Reasons to move Thunderbird mailbox to MS Outlook

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Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook, both email clients are famous and used by millions of users. Here in this blog, we read about the most common reasons to move Thunderbird mailbox to MS Outlook and also know, how to export emails from Thunderbird mailbox to MS Outlook by manual way.

Mozilla Thunderbird was a renowned email platform that was popular with users and small-scale companies. It was not supported by the community and had no advanced features. Consequently, the users started drifting towards other email systems. It was a great platform for features like message management, open source, and cross-platform support, however, they were not enough to meet the demands of modern-day communication. The reason to move Mozilla Thunderbird mailboxes to Outlook. Thunderbird requires users to gain additional features, while Outlook has a range of options for users that facilitate seamless communication. Outlook is available for installation on Windows, Android, Ios, Mac, and other platforms.

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Most Common Reasons to move Thunderbird mailbox to MS Outlook:

A variety of studies have shown that there are many reasons to move between Thunderbird mailboxes into Outlook.

  • Automating workflow –  Thunderbird does not have the capability of automated workflow, and it has to manage messages from email constantly. MS Outlook has the feature to incorporate complex rules in making the workflow more efficient.
  • Spam Filter –  Mozilla Thunderbird does not have an anti-spam filter, therefore, it is not able to eliminate unwanted or spam emails from being sent to the inbox; consequently, it can be a source of anxiety for users. MS Outlook, on the contrary, has an efficient spam filter that can assist in removing spam emails and, as a result, there’s no clutter.
  • Task and calendar list – Thunderbird does not have functions such as the ability to use Tasks and Calendar to handle daily tasks and to schedule meetings with clients. Outlook has improved these functions, and users are more efficient.
  • Slower development process – Thunderbird isn’t supported by larger community support, which results in slower development and fewer updates. The majority of users want to create an application that’s up-to-date and that is quick to upgrade.
  • Using multiple email clients – It is possible to use multiple email accounts using Thunderbird However, there’s a limit to the number of accounts you can use. MS Outlook, on the contrary, offers a variety of account types, such as IMAP/POP accounts.
  • Security and scalability – Most companies attempt to make their emails safe and secure. Mozilla does not provide advanced security and scalability options. So, moving to Outlook is a good option since it comes with the best features.
  • Require to add – To configure mail clients. Thunderbird has several email clients that use those POP3, IMAP, OR SMTP protocols, but it is not able to configure a mail client with an extension.
  • Integration and communication tools – Thunderbird is not able to allow communications tools to be integrated when compared with MS Outlook. Outlook integrates with MS Teams to communicate with clients and colleagues.
  • User friendly – If there are two programs that are compared, Outlook has a better and more user-friendly interface, with regular updates and other options.
  • Regular updates – Since Outlook is a product of Microsoft It receives continuous updates and features that ensure stability and scalability. Thunderbird is a smaller development for community members. This means that it does not have the feature of updating.

With the information above It is clear that moving Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook is an ideal choice. But, it is important to be aware of the best ways to move.

Move Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook – Manual Ways

There are many methods of migrating mailboxes that are currently in Mozilla Thunderbird to MS Outlook. Some methods might not be suitable for your needs, but, according to your preferences, you can choose the most appropriate option.

1st Method: Migrate Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook using IMAP Functionality:

The first approach is to explore IMAP capabilities of Gmail and set it up with Mozilla Thunderbird. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to Gmail and then select settings.
  • Choose the Forwarding POP/IMAP options from the menu and then enable the IMAP server.
  • Close Gmail in addition to Open Thunderbird on the system
  • Go-To Tools > Account settings and click on Add email account under the Account Actions
  • It appears that the Mail Account Setup window appears on the screen. It will require you to fill in the required information and then click Continue.
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen. You can enable the IMAP SERVER and click Done. This means that your Gmail account is set up with Thunderbird.
  • Create an additional folder within the Gmail account and transfer the Thunderbird information to Gmail.
  • Log in to your Gmail account, and then check whether the data was exported or not.
  • After transferring all data to Gmail, you can set up MS Outlook with your Gmail account by using IMAP Server settings.

2nd Method: Move Thunderbird to Outlook by Using the drag and drop method:

  • By using this method, you are able to transfer Thunderbird email into Outlook by making the databases convertible to EML format, and then import it. In the next steps, follow using drag-and-drop.
  • Log in to Thunderbird and then select the message you wish to move to Outlook.
  • Utilize the drag-and-drop feature to transfer all your emails or selected emails to Thunderbird onto the newly created folder within the computer.
  • Once you have exported the emails to a different folder, start Outlook on your system.
  • This time, you can use drag and drop feature to move all the files within your Outlook folder.

Both methods are used to transfer Thunderbird mailboxes into MS Outlook. But, both methods have limitations. The second option doesn’t allow to transfer all data. The process itself is lengthy and requires effort to complete the job.

If you’re not an expert in technology We suggest avoiding using the manual approach. A small error can cause problems and lead to loss of data. It is possible to try the Regain MBOX to PST Converter  tool. It comes with a free trial version and the lowest cost on the market. Additionally, it provides 24/7 technical assistance.

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In this blog, we discuss Common Reasons to move Thunderbird mailbox to MS Outlook and three methods to migrate mailbox from Thunderbird to Outlook using manual methods and automated tool. Now it is up to you which you prefer. Manual methods require some technical skills while the professional tool will do the same thing in just a few clicks without losing any data. Go through the free version to check the software capability and its features.

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    I recently switched from Thunderbird to MS Outlook, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The interface is incredibly intuitive, and it makes managing multiple accounts much easier. I highly recommend making the switch!

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