OLM File Corruption Issues and their Solutions

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OLM file Corruption is a frequent issue that makes it difficult to access the OLM file on a computer. Many factors can put you in this scenario as well as users have frequently complained about the issue. In this blog, we read about its corruption and their solutions.

OLM file represents an Outlook file format that was created for Outlook to Mac users to save the data of users. The format for the file differs from Outlook for Windows however it has the same features. OLM files are susceptible to a variety of corruption issues that render it impossible in accessing Outlook on Mac users. It is therefore essential to fix the issue in order to begin and restore all the information that is in the OLM file, including tasks, emails messages, contacts calendars, and so on.

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To resolve any errors that are corrupted, it is crucial to determine the reason for the error. This is why here is the checklist of symptoms that indicate the OLM file is corrupted:

  1.  Mac Outlook is unable to respond or respond slowly
  2.  Mac Outlook is often unable to function or crashes.
  3. Mailbox not allow to access the OLM file
  4.  It’s not easy to locate files on the system.
  5.  A variety of errors show up on the screen
  6. Outlook for Mac is automatically restarted every few minutes

If you find these errors, it means your OLM file is corrupted and needs to be fixed immediately.

We will now examine the causes that corrupted OLM files. The most frequently cited causes are listed below:

  • Unexpected system or network crash
  • Malware or viruses attack the system
  • Data file corruption is present when installing Outlook for Mac
  • Unexpected Mac Outlook crash due to power outage
  • Unfortunate interruption while installing Outlook for Mac

Most common OLM file Corruption Errors:

  1. Cannot find the OLM.DLL file path
  2. Error code 17199
  3. Unable to launch the application because OLM.DLL could not be found. Reinstalling the application can resolve the problem.
  4. OLM isn’t synced to MS Exchange Server

There are a few common issues which are simple to fix them using the steps below. These solutions are ideal to non-technical users.

  1. Verify Internet connection: The very first thing you should do is, check the Internet connection whenever you access your OLM file within Outlook on Mac. If the error is repeated, make contact with your Internet service provider to fix the problem. If you are still experiencing the issue, you can connect directly to your the provider of your email and fix OLM problems with the OLM file.
  2. Eliminate emails out of The Mac Outlook Folder: This is among the most effective ways to fix the issue. You can delete all of your emails out of your Outlook to Mac folder. Remove the entire mailbox and then select the option to send or receive. The issue should be resolved. If it isn’t, move on to the next option.
  3. Utilize the Microsoft Database utility: It has an integrated data box utility to use with Outlook for Mac to fix the usual errors. To utilize this Microsoft Database utility, try these steps:
  4. Locate the database utility in the following address, or in the application and Microsoft Office or Office.
  5. Start Microsoft Database Utility. Microsoft Database Utility on the system
  6. When the Microsoft Database Utility is started within the computer, it’ll begin to search and repair the damaged OLM file.

Once the repair has been completed, you will be able to access your OLM file without issues.

  1. Modify OLM Sync Services Preferences Synchronization services can result in problems when synchronization is disrupted by connection to the network or sudden shutdown. To turn off the synchronization service Follow the steps below:
  2. Open Outlook on your Mac system
  3. Click the Preference option within the Outlook menu.
  4. Select Sync services under Other options.
  5. Uncheck all boxes and close the Outlook

After you have completed the steps to fix the issue, you need to start Outlook to Mac and see whether the issue persists.

  1. Update Outlook for Mac

The OLM file can become corrupted when Outlook for Mac is not regularly updated. Additionally, there could be multiple errors, so it is essential to update the Outlook for Mac regularly to avoid errors is crucial. Below are some steps to follow so that you can be taken to update Outlook to Mac:

  1. Start Outlook on your Mac and then go to settings.
  2. Find out about new updates, and if there are any updates then take the time to download and install Outlook to install Mac updates.

Restart the application and examine if the issue is still there.

It is crucial to repair the OLM file in order to gain access to the information on Outlook on Mac. The solution can correct all OLM corruption issues as well as convert OLM to PST.


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