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Overview: If you are planning to export Exchange 2016 mailbox to Gmail email account but do not know the procedure, this article will be very useful to you. Here, we will discuss different methods to migrate Outlook mailbox to Gmail and what is the best solution for Exchange data transfer. So, read the article till the end for complete information.

What Leads to Export Exchange 2016 Mailbox to Gmail Account?

MS Exchange 2016 developed by Microsoft is used for managing emails, calendars, and contacts on the Windows Operating system. You can access the emails of different email accounts via a single application using Microsoft Outlook. This mailing software provides numerous advanced features that you can use after configuring your IMAP email account.

Despite its usefulness and efficiency, users want to export emails from the Exchange 2016 mailbox to Gmail email accounts for various reasons. Some of the significant factors responsible for switching email clients are mentioned below.

  • Gmail is a free email provider that provides cloud storage and various applications like Meet, docs, notes, etc.
  • Gmail is easy to use and manage. Anyone without any technical experience can use this webmail service and its applications.
  • In terms of security and data protection, Gmail has numerous privacy features that protect your files from breach and corruption.
  • Sharing your emails and other files is quite easy and efficient with a Gmail email account.
  • Outlook is designed for businesses. Hence, if you are an individual user, Gmail is more suitable for your needs.

Now, you have learned the most prominent reasons for migrating your mailbox data from Outlook to Gmail. It is time to explore how to transfer Exchange emails to Gmail.

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How to Transfer Emails from Exchange Mailbox to Gmail Manually?

Different methods are available to export Exchange 2016 mailbox to Gmail accounts. The manual approach consists of enabling IMAP in Gmail and configuring the Gmail account to Outlook. In the text below, we will explain the complete procedure to migrate email to Gmail account.

Step 1: Enable IMAP in Gmail Email Account

  • Login to your Gmail email account.
  • Click on the Gear icon to open Gmail settings.
  • Select the See All Settings option.
  • Now, switch to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Choose the Enable IMAP radio button in the IMAP Access section.
  • At last, click Save Changes.

After enabling IMAP in your Gmail email account, the next stage is to export Exchange 2016 to Gmail account by configuration into the MS Outlook application.

Step 2: Configure Gmail Account into MS Outlook

  • Open the MS Outlook application on your PC.
  • Click on the File option in the top menu bar.
  • Select the Account Settings option in the Info tab. Manual Steps to Configure Gmail into MS Outlook
  • After that, the Account Settings wizard will appear. Click New. Step4
  • Choose the Manually configure server settings or additional server types option. Hit Next. Step5
  • Provide the required details in the User Information, Server Information, and Logon Information sections. Step6
  • Press the More Settings button.
  • Switch to the Outgoing tab and tick the My Outlook Server (SMTP) requires authentication radio button. Step8
  • After that, switch to the Advanced tab and provide the Incoming and Outgoing server details. Click OK.
  • Now, click the Next button to complete the setup.
  • Once Outlook verifies your account details, click Finish to complete the configuration.
  • At last, move all your Exchange 2016 emails to your Gmail email account.

This is the complete manual procedure to export Exchange 2016 mailbox to Gmail email account.

Limitations of Manual Method

Despite being effective, the above-mentioned manual approach has various restrictions and it is not suitable for every user. Below we share some prominent limitations of the conventional method.

  • It requires excessive time and effort to migrate your emails.
  • The chances of missing some data are always present while exporting emails via a manual approach.
  • If you are not technically proficient, adding an email account in Outlook would be quite difficult.
  • To migrate your Exchange 2016 emails to another email account, you need to configure it to Outlook by following the above procedure.

Because of these limitations of the manual method, we recommend you opt for a more quick, efficient, and secure solution for exporting your mailbox.

Professional Solution to Import Exchange Mailbox to Gmail

Regain EDB Converter tool is a top-notch software to export Exchange 2016 mailbox to Gmail email account. It enables you to migrate your entire mailbox data from Exchange EDB files to distinct file formats and email accounts in a few simple steps. Moreover, this application is built with numerous advanced features that enable you to export specific mailbox data.

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Migrate Outlook mailbox to Gmail using Regain EDB Converter Tool

  • Download the Regain EDB Converter Tool. Install and run the application.
  • Press the Open button to select the desired EDB file. Export Exchange Mailbox to Gmail using Regain EDB Converter Tool
  • After that, select the desired EDB file and hit Open to add the file. Select EDB file
  • Now, you will see the preview of your mailbox data. Choose the required items. Preview
  • Click on the CloudMigration option and select the Gmail/G-Suite option. Import Exchange mailbox to Gmail
  • Provide the login credentials of your Gmail account and continue.
  • The application will initiate migrating your complete mailbox data.

Why Choose the Professional Tool?

The advanced EDB Converter tool is the best solution for migrating your MS Exchange mailbox data. It provides many options to customize the resultant file according to your requirements.

  • The application allows you to convert EDB to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, HTML, etc.
  • It enables you to export Exchange mailbox data to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, GoDaddy Email, Office 365, Amazon Workmail, etc.
  • It previews all the mailbox items available in the selected EDB file.
  • You can split the output PST file into multiple smaller PST files without compromising data integrity.
  • Easy-to-use GUI makes this application suitable for non-technical users.

Bottom Line

I hope this article provided you with all the necessary information regarding how to export Exchange 2016 mailbox to Gmail email account. The manual approach is efficient but not suitable for every user. Therefore, we recommend the professional Regain EDB Converter Tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. How to Export emails from Exchange to Gmail?

Ans. You can migrate Exchange emails to Gmail email accounts easily. First, enable IMAP in your Gmail email account. After that, add the same Gmail account to MS Outlook. Once you set up Gmail in Outlook, simply move the desired emails to your Gmail account.

Ques2. Can I export all mailbox data from Exchange?

Ans. Yes, you can export all mailbox data from an Exchange account using the professional Regain EDB Converter Tool. It allows you to transfer emails, contacts, calendars, Notes, etc. in a few simple steps.


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