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Suddenlink is now Optimum, if you are a Suddenlink email user then you must be aware of this. It is quite a popular emailing platform in the USA and other parts of the globe. Over the years, many users have decided to migrate from Suddenlink to any other email client that offers advanced emailing features. Gmail and Outlook are two prominent email clients to which most users are willing to migrate. Here, we will know all things in a better way and will focus on how migrate Suddenlink email to Outlook or Gmail.

Why Do Users Migrate Suddenlink Email to Outlook or Gmail?

There could be multiple reasons to migrate Suddenlink to Outlook or Gmail, and these reasons vary from individual to individual.

  • Outlook and Gmail are far more technologically advanced than Suddenlink.
  • Most businesses for multiple services opt for a one-stop solution, and Google and Microsoft offer it.
  •  Microsoft’s Outlook and Google’s Workspace offer subscription-based plans, including all the prominent services in a single purchase; Suddenlink lacks it.

Settings to Add Suddenlink Emails:

Users can manually set up a suddenlink.net account with the email program they want to migrate to. Let’s know about Suddenlink’s settings to add an email account:

Email Settings                                                                                      Port Number

IMAP Incoming Mail Server                                               993 (SSL is required), 143( non-secure)

SMTP Outgoing Mail Server                                               465 ( SSL is required), 587/25 (no-secure)

POP3 Incoming Mail Server                                               995 (SSL is required), 110 25 (no-secure)

By applying the above settings and port number as per the email client’s protocol, users can migrate Suddenlink emails to Outlook or Gmail.

Have a Look at These Points before Moving Further:

  • By adding the email client to Suddenlink using the port number, you get emails, but it is not a proper migration.
  • You must be technically enriched to migrate Suddenlink emails to Outlook or Gmail properly.
  •  It is a tedious task, and you may have to compromise with the results.
  •  You can’t customize the results by filtering the email data.

How Does a Professional Migrate Suddenlink Email to Outlook or Gmail?

Regain Software has developed a utility that easily migrates Suddenlink emails to the appropriate file format to ease the user’s email migration task. Let’s explore more:

  • Regain Email Backup Tool is a compatible tool that helps to migrate Suddenlink emails to Outlook or Gmail.
  • It works for all the email clients/servers using the IMAP, including Suddenlink, Gmail, Proton Mail, et cetera.
  •  Users can easily filter the email data as per their needs.
  •  It is a very speedy tool and can easily back up emails without any size restriction or restriction on numbers.
  •  This utility offers multiple options to save email data. Some examples are PST, MBOX, EML, and EMLX.
  •  Regain Email Backup Tool is compatible with all the Windows OS and offers a free demo version to check it before purchasing the license.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $69

Simple Steps to Migrate Suddenlink Email to Outlook through PST File:

  • Simply download and launch the Regain Email Backup Tool.
  •  Now enter the login credentials of Suddenlink to create a connection with Suddenlink. However, you can add any IMAP using email client.Migrate Suddenlink to Outlook.
  • Here, you can preview the folders and data within it.Step3
  • Select the PST file format to migrate Suddenlink emails to Outlook.Step4
  • The Backup process will start and your Suddenlink email data will get saved in the PST file format.

Now you can simply add a PST file to Outlook and access the data.

Steps to migrate Suddenlink emails to Gmail:

Follow the same steps:

  • Firstly open the Regain Email Backup Tool.
  • Enter the requested credentials of Suddenlink Account.
  • Check the Folders for the backup.
  • Here, you have to choose the MBOX file format as you can simply add the MBOX file to Gmail through Thunderbird or Goggle Import option or any other way.Steps to migrate Suddenlink emails to Gmail
  • So, by simply selecting PST and MBOX files as the backup file format, you can migrate Suddenlink to Outlook or Gmail.

Gist of the blog:

As per the need, email management requires changes, and moving from Suddenlink to Gmail and Outlook-like email clients is a common practice. If you also have the same need, then you must be impressed with the professional utility that is mentioned above. A trial version of this utility is also available to download, install, and have a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1. Can I take a backup or save the Suddenlink email to PST and the MBOX file format using the same tool?

Ans. Yes. This tool offers multiple options to save the backup email. PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, and MSG are some prominent ones.

Ques2. Can we control the size of the newly created PST file in the process of migrating Suddenlink to Outlook?

Ans. We know that there is a recommended size limitation of 50 GB on the PST file size. You can get rid of this using the PST Split option and set the resultant PST size.

Ques3. Can I open the newly created PST file with any Outlook Account?

Ans. Yes, you can simply add the PST file to Outlook and access the email data of Suddenlink that you have just saved in the PST file format. With this, you can simply migrate Suddenlink to Outlook.

Ques4. Can I open the MBOX file in Gmail through Thunderbird or any other way?
Ans. Yes, you can simply add the Gmail account to Thunderbird and access the MBOX file. Also, you can use the Gmail Import option.


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