Why do I need to backup my Office 365 mailboxes

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It is not the duty of Microsoft to stop the database from external threats and losses! Users should be more careful regarding their Microsoft Office 365 Backup tools. In this blog, we learn Why do user need to backup Office 365 mailboxes and know the solution. Lets start.

The actual work of the Microsoft Office 365 Backup tool is to make sure that the Office 365 email database is accessible under the circumstances of infrastructural failure on the cloud. This might not be helpful in defending the database in the events like planned deletion, corrupted mailbox files from virus attacks, or shocking data loss. The users must safeguard their Office 365 mailboxes from data loss crises by creating a backup on online and offline platforms.

Why is it crucial to backup Office 365 mailboxes?

  1. Ransomware Occurrences

When we talk about defense against cyber-outbreaks, the organizations or offices might sometimes need to think through a multi-layered approach. Microsoft Office 365 cloud data would not provide users with enough space and safety measures against online attacks, and organizations are always on the brink of losing all their files. So, a backup becomes necessary in such cases. And, backing up the data is considered the best safety measure against data loss.

  1. Downtime in business

Getting in touch with the Microsoft office 365 backup tools support and availing of their services for data recovery after classifying the actual document version is a very tiring process. So to stay away from these types of circumstances, a user/or an organization should avail of the Regain Office 365 backup tool solution. This backup process will undoubtedly save both energy and time.

  1. Expired License = Adding up the charges.

An active Microsoft Office 365 license must be read by every user to gain a better understating of the OWA data. And, regrettably, the data from the inactive account is deleted forever. Retaining and validating the licenses of departed/expelled employees could also fall heavy on the purses of the organization and invite an extra load on the companies. To decrease costs, organizations need to safeguard their ex-employees or inactive user account data on local platforms like the Regain Microsoft Office 365 backup tool.

  1. Permanent Data deletion

Once a user/organization gets rid of a mail or any other data by pressing that “Delete” button, it goes straight to the Recycle Bin, from where it gets permanently erased after 90 days. Since there is no looking back after the data gets erased from the recycle bin. Hence, a solution is required to keep a backup copy of these deleted files.

Regain Office 365 backup tool to backup Emails, Contacts, and Calendars

Users could download the offline copy of the email messages with all the attachments from the mailboxes of the admin, the user’s primary mailbox, and shared mailboxes. The planning of email folders and orders remains unaffected to make it easier for the users to interpret. Moreover, calendars and contacts prove crucial for firms. Hence, it becomes more critical for the firms to save a copy of their current contact list and calendar entries to avoid data loss in fatal conditions and have adequate authority over their data in backup form.

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We are maintaining dates without limitations in time.

Regain Microsoft Office 360 backup tools secure the complete cloud data without any limit of retention term with the support of our Office 365 Backup program. Effortlessly save your copy of the backup containing all the Office 365 Exchange Online contacts, emails, and calendars in the plan for as long as you wish.

Saving time in making Backups

Instead of preserving the complete backup, Organizations can reduce their backup time by maintaining only the required data from the MS Office 365 cloud account. The Regain Microsoft Office 365 backup tool entitles its users to archive selective Office 365 mailbox to PST by picking specific files/folders from the O365 mailbox, resulting in providing people with more control over their locally saved data. To sum it up, The Regain Office 365 backup tool guarantees that the users save time and, more importantly, save more space!

Benefits of Using Regain Software to Backup Office 365 mailboxes

  1. Export Office 365 Mailbox to more Email Clients

The Regain Office 365 Mailbox Backup Tool is a secure and effective tool that enables users/organizations to export Office 365 mailbox emails to Web & Cloud-based email clients like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, IMAP, Zoho Mail, Yandex Mail, iCloud, Live Exchange, etc.

  1. Accessible to secure Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox

The Regain Office 365 backup Tools scan the additional Office 365 account and rebuild the content of the mailboxes in the tree-structure form. The necessity is to select the folders that the users want to backup. After that, the users need to choose the saving option and click Convert to start the procedure of downloading.

  1. Enhanced Preview of the Mailbox Data

The Regain Office 365 Backup tools portray a tree-like preview of all the items in the mailbox, namely (emails, journals, contacts, tasks, and calendar). Additionally, the tool enables users to backup or relocate personal folder emails by picking them from the preview pane.

  1. Saving Alternatives: In-Place Archive/Mailbox/Public Folder

Using the Regain Office 365 Backup Tool, people could secure shared mailboxes, in-place archive mailboxes, and personal & public files. Moreover, during the restoration of PST files, users get the opportunity to import them into their archives mailboxes or Public folders.

  1. The knack for dividing and Save the Resultant PST

The Regain Microsoft Office 365 Backup Tool could also divide the resultant large-sized PST files in MB or GB to optimize the performance of the Outlook, enhance manageability, and overpower the possibilities of PST file corruption. Regain Microsoft Office 365 Backup & Restore can also export the PST file to Office 365 in more miniature data packs.

  1. Secure your Mailbox Data in Numerous File Formats

Regain Office 365 Email Backup Solution could export users’ mailbox data in EML, PST, MSG, MBOX, HTML, CSV, and PDF formats. This alternative allows our users to get through to their saved mailbox data via different applications like Excel, Outlook, web browsers, and PDF readers.

  1. Want to set Impersonation Rights? No Problem!

With Regain Office 365 backup tools, the Assign Impersonation Rights feature is easily accessible to the users. They can open numerous Office 365 mailboxes at one time. Whereas reviewing the same report in the Office 365 Restore option, the organizations/users can upload Outlook PST in multiple Microsoft Office 365 profiles.

  1. Smart Filtering Alternatives

Regain Office 365 Mailbox Backup Tool enables the users to get rid of duplicate mail filters that permit them to relocate or backup data without identical items- Mail Filter segregates the emails by a date range. Task filter allows the users to isolate the tasks within a specific date range.

  1. Download Mailbox Data at Your Preference

The Regain Microsoft Office 365 backup email tool permits the users to secure their backed-up data on any storage media, namely external hard drives, internal system storage, or computers. Moreover, people could also consider and save the elaborated log report of the Office 365 email saving process.

  1. Computer Versions are no problem for us!

The Regain Microsoft Office 365 Backup tool software delivers an easy-to-use interface that makes a newbie user efficiently operate our tools. Moreover, the software is compatible with all the versions of Windows like 8, 10, etc. We also provide our users with a demo version, enabling them to estimate the performance and voluntarily backup/relocate 30 emails per folder.

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