Thunderbird Inbox is Full and Can’t Hold Any More Messages

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Are you aware that Mozilla Thunderbird is a widely accepted open-source email communication platform? Countless users are utilizing it. But it doesn’t mean at all that it hasn’t ever made any errors. It is the most common issue that users have reported that they cannot send, receive, or read emails, and that their inbox is full.

However, it provides the opportunity to use the POP3 and IMAP protocols for free, with more helpful features like message customization, search, and more.

Have you ever received the ‘Thunderbird Inbox Full Cannot Receive Email’ error? We think yes, and that’s why you are on our post. As well, without wasting time, let’s move forward to the focus topic.

How to Resolve Thunderbird Inbox is Full and Can't Hold Any More Messages error

Probable causes are behind the Thunderbird inbox is full , Can’t hold any more messages errors?

  • If you have not cleaned your Thunderbird accounts up over time.
  • Users have a significant quantity of messages, and the system is no longer acknowledging new ones.
  • Due to Thunderbird mailbox directories never exceeding the 4GB limit, this may be an actual cause.
  • Thunderbird storage files have been erased or isolated by an antivirus or firewall.
  • When there is a problem with the Thunderbird MBOX files.

Most possible solutions to fix the error: Thunderbird inbox folder is full and cannot hold more messages

Basically, this error means that your inbox folder has exceeded its size limit and now it is unable to hold more new mail. The primary solution is that you can delete some unwanted mail and instantly get the fixes. However, according to multiple scenarios, we have added some possible fixes as follows. Scroll to read.

1. Performing delete

Installing and uninstalling isn’t the right approach. The issue seems to be with mail folders, and there is no necessity to install or uninstall Thunderbird to fix it. Therefore, the simplest way to resolve the issue of the Thunderbird inbox being full is to delete the overburdened emails or move them to some other destination.

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However, you can also convert or migrate the new emails to another format and easily use them in another client. Here are the two ways to empty the inbox folder: one is by moving, and the other is by deleting action.

  1. The Inbox folder’s data can be transferred to a certain particular folder in the listing. With a simple effort, the messages can be transferred in batches. All the user has to do is move from the first to the final email with the shift key pressed. When it’s finished, move it to a different folder. Once you’ve transferred all of the messages, the inbox will be blank and there will be enough storage for new emails.
  2. Do you know you can directly remove the inbox mailbox from your device’s local drive? If you are using a POP account, Thunderbird will store all messages on the system’s local disk. Simply make a copy of this file before deleting it (so that you can use it later when needed). Following that, after re-launching Thunderbird the current blank Inbox will no longer display the “Inbox is full” problem.

2. Performing compact

Whenever an individual email is trashed from Thunderbird, it is naturally deleted or cleared from the inbox email element. To delete files entirely from Mozilla Thunderbird, the user must “compact” the directories.

Thunderbird Inbox is Full and Can't Hold Any More Messages

The compacting of directories is a must-do operation. If any user neglects to compress the directory, it will continue to grow and may cause a variety of difficulties. All email applications’ folders must be compacted on a frequent basis by users.

This can be conducted on a weekly or monthly basis if that is more suitable. Individuals must develop a habit to complete the quick approach. If this is not accomplished, users will see the Thunderbird Inbox is Full Error repeatedly.

3. Rename your mailbox

Indeed, the files with the name “Inbox” might be renamed. If you’re using Explorer, you don’t have to delete the emails; instead, you just need to rename them. It allows the program to function normally. It might be seen as a short-term repair to restore mail flow.

Users can also discover that in Explorer, every item is predisposed to a document with the same name and an extension of MSF. The documents are index files associated with directories, which can be destroyed if the file name is erased or altered. A new index file is created by Mozilla Thunderbird. It also maintains the index concerns separately even if they are eliminated.

4. Use professional tool to fix the errors

Due to the error, you are unable to read your new emails, but you have another email client, MS Outlook. In this situation, you can use the Regain MBOX converter tool to quickly convert the MBOX formatted files into Outlook’s supported PST format.

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However, this extensive tool of Regain can also convert Thunderbird to Outlook and many other email formats, like EML, EMLX, MSG, and many more. Therefore, you have the opportunity to migrate multiple clients using it.

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