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Outlook is a world-renowned email client used by several businesspersons and individuals to communicate and collaborate. In the last few years, Outlook has replaced several email clients, and RoundCube users also want to swing into Outlook. If you’re also a RoundCube user and seeking to Import RoundCube emails to Outlook, this guide will provide you with an effortless way. So, let’s start;

Explanation of Roundcube and Outlook:

Roundcube is a popular open-source webmail software that allows users to access their email accounts via a web browser. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface, with features such as email filtering, address book, and calendar.

Outlook, on the other hand, is a personal information manager and email client developed by Microsoft. It is available as a desktop application and as a web app (Outlook Web App or OWA), and it integrates with other Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Why is Outlook a better email client than RoundCube?

Comparison Criteria  RoundCube Outlook
Security This popular webmail solution has recently been identified to possess a serious security weakness.


Outlook is always considered a secure email client; even in an offline manner, you can encrypt your Outlook database with a password.


Availability RoundCube is available in over 80 languages.


Outlook is available in 106 languages and has around 500 million users.
Data Management You’ve to export your emails manually, and that also gets saved in EML format. It uses a PST file to save your data on a local disk and automatically synchronizes it.
User Interface


It’s a webmail email service with an app-like user interface that mess up things a bit. It is very simple and gives a feel like an office application like word, excel.
Integration You cannot receive other emails service emails in it. It’s restricted. You can add your other IMAP-based email clients and receive all your emails in a single place.


Reasons to migrate RoundCube emails to Outlook

Now you may have an idea about which is a better email service for you, especially if you’re a bit techy and familiar with the EML format. In my opinion, EML is not a good option for managing a complete mailbox. It only stores a single email in a single file, and if you deal with hundreds of emails in a day, then the EML format is the worst.

I am not saying that there is nothing good with EML am only saying it’s worst for management. This also might be the first possible reason businesspersons want to import RoundCube emails to Outlook. Other possible reasons to migrate RoundCube emails to Outlook are as follows:

Reasons for migrating from Roundcube to Outlook:

  • Better integration with other Microsoft Office applications: Outlook offers seamless integration with other Microsoft Office applications, allowing users to manage their emails, tasks, and calendar events in one place.
  • Advanced email management features: Outlook offers advanced email management features such as message rules, automatic replies, and search filters, which make it easier for users to organize their inbox.
  • Improved security: Outlook offers advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, message encryption, and advanced spam filtering, which make it a more secure email client compared to Roundcube.
  • Mobile access: Outlook is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which allows users to access their emails, calendar, and contacts on the go.

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How to Import RoundCube emails to Outlook?

Literally, no direct manual solution is available to import RoundCube emails into Outlook. As mentioned above, RoundCube uses EML file format to store the data and to convert these EML files into PST format; you’ve to drag and drop these files into Outlook one by one.

Below I’ve described a manual solution that you can use to move your RoundCube emails into Outlook and make it your default email client. I’ve divided the process into two phases so it’ll be easy for you to approach.

 Download RoundCube emails into the local disk

  • To access your email in RoundCube, log in and select the Mail tab.
  • Choose the email you want to save.
  • Click the “… More” button and then choose “Download (.eml).”
  • Choose where to save the.eml file and confirm that you want to save it.
  • Go to your email inbox, and start with another message following the same procedure, beginning at.

Now you’ve all your RoundCube emails into EML format, and you can drag and drop these emails into Outlook. However, I’ll not suggest this method.

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Is there any restriction or risk of data loss in the manual method?

Many! RoundCube emails get saved into EML format, and as I said before, you’ll have several EML files if you’re a professional or deal with serial emails in a day, making it a repeated task.

Also, there will be no filter option; you’ve to check every email one by one before exporting it into EML format.

You may export a single email multiple times to export, which will cause duplicity in the Outlook emails.

Apart from these restrictions there are a few possible error which you might face during the importation process.

Possible errors during migration and how to fix them:

  • Data loss: This can occur during the migration process, and it can result in the loss of emails, contacts, and other important data. To prevent this, it is recommended to backup your Roundcube data before starting the migration process.
  • Incorrect email settings: This can cause issues with sending and receiving emails in Outlook. To fix this, you need to make sure that your email settings in Outlook are configured correctly.
  • Corrupted data files: This can occur during the migration process, and it can cause issues with accessing your emails and other data in Outlook. To fix this, you need to repair the data files in Outlook.

Recommended approach to import RoundCube to Outlook

After doing research and testing, we found that the RoundCube to Outlook converter is the most complete and reliable way to add RoundCube email to Outlook. This application is well-structured so that it can help its clients convert their data from a RoundCube account to an Outlook PST file without losing a single bit of data. Also, it has a simple, easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require any technical training or knowledge to use.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $19

RoundCube to Outlook Converter Software’s Best Features

  • The tool allows users to import RoundCube emails to Outlook in batches, saving them time and effort.
  • During the conversion process, it gives you a complete preview of the added Roundcube emails files so you can get assured about the data before moving it into PST format.
  • You can easily access and manage the data that comes out of the process by choosing the destination path you want.
  • Users can move certain RoundCube folders to Outlook using the software to migrate from RoundCube to Outlook.
  • All recent and earlier versions of Windows can use this RoundCube Webmail to Outlook conversion tool without any problems.
  • To import RoundCube emails to Outlook PST format, you do not need to install MS Outlook.
  • Keeps all properties of email data when importing RoundCube emails to a PST folder.
  • Apart from PST, the software offers several other file formats to save the EML files.
  • Regain software offers a free demo version of the tool that allows you to evaluate the tool by processing the first 30 items per folder.


Outlook provides several modern-day working environment features, and organizations and businesspersons are frequently choosing it to meet the new standards. RoundCube webmail is an excellent email service but compared to Outlook; it is far behind in the race. We hope, after reading this post, you can easily import RoundCube emails into Outlook.

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