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Summary: If you are looking for methods to import the contacts from the Apple Mail to MS Outlook, then this is the right place to be at. You will find here both manual and professional solutions that will help you to do the needful.

Apple Mail is one of the default email clients for Mac. It is just like MS Outlook for Windows. However, there is a basic difference between both of the email clients. For instance, Apple Mail stores the data of the mailbox in OLM file format whereas MS Outlook stores the data in the PST file format. While both of the formats are equally efficient in storing the email data, there are certain differences between the two. OLM format stores data in the form of plain text. On the other hand, PST stores the entire data such as text, images, emails, attachments, tasks, journals and calendars. With such a great amount of utility, users often want to convert their OLM files to PST file format. Of course, there are other reasons for this as well. Let us explore the reasons and the methods one by one.

Why should one import Apple Mail Contacts to MS Outlook?

There are multiple reasons for importing Apple Mail Contacts to MS Outlook. Here are some of them.

  • Users are switching from Apple based devices to Windows based devices.
  • Mac users want to share their contacts with a Windows based email client.
  • Professional commitment forces users to migrate all the way from Apple Mail to MS Outlook.
  • Helps to create a backup of contacts.

Methods to import contacts

There are multiple methods to import contacts all the way from Apple Mail to MS Outlook. Let us discuss them one by one.

Method one: Export Apple Mail Contacts as VCF File

  1. Open Apple Mail. Go to Contacts. Export Contacts as VCF File
  2. Click on Preferences. Select vCard. Uncheck Export Notes in vCards’ and ‘Export Photos in vCards’. Step 2
  3. Click on File. Go to Export. Select Export vCard. Save this card with a new name and in a new folder. Step 3
  4. The vCard gets saved in .VCF format.
  5. To use .VCF format in MS Outlook, transfer the VCF file from Mac OS to Windows platform.
  6. Now, you will have to import this VCF file in MS Outlook.
  7. For this open MS Outlook. Go to File. Click on the Open & Export section. Click on Import/Export. Import VCF File in Outlook
  8. The Import Export Wizard appears. Select Import a vCard file. Click on Next. Step 2
  9. Browse this file. Click Open. Step 3
  10. This will transfer all the contacts from Apple Mail to MS Outlook.

Method two: Export Apple Mail Contacts in CSV file

MS Outlook can also import contacts from CSV files. So, you can export contacts into a CSV file and then import the CSV file into MS Outlook to add them. Here are the steps that you need to follow for this.

  1. Open Apple Mail.
  2. Go to Contacts. Select the contacts that you want to export.
  3. Copy the Contacts.
  4. Open an Excel sheet.
  5. Paste the contacts here.
  6. Remove undesired columns from the Excel file and save the file in CSV format.
  7. Transfer CSV file from Mac OS to Windows platform.
  8. Launch MS Outlook and then click on File.
  9. In the Open & Export section, click Import/Export. Import Contacts using CSV Format
  10. The Import/Export Wizard appears. Select Import from another program. Click on Next. Step 2
  11. Select Comma Separated Value. Click Next. Step 3
  12. Browse the CSV file transferred from Mac OS to Windows. Select the file to import it. Step 4
  13. Select any of the three options on how you want to add the contacts:
    ● Replace duplicates with items imported
    ● Allow duplicates to be created
    ● Do not import duplicate items Step 5
  14. Click Next.
  15. Select the destination folder under your desired email account. Click on Next. Step 6
  16. Select the checkbox to import the Contacts in MS Outlook. Click on Finish. Step 7

Limitations of the Manual Methods

Despite these methods being very helpful, they are not without limitations. Here are some of the common limitations that you will encounter for sure.

  • These methods are very complicated and time consuming.
  • The process of importing the contacts can distort the structure of the file.
  • It is complex and time taking.
  • Even a single mistake can corrupt the entire file.

Therefore, in order to overcome the limitations of the manual methods, we will introduce a professional tool that would be very helpful in importing these contacts.

Regain MBOX Converter: A professional solution for Importing Contacts

We already discussed in the beginning that the Apple Mail saves the file in MBOX format whereas MS Outlook saves the data in PST file format. With the help of this Regain MBOX Converter, it is possible to directly convert the contacts saved in MBOX format to PST format which can be accessed with MS Outlook as well. One is able to transfer multiple files with the help of files irrespective of the file size. Users can try and test the software before actually purchasing it. One can add multiple files and get them converted and imported in one go. It is a seamless way to import the data without compromising the integrity and security of the same.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing Regain MBOX to PST Converter tool today.

One can now understand the multiple ways to import contacts of Apple Mail to MS Outlook. But even if you are not able to follow any of the methods, then the best approach for you would be to rely on Regain MBOX to PST Converter software. This can make your work much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. How do I import Contacts from Apple Mail to Outlook?
Ans. Users need to open their contacts and then go to the file for exporting vCard files. Users can select these files all at once, and then drop these files to a new location.

Ques2. Can you sync Apple Mail with Outlook?
Ans. Yes, you can easily sync Apple Mail with MS Outlook. All you will have to do is to set up iCloud portal easily on your platform and get going.

Ques3. Why are my iPhone Contacts not syncing with Outlook?
Ans. Users need to make sure that they are able to provide access to their contacts on a real-time basis in their phone. This will help them to sync their contacts all that once.

Ques4. How do I email all my Contacts from Apple Mail?
Ans. Users will have to go to their contacts list. From there, there is a need to copy all their addresses and paste them to the email they want to send at.

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