How to Extract Outlook Attachments to Local Folder

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Summary: MS Outlook has ended up becoming the best platform to exchange information for personal and professional purposes. But with the number of emails received increasing, the storage becomes limited. Hence, users are not able to save their attachments any longer. A better way of avoiding such a situation would be to save the attachments on a local drive. Here, we will discuss some manual and professional methods to execute this process.

MS Outlook is an amazing email client that offers plenty of features to users to sort their emails and arrange their information in a better way. However, as and when the number of emails increase, the number of attachments also increase. This ends up taking a lot of storage of MS Outlook, thereby making it impossible to receive additional emails. This might put you under the pressure of losing incoming emails. But there is a way out why you can create additional space on MS Outlook that too without deleting any email. All you need to do is to save your attachments on the local drive. This helps to make some storage and receive emails on MS Outlook.

Benefits of storing attachments on local drive

There are multiple benefits of saving the attachments on local drive in addition to the ones that have been discussed above. Here are the benefits that one can get by storing the attachment on a local drive.

  • As already discussed, it helps to create additional storage.
  • Your attachments become really accessible when saved on a local drive.
  • It allows you to organize your emails on the basis of the project, date and purpose.
  • It also ends up creating an additional backup.
  • It reduces the overall size of your email account.
  • It reduces the risk of your email account being attacked by malware and Trojan attacks.

Methods to Extract MS Outlook attachments

There are several methods to extract attachments from MS Outlook. Let us discuss them one by one:

Backup attachments to local folder one by one

  1. Launch MS Outlook.
  2. Open the email which contains all the attachments that you want to save.
  3. Right-click on that email and select Save all attachments from the menu. Backup attachments to local folder
  4. Next, the Save All attachments window appears. Click on OK to continue. step 4
  5. Browse the location where you want to save all the attachments on the local drive.
  6. Click on Save to save the files.

However, this method is only suitable when you have attachments from one email. In case, if you have many attachments from multiple emails, then you can try another method.

Extract MS Outlook Attachment Using VBA macro

Macros in MS Outlook are very helpful to extract attachments from MS Outlook. These Macros are driven by VBA script. This script helps to systematically download and extract the attachments from emails easily. It systematically helps to get all the attachments in one go from the emails and then accordingly we can sort such attachments in our local drive. However, executing this code is not easy and it might be a difficult method for the beginners.

Regain Outlook PST Converter Tool: The best automatic solution to every problem

The two methods that have been mentioned above are very complex and time consuming. They have got their own limitations and the only way of going about this is to rely on a professional tool. Regain Outlook PST Converter tool is one such tool which is able to promise great benefits. We all know that MS Outlook stores information in the form of PST files. This tool helps to manage all the PST files and at the same time extract attachments from emails. It works with all the versions of the operating systems. In fact, it would be right to say that with the help of this tool, users can minimize the risk of data loss. It maintains the structure of the attachments and saves them accordingly.

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Features of the tool

  • Helps to save corrupt and damaged attachments.
  • Splits oversize PST files easily without losing any data.
  • Export your PST files to multiple file formats such as EML, OST, DOC, MSG, HTML etc.
  • It does not require MS Outlook for the execution of functions.
  • Exports data to email clients such as PST to Office 365 or Live Exchange etc.

Steps to convert

  1. Launch Regain Outlook PST converter tool. Extract Outlook Attachments to Local Folder using Regain PST Converter tool
  2. Click on Browse and select the PST files containing attachments. step 2

Click on OK and the attachments are automatically extracted. Isn’t it that easy?


We have discussed multiple methods above so that you can save data in your local drive. The manual methods are effective but can fail to provide results. With this, one can conclude that out of the different methods that have been discussed above, the Regain Outlook PST converter tool is the easiest method to extract the data from emails. It is perfect for the beginners as well. So what are you waiting for? Get started with this tool now.

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