Easy Steps to Import Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail

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Address Book is an essential part of emailing; every user wants these contacts and address lists along with their emails. In practical life, there are a lot of instances that initiate users to import Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail. Gmail, being a webmail platform, offers some advantages that users love and hence need to import. Moreover, Gmail, being a Google product, is backed by reliability and technological advancements. Whatever the reason, if you want to import Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail, then this blog is here to guide you.

Why do users import Thunderbird Contact to Gmail?

A Brief About Thunderbird:

Thunderbird is an open-source desktop Email client with an address book feature. It allows users to store information like contact numbers and email addresses. You can also import and export contacts in Thunderbird. This email medium provides the facility to keep an eye on the most important contacts and communicate with them.

A Brief About Gmail:

Gmail is a webmail service offered by Google that allows you to send or receive emails. It is a free service provided by Google, and you can also create an address book or perform various types of email tasks. It comes with a user-friendly interface and offers ample storage facilities.

Reasons to import Thunderbird Contact to Gmail are listed below:

1. Access from anywhere—Gmail can be accessed from any device as long as you need an internet connection. If you are using Thunderbird, you will have to import all your contacts to Gmail. After that, users can access their contacts from anywhere, whether using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

2. Cloud storage—Gmail also offers cloud storage for emails, which can be accessible from any device with an internet connection. Importing Thunderbird emails to Gmail also ensures that they are backed up and can be retrieved from anywhere.

3. Gmail Advanced features—Gmail offers many advanced features, such as powerful search capabilities, spam filtering, a friendly interface, ease of use, etc., which are rarely found in Thunderbird.

Overall, users are moving from Thunderbird to Gmail for their convenience.

How to import Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail?

Here are a few ways to import Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail that include simple manual one-by-one exporting using an extension. Professional software is also here for the efficient and effortless Import of Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail.

Using gContactSync

There are also some handy extensions to ease our lives and to import Thunderbird contacts to Gmail gContactSync is here. gContactSync is an add-on, and you can easily find it in the add-on manager. See the below steps to execute sync:

  • Open the Thunderbird Menu Bar and select the Add-ons.Gsynccontacts to import Thunderbird contacts
  • You will be prompted to the Add-on manager. Here, please search for the gContactSync and add it to Thunderbird.Import Contacts to Gmail
  • Install the add-on and restart the Thunderbird.
  • In the gContactSync wizard, enter the email address and password as directed and click on Next.Enter credentials to import contacts
  • Finally, click on Allow to Proceed and then click Finish.Gmail contacts import
  • You will get a notification related to the settings done until you click OK.
  • Finally, check the Address Book to confirm if the contacts migrated successfully.click Finish to sync contacts


2) Manual Export of Thunderbird Address Book

  1. Firstly, start Thunderbird and select Tools>>Address Book.
  2. Underneath Address Book, select Personal Address Book.
  3. Select Tools>> Export. Select CSV (comma-separated value) as the same type.
  4. Give a name to the file and provide a location to save.
  5. Now Follow Below Steps to Import Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail
  6. Firstly, open Gmail and then open Contacts.
  7. From the more actions, choose Import.
  8. Click the Browse button and browse the exported file from Gmail.
  9. Using “ Also add these contacts to,” you can add these contacts to an existing one or create a new one.
  10. Finally, click on Import and then OK.

3) Using Import Mail and Contacts Option

Another way to import Thunderbird emails/Contacts to Gmail is explained below; follow the steps.

  1.  Open Thunderbird and select the emails you want to export.
  2. Go to File and save the emails .in EML format to your computer.
  3.  Log in to your Gmail account.
  4. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner and select “Settings”.
  5. Go to the “Accounts and Import” tab.
  6. In the “Import mail and contacts” section, click on “Import mail and contacts”.
  7. Now enter your Thunderbird email address and click on continue
  8. Follow the prompts to grant Gmail access to your Thunderbird emails.
  9. Choose the option to import emails from your computer.
  10. Upload the EML files you saved earlier to the mail. The mail will begin importing your emails.

After some time, you will see your Thunderbird emails in your mail inbox.

Is there any other way that Professionals can use it?

All the methods mentioned above are manual, and technical expertise is needed to execute the task without any interruption. Also, these are time-consuming as well as tedious. Users can also face errors during manual importing. No success is guaranteed with the manual processing. To overcome all these odds, a professional needs a professional third-party tool to Import Thunderbird Contact to Gmail professionally. In other words, we can say, Regain MBOX Converter tool is a one-stop solution. Let’s know what it offers:

  • You can directly import Thunderbird contacts to Gmail by simply adding Thunderbird-created MBOX files.
  • This utility can also convert MBOX to PST, EML, EMLX, PDF, and HTML-like file formats.
  • Along with Gmail, it also offers exporting MBOX to Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, Amazon WorkSpace, and others.
  • There is no restriction on the size and number of MBOX files.
  • It is a speedy utility, and it completes importing very fast.
  • Users also get a free demo version of this utility to test and be satisfied with the tool before purchasing.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

See How Easy It Is to Import MBOX to Gmail:

  • Install and launch the Regain MBOX Migrator (MBOX to PST Converter).
  • Browse the Thunderbird-created MBOX file from the local machine to add.Import Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail using Regain Software
  • Now, the software will preview the content present with the added file.Step3
  • Select the Cloud Migration option from the ribbon bar and select Gmail as the target.Step4
  • Enter the Gmail login credentials as requested, and the process of importing MBOX to Gmail will start.

Wrapping Up:

There are multiple reasons to import Thunderbird contacts to Gmails and these reasons vary from person to person.  A few methods are explained in this blog to complete this export. Moreover, a professional utility developed by Regain Software is also described in this blog. Users can download the free trial version of the software and test this utility before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. From where can I get a gContactSync extension to sync my Google account with Thunderbird?

Ans. You can easily find the gContactSync extension in the add-on manager. To do so, open Thunderbird, choose Add-ons  ,and find the gContactSync extension.

Q2. Can I also import Thunderbird emails using the Regain MBOX Converter along with the contacts?

Ans. Yes, you can import each type of content/data present within the MBOX file created by Thunderbird. Emails, Contacts, and Calendars are a few examples.

Q3. How is this free demo version of this professional utility different from the licensed( paid) version?

Ans. The free demo version is just a restricted version of the paid/licensed version. The free version allows processing thirty items per folder, while there are no such limitations with the paid one.

Q4. If I choose to convert MBOX to PST, will I be able to get Thunderbird contacts in Outlook, too?

Ans. Yes. If you convert MBOX to PST, you can get all your data in Outlook, including contacts. In other words, you just have to add a PST file to your Outlook account.


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