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Users have reported issues with Zimbra and Microsoft Outlook 2019 (and later versions) when utilizing POP3/IMAP. Since many people prefer to use Microsoft Outlook for their email, Calendar, task management, and address book, Zimbra provides a Zimbra Connector for Outlook Synchronization. In this blog, we read about how to configure Zimbra mailbox to MS Outlook by using many different methods.

Ways to Connect Zimbra Desktop to MS Outlook

With its ZCS collaboration suite, Zimbra brings together and supports several open-source projects that are then made available to businesses (Zimbra Collaboration Suite, which contains Zimbra Desktop, Zimbra Webmail, & Zimbra Server). With Zimbra Connector for Outlook or ZCO, users may access their mailboxes in Zimbra and Outlook.

Using ZCO, you can synchronize your email, contacts, Calendar, and tasks between Zimbra and Outlook in real-time. When you use Zimbra, it copies your account information into a Zimbra Database File (ZDB file). Even if you cannot connect to the Zimbra Server, this feature allows you to continue working on your emails and other items.

Versions and Editions that works with ZCO:

Windows Operating System

The Zimbra Connector for Outlook is compatible with the latest versions of Windows (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP) and older versions of Microsoft Office (Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2003).

Microsoft Outlook

ZCO is compatible with Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit versions). Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Service Pack 3 and later, as well as Outlook 2007 with SP2, are all compatible.

Why would you want to use ZCO (Zimbra Connector)?

After an external installation of ZCO has been completed on a Windows machine, a ZCO profile must be created. Profiles can be viewed in the Mail section of the Control Panel if they have already been created. Depending on his needs, a user can create as many user profiles and accounts as he likes. Therefore, a Zimbra Mail account profile is required before using the Zimbra Connector for Outlook. The great thing about ZCO is that if there are no profiles already set up, a brand new one will be made and given the name Zimbra. The only required information is the Server, Username, and Password.

The Zimbra solution enables Business users to deal with the following:

  • The ability to sync your Zimbra email accounts, contacts, calendar events, and tasks.
  • Zimbra features like “Out of Office,” “Author Signature,” “Rules,” “Email Headers,” and so on can be shared.
  • With the Zimbra Connector for Outlook, users get access to the Zimbra Menu tab, which has specialized business tools.
  • With ZCO in Outlook, users can quickly access items from delegated mailboxes.
  • ZCO allows its users to easily send emails by selecting a unique username from the File Menu, allowing them to easily represent themselves in different professional contexts through distinct email identities or Personas.
  • Superior Outlook integration with Zimbra contacts and calendars.
  • Calendars can be made public, private, or shared with a specific group or the entire organization. In the same way, you can share calendars with others by simply sending them a link; you can also share your contacts using a common file format recognized by most contact management programs.

Configure Your Zimbra Account with MS Outlook POP3 and IMAP

The procedure of adding Zimbra to Outlook account is straightforward if you follow the instructions.

  • First, launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • A notice asking you to Add or Create a new account will appear on the home screen, or you can go to File > Info > Add Account.
  • Click Yes when prompted to configure Outlook for use with an email provider.
  • Then, click the “Next” button after choosing the “Manual Setup” or “Additional Server type settings” option.
  • Select either POP or IMAP, and then click Next.
  • Type in your full name, email address, account type, incoming and outgoing mail servers, username, password, etc.
  • Select the More Settings… option once you’ve completed all mandatory information.
  • Select My Outgoing Server (SMTP) needs authentication by clicking the Outgoing Server tab
  • Afterward, click the box labeled “use same parameters as my incoming mail server,” and enter those details.
  • Select SSL and set the port to 993 in the Incoming Server label of the Advanced tab in the same window under Setup Options.
  • In the section labeled “Outgoing Server,” select “TLS” from the drop-down menu labeled “Type of encrypted connection,” and then set the port to 587.
  • Select the Next button and complete the account setup.

Step-by-Step Guide: Configure Zimbra mailbox to Outlook for Calendar

There are a number of advantages to integrating Zimbra calendars with Outlook, one of which is a shorter learning curve. Zimbra Calendar items are best seen in a web browser; however other devices may be used as needed. The fact that it has an Outlook-style user interface also contributes to a better overall experience. Zimbra users can now use the Internet Calendar control to synchronize their calendars with Microsoft Outlook. Just follow the steps in the guide!

Just follow the instructions to configure Zimbra mailbox to Outlook account quickly.

  • Launch Zimbra Webmail by logging in.
  • Choose the Calendars section of the Dashboard. You may easily share your calendars with others by right-clicking on the Calendar app and selecting the option to do so. The Share Properties window will pop up.
  • Select the Public option to make your Calendar available to everyone; the dialogue box will then show you the Calendar’s URL.
  • In order to keep this link handy for future use, please copy it now. Close the Share Properties window by selecting OK from its menu.
  • It is time to launch Outlook. The account settings can be changed by selecting the “Info” option from the file menu.
  • To access your Account’s settings, go to the Account menu and select Account Settings.
  • Select the Internet Calendars menu item to view all available online calendars and entries.
  • To create a new subscription, select the New menu item. A Zimbra Calendar can be added by pasting the URL into the add field and clicking the button.
  • Zimbra Calendar Name: Return to the Account Settings dialogue box and click OK.
  • After selecting OK, Outlook will add the Calendar to the Calendars list in the Sidebar.
  • Finally, you may have Outlook show your Zimbra calendar by disabling the other calendars’ checkboxes in the View tab and selecting Zimbra Calendar from the list of calendars that appear.

Regain Zimbra to PST converter

The Zimbra Mail (TGZ files) can be exported to Microsoft Outlook PST files with the help of Regain Zimbra to PST Converter, a professional conversion software.The software allows for the conversion of several TGZ files at once. Also, it offers a number of different saving options for the converted TGZ files.

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  • Convert Zimbra mailbox to Outlook is 100% accurate without any data loss.
  • Zimbra mailboxes, emails, and attachments are flawlessly transfer to PST file.
  • Displays a glimpse of all the contents of TGZ file that has been upload.
  • It makes easier to break up large Outlook PST files into manageable chunks to prevent corruption.
  • Provides a user-friendly graphical interface that makes converting from Zimbra to PST files a breeze.
  • TGZ files from Zimbra can be transfer to Office 365 and Live Exchange Server.
  • Zimbra mailbox data may now be exported to popular file types such as PST, EML, MSG, EMLX, HTML, MBOX, vCard, and vCal.
  • Provides a “Date Filter” option for selecting and exporting specific Zimbra emails and files.
  • Emails from Zimbra are converted to Outlook PST files without losing any of their original formatting, layout, or structure.
  • Complete backward compatibility with older versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows.

Wrapping Up

This user guide will give you in-depth information on how to configure Zimbra mailbox to Outlook. It’s a painless and free strategy. Zimbra Collaboration Suite and standard email protocols like IMAP and POP3 make this possible. We have also provided step-by-step instructions on integrating Zimbra’s Calendar into Outlook without losing any functionality.

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