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Office 365 is cloud-base software that is offer through Microsoft to customers as a businesses services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online as well as Skype for Business, etc. Microsoft’s Office 365 service comes up with a variety of services and products. The majority of Office 365 components control and configure through the internet portal. The question is if Office 365 provides many user-oriented services then why we need to backup Office 365 mailbox? In this blog, we explain about how to backup Office 365 mailbox data. And know, What is the most efficient solution to backup Office 365 mailboxes to user system?

Office 365 is not able to provide backup of data on the local hard drive and there are a myriad of reasons that force users to save Office 365 mailboxes in PST. PST file is ideal to backup Office 365 mailboxes because it can be open and read in all versions of MS Outlook.

Why user need to Backup Office 365 Mailboxes?

  • Office 365 backup is typically reduce the size of mailbox. You can saves the archive mailbox to your local hard drive and then work on it as you need to.
  • As cloud-based service, Office 365 mailbox data remains accessible to all users, but there is always the risk of hacking or unauthorized access.
  • In the event of accidental data deletion or data loss from data retrieval, having a backup of Office 365 mailboxes is a plus point for you.

How to Backup Office 365 Mailbox data?

Are looking for a solution to backup Office 365 mailbox data? Do not worry, here we learn about backing up Office 365 mailbox data in the right way. In this article, we explain two methods to backup your Office 365 mailbox: Manual as well as an Automatic third party Office 365 backup tool. The method we’ll explore is completely free, but it is not without limitations. We will first read the manual method to backup Office 365 mailbox data. We will begin with the method of E-discovery for backing up Office 365 mailbox to PST format:

Manual Steps to Backup Office 365 mailboxes using E-Discovery method

  1. Logging into Your Office 365 portal with the administrator credentials.
  2. Visit to the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre Know the best solution to backup Office 365 mailbox
  3. In Microsoft 365 Admin Centre, expand the Admin center and then click on security. Backup Office 365 Mailboxes
  4. In your Security & Compliance center, click on the permissions option and then edit the eDiscovery Management Group Role. Steps to backup Office 365 account
  5. In the eDiscovery Manager properties of the role group, Click Edit and then add your account the eDiscovery Administrator list.
  6. The role group has been with the following categories of roles assigned: Compliance search, case management, hold Reviews, RMS Decryption, and Export. If the export role is not present Make sure you include it by clicking an Edit Role Group button. Manual Guide and steps for taking Office 365 mailbox backup
  7. Now, you have to go to the Search & investigation >> Content search Manual Steps to Backup Office 365 mailboxes
    Note:If Content Search option is not available it could be caused by the changes you made to your eDiscovery permissions. It could take 24 hours for the changes to take effect.
  8. A new window will open on the screen. Make your selection of the New Search option, here you can choose “All locations” or “Specific locations”. Save Office 365 mailbox to user system Free manual guide
  9. Then, in another window you can choose Exchange mail or choose specific mailboxes with the Users, Groups, or the group’s option. An easy way to backup Office 365 mailbox
  10. Apart from the local filter, you have additional filters you can use such as time spans Keywords/phrases such as from/To fields for CC/BCC, and additional. If you’re require to save all the data, do not apply the filter. manual steps to backup office 365 mailbox
  11. Click Save and Run. You will be directed to the wizard , where you’ll need to type in the name and the description. backup office 365 mailbox
  12. Now that you have to return into your Content Search Window, hit on refresh button and choose the search option. step 11
  13. The next screen that displays on the screen, you can check if the search has been completed by selecting the Export Results option. step 13
  14. Nowhere, the user can determine whether the user wants to add encrypted files. Users can also select how to export Exchange content. The standard options are ideal to backup. Once you’ve selected all of the options, just press Export. step 14
  15. This will begin the process of exporting data. You can monitor the progress on the Export tab. step 15
  16. You may also download the results by clicking your Download Results section. The export key needs to be copied. It will be required the following steps. step 16
  17. Once you click,”eDiscovery PST Export Tool”, the application will begin. Copy the exported key here. Make use of an export program to point to the directory where you wish to store PST files. eDiscovery PST Export Tool
  18. After finalization the process, the created search results will be shown. Click on download button to save your PST files.

Limitations of Manual Method:

  • The manual method to restore Office 365 mailbox looks very long and laborious.
  • Manual methods can’t backup specific data, like contacts, email or calendar, for instance.
  • A prior knowledge of technology is necessary for the manual process. This method is not recommended for people who are just beginning.
  • It is possible to have a significant likelihood of data changing. There is no guarantee of a complete and accurate backup.

Try Professional tool to Backup Office 365 mailbox data

Every business does not want to put its data at risk and does not have the time to do manual backup. A third-party professional software is necessary for a perfect and reliable Office 365 backup. The tool for creating an entire backup of Office 365 mailbox to PST file. The Office 365 backup solution has an intuitive interface that allows the process of backup to be easy, that users do not need any technical skills to use it. It’s an ideal solution for quick, easy and precise backup.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $89

Have a look at the key features:

  • This tool allows you to back up your Office 365 mailboxes are easily backup in PST format with the Office 365 backup tool; because of the user-friendly interface. Its operation is a straightforward job that anyone who is new to the field is able to do.
  • Office 365 backup program gives you a rapid and comprehensive backup of user Mailboxes Archive Mailboxes, Public Folders, etc.
  • The software offers an effective filter option that is based around “Date” and “Items.” The user is able to remove unwanted information.
  • The program offers an advanced option to complete and incremental backup. It is included within Office 365 backup solution. This is beneficial for those who are back up and backing only the most recently updated data. This stops any duplicate data.
  • It continues to run the backup of jobs, There is no requirement to be connected continuously. Only a single connection is sufficient for running jobs.

At the end of the day, the program also creates the report on the state of affairs for the whole process. You can store the information for later use.

How Regain Office 365 Backup software Works?

Making use of Regain Office 365 Backup Software is easy since it is an easy-to-use GUI. Here are the steps needed to backup Office 365 Mailboxes to PST.

  1. Install and Launch the Regain Office 365 Backup Software on your system. Regain Office 365 backup tool home screen
  2. Now, you need to choose the Office 365 option in the Server type and then enter the login credentials of the Office 365 account to connect Office 365 user mailboxes and click the Connect to Server button. step 2
  3. After that, a dialog box will pop up and you’ll be able to see a preview of all the folders that are available. You can then examine each one in depth, then click Next to continue. step 3
  4.  Select Outlook PST file under Backup options and then create a backup folder to store backup information from Office 365 mailboxes into PST format. step 4
  5. Next, you must provide your directory’s name, and explore the directory/folder path to where you would like to save the backup files for Office 365 mailboxes. step 5
  6. A new wizard is opened. this is where the software produces a state report of the whole procedure. You can save the report for later review. step 6
  7. Final step: all of your Office 365 mailboxes are successfully transfer into PST file format. You can access it from the location you prefer within your local system. step 7
Final Words:

Office 365 mailboxes should be save on your system for a variety of reasons. In order to reduce the volume of an Office 365 mailbox or to secure data from hacking. The need for backups usually grows. There are manual solutions and  third-party professional tool available. The manual methods, such as e-discovery, don’t provide a true simple method to backup Office 365 mailboxes.

Manual methods come with numerous negatives. Professional, Regain Office 365 backup tool is easy and flawlessly backup Office 365 mailboxes. Restoring and backing up Office 365 is a must. It has all the features that a expert Office 365 backup tool can provide. Users can test the free version of this tool to save first 30 items per folder at free of cost. This feature help you to understand the software capability and working process.

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