  • You can exclude the subfolders if you don’t want them in PST file format.
  • A free demo version of the software is also available, allowing you to explore the tool before buying the license key.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $69

Just Follow the Simple Steps to Switch from EarthLink to Outlook :

  • Download and launch the Regain Email Backup Tool.Backup EarthLink Emails using Regain Software
  • Now, enter the EarthLink Webmail Credentials to connect.Enter Login Details
  • The software will now show the mailbox data, and you can preview its content. Click on the Next.Step 3
  • Here, the PST file format must be selected as the required file format to store the EarthLink Emails.Backup EarthLink Webmail to PST
  • Also, browse the path to save the PST file locally.step 5
  • The backup process will start and your EarthLink Webmail Emails will get back up in the PST file format.EarthLink to Outlook
  • After getting email data in the PST file format, users can simply add the PST file Outlook and use Outlook with the emails in EarthLink Webmail.

To add PST file Outlook, follow the below-given steps.

  • Open Outlook, select File >> Open and Export.
  • Choose, open the Outlook Data File option, and select the PST file.
  • Your PST file will be added; you can view it in the folder pane.

Gist of the Blog:

This blog describes the Earthlink Webmail settings for IMAP, POP, and SMTP. In a general scenario, users search for settings to configure EarthLink to another email client; most of the time, it is Outlook. Hence, to provide a direct method used by professionals Regain Email Backup Tool is explained in this write-up. Users can try the free version of the software to explore it on their own. If you need any assistance regarding this task, you can contact our technical support, which is available round-the-clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the domain matter for Earthlink Webmail IMAP Settings, as there are various EarthLink domains?

Ans. Doesn’t matter what EarthLink domain you are using. The IMAP settings are independent of EarthLink domain type.

Q2. Can we use a common EarthLink Webmail Setting for all domains?

Ans. For the incoming POP3 settings, EarthLink domain settings are unique for each domain. But, for Outgoing Webmail Settings, a common setting works for all domain types.

Q3. Can I Add a PST file to any Outlook account and get the same folder hierarchy as in PST?

Ans. You can add PST files to any Outlook account and access the PST file data. You will get the same Folder hierarchy in Outlook as in PST. If you use the professional Regain Email Backup Tool, you will be guaranteed the same folder hierarchy.

Q4. Does this tool backup the complete mailbox in a single PST file format, or how does it work?

Ans. By default, this tool creates a PST file for a mailbox, but using the PST Split option is recommended if your mailbox size is large. After reaching the PST size limit, you can set the PST split size, and the tool automatically creates a new PST file. The recommended upper limit size for PST files is 50 GB, and you should keep the PST size less than that.

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