How to Setup or Configure Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird Mail

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Yahoo Mail has a large user base but over the years, many users have migrated toward some advanced platforms and migration is continuing. Yahoo! Mail users are largely tilting toward the Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source desktop-based email client offering multiple features. Also, backup of Yahoo Mail in MBOX file format is a common cause of configuring Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird.  In this blog, we outline configuring Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird.

Also, we will touch on all the dimensions to configure Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird. Also, an alternate solution is explained in this blog.

Why Do User Wants to Move Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird

However, the decision to configure Yahoo! Mail is the user’s own, but there are some common reasons for the same. A few of them are listed below:

  • Initially, Yahoo offered very simple and user-centric features, but later versions of Yahoo Mail are not that user-friendly or advanced compared to the market.
  • You need an uninterrupted internet connection to access emails with the Yahoo Mail. However, Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client that allows offline working.
  • Along with sending/receiving emails, users also manage contacts, calendars, and tasks with the Thunderbird.
  • Thunderbird saves mailbox data in MBOX file format, and MBOX is one of the prominent file formats.

02 Best Methods to Setup or Configure Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird

Method1: Setup Yahoo Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP Feature

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird >> Create a new Connection >> Email.Configure Yahoo to Thunderbird
  • Click Skip this and use my existing email option in the dialog box.Yahoo Mail Configuration to Thunderbird
  • Now, enter the name, email address, and password in Mail Account Setup.Configure Thunderbird
  • Next, select the IMAP option. Now, configure manually and enter the following server settings:
  • Incoming Port Number: 993 with SSL.
  • Outgoing Port Number: 465 with SSL.
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server: Thunderbird

Method2: Setup Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird using POP3 Feature

  1. Log in and launch Yahoo Mail >> Settings.
  2. Tap the Edit button that is adjacent to Yahoo Account Settings. Must check that POP is enabled.
  3. Save the details. Sign out from Yahoo.
  4. Now, open your Mozilla Thunderbird >> Email account.
  5. Create a new account >> Email.
  6. Click on “Skip this and use my existing email option.”
  7. Now enter your Yahoo mail account’s details. Enter your name, username and password. Continue.
  8. Select the POP3 option for POP setup, and your emails will be configured to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  9. In the end, click Done, and your Yahoo mail will be configured to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Is there any other way?

If your motive behind configuring Thunderbird is to have a backup in MBOX file format then handling data with care in a professional way is a must. For the same, you can use a third-party tool to back up Yahoo Mail, and that too in MBOX file format. Users can easily save data in a hard drive.

As we know, Thunderbird uses the MBOX file format to store data; hence, you can easily add an MBOX file to Thunderbird to access your data if needed. For the same, Regain Software has developed an advanced tool called Yahoo Mail Backup Software. It has a lot of advanced features that are useful for professional handling.

  • You get multiple file formats to back up Yahoo Mail including MBOX, PST, EML, EMLX, PDF, et cetera.
  • The tool backs up complete email data along with the attachments.
  • Regain Yahoo Mail Backup Tool keeps the Yahoo mail originality intact and keeps the meta properties unaltered.
  • It also facilitates migrating Yahoo Mail to Office 365 and Exchange Server.
  • This professional utility is very easy to handle, as well it is very speedy.
  • Users can do a selective backup of their Yahoo mail folder if they don’t want to have a backup of a complete mailbox.
  • It is also has incremental backup facility that helps users if they take backups again.
  • While processing, users can also pause and resume the process as needed.
  • It is very easy to run; hence, no technical expertise is needed. Also, users get a free trial version of the software that allows processing thirty items per folder.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

 How to Backup Yahoo Mail  in a few clicks?

  • Install and launch the Regain Yahoo Backup Tool.
  • Now, make a connection with Yahoo by entering the login credentials.Regain Yahoo Mail Backup Tool
  • Here, you can have a preview of the mailbox data and cross-check.Step 2
  • Now, provide the location to save the data and select the desired file format. For here, we will select the MBOX file format, you can also select any other file format as per the need.Step 3
  • You will soon get a message of process completion.Step 4

Wrapping up:

If you find that Thunderbird is the most suitable platform for email handling and want to configure Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird, then a complete guide is here. But, before moving, you should be aware that Thunderbird uses MBOX file format for data storage. If your purpose is Yahoo Mail backup then using a professional third-tool is recommended. For smooth backup of Yahoo Mail in MBOX file format, Regain Yahoo Mail Backup Solution is also here. Must download the Regain Yahoo Mail Backup tool and try it for free!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Mozilla Thunderbird a desktop-based email client or a web-based email server?

Ans. Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client that saves email data in MBOX file format locally.

Q2. In what file format does Thunderbird store the data?

Ans. Mozilla Thunderbird stores folder data in the MBOX file format. MBOX file format is also used by many other email clients like SeaMonkey, Netscape, Gmail, et cetera.

Q3. Will I get any technical support with this software? I am not a techie.

Ans. You get free lifetime technical support with Regain Yahoo Mail Backup Software. You can contact our technical support team if you need any technical support. Our technical support executives are 24*7 available to assist you.

Q4. What advantages Mozilla Thunderbird offer over the Yahoo! Mail?

Ans. Thunderbird is a desktop-based application that allows you to use it even when you are offline. Also, you can generate local backups as well as manage many email accounts other than Yahoo Mail.

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