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Entourage is an email client (that supports the Mac operating system) and personal information manager created by the IT giant Microsoft for Mac OS 8.5 and later versions. However, it has since stopped its service. which is one of the root reasons for users’ desire to switch from Entourage to Outlook for Windows or Mac.

Aside from that, users choose Microsoft Outlook because of the numerous useful functions it provides, such as saving contacts, sharing calendars, offline facilities, setting tasks, and so on. If you are one of those who is looking for tips to export Entourage emails to Apple Mail or Outlook 365, keep reading the article.

Before starting, do you know why users prefer to export Entourage emails to Apple Mail or Outlook 365?

Actually, the main factor in converting Entourage emails to Apple Mail is that Microsoft has long since discontinued Entourage email services. However, Outlook for Windows or Mac has more beneficial features than other email clients.

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If we go through Apple Mail, then we will find that it allows users to effortlessly search for and discover emails. It works better with iCal and the Address Book. While Entourage doesn’t have such effective features,

Besides, as support for Entourage is no longer available, users get frequent error messages, and they aren’t able to report this or get an official solution. As a result, feeling disgusted, users decide to switch to Outlook or Apple Mail. But they have their important mail in the entourage mailbox. In such a scenario, they can easily export Entourage emails and import them to Apple Mail or Outlook, whatever their desire to use.

Tips to Export Entourage emails to Apple Mail

If you’re acquaint with the Entourage email program, you’re probably aware that it saves data in MBOX format. The Entourage MBOX file can be locate at the following destination path:

“C:/Users/username/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/Main Identity”

You need to first export MBOX files from the following location. If you don’t know how to do that, then read the steps as follows and at the same time keep applying.

First, export your Entourage mailbox to MBOX format.

  1. Firstly, launch the Entourage email client.
  2. Next, under the File tab, select the Export feature.
  3. Then, hit “Export Items” to the Entourage Archives and choose the fields you wish to export.
  4. Afterwards, press the right arrow to begin the procedure, and then select “Yes” in the “delete items from Entourage after they have been archived” pop-up window.
  5. Finally, press the Save option to store the Entourage mailboxes as an MBOX format.

Half of your work is done after completing the export. You just now need to import that mailbox’s emails into Apple mail. To do that, you need to read the few steps as follows and make a little effort to apply the steps.

The second step is to import the emails into Apple Mail.

  1. Launch Apple Mail on your computer.
  2. After that, navigate to the File menu and choose “Import Mailboxes.”
  3. Next, select the File in MBOX Format choice and press the Continue button.
  4. Then, navigate to the archived MBOX file that Microsoft Entourage saved or produced on your PC, and thereafter press Continue.
  5. The procedure has been initiate and will require a few attempts to complete. When the procedure is finished, you will be able to see all of your Entourage emails in Apple Mail.

In this way, you can export Entourage mailbox to Apple mail. But if you want to switch to Outlook for Mac, the process of export is different and has been described as follows.

Process to export Entourage emails to Outlook (for Mac OS)

Transferring email messages from one email program to another is a difficult operation since the MBOX file generated by Entourage is incompatible with Microsoft Outlook. Yes, you can absolutely manually export emails from Entourage to Outlook, but each technique has restrictions and does not support bulk transfer.

True to say, most of the manual processes aren’t effective for all situations, and users fail to get the solution almost all the time. Therefore, it would be a wise decision for you if you chose a professional MBOX to PST converter software. But usually Outlook for mac uses OLM format to save data files. So, is converting MBOX files into PST redonable?

Yes, because Outlook for Mac can also import Outlook Data Files (. pst) generated in Outlook for Windows to assist you in transferring messages and other objects from a Windows-based computer to a Mac machine.

Professional tool to migrate Entourage mailbox to Apple Mail/ Office 365

We recommend Regain MBOX Converter software as there is no need for any technical knowledge to perform the conversion using this tool. It is created with a robust methodology and a user-friendly layout to migrate emails from MBOX email programs such as Thunderbird, Entourage, AppleMail, Pocomail, and others to Outlook PST files.

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If you are wondering about performing the steps, we have added a few steps as follows: See how you can use this software to convert your MBOX files into PST.

  1. Before starting, it is necessary to install software on your system. [Note: The installation process is given at the official website of Regain Software.] Regain MBOX Converter - Home Screen
  2. After running the program, hit the Browse option and choose the MBOX files which you want to convert.Add MBOX files
  3. Then view a short preview of all the scanned mailbox items.Convert mbox to Outlook PST file
  4. Select the appropriate location and file format, then click the “Save Now” button to begin the conversion.Export Entourage emails to Apple Mail
  5. After that, your converted files will be saved in the place you specify.

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