Expert Tips for Repairing Outlook 365 in Windows 10

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Microsoft Outlook is a well-known email client that comes standard with the Office 365 subscription. As a programmed application, it can sometimes throw errors like “not responding,” “fails to run,” “sending or receiving error” and more. However, each error has its own reasons for occurring and has multiple solutions for fixing it. But that’s so much of a time-killing task where every user wants to fix errors in a fast manner. Actually, there is an option. You can repair Outlook 365 to get rid of all of the errors. This post is going to teach you about, how to repair Office 365 in Windows 10 and many other Outlook errors.

Manual ways to Repair Outlook 365 in Windows 10

In this post, we have shown the 365 repair features in Windows 10. Actually, Microsoft offers an unrestricted Office 365 debugging tool (we mean repair tool) that can fix the majority of prevalent Office 365 configuration problems.

However, this may not be useful in acknowledging all problems pertaining to Office 365 functionalities, but major problems such as Outlook or some other software not functioning correctly can be easily addressed.

  1. On your Windows desktop, navigate to the ‘Start’ menu, then click on the “Settings” icon (which looks like a gear icon) icon, or just type “Settings” into the Windows search field.How to Repair Outlook 365 in Windows 10
  2. Then press the ‘Apps’ button. The ‘Apps and features’ will appear, and it will show you a list of all the apps that are installed on your Windows system.Manual Method to Fix Outlook 365 in Windows
  3. Find and locate the Microsoft 365 application and then right-click on it. This will present you with two options: modify and uninstall. Pick the “Modify” option.Step by step guide to repair Outlook 365
  4. Hit the “Yes” icon when the “Account Control Prompt” wizard comes up. This activates the repair window.

In this wizard, you will find two repair features: first is “Quick Repair,” and the other is “Online Repair.”

1st option: Using the “Quick repair” option

It is quick and does not necessitate internet access. It is capable of resolving prevalent Outlook problems. After you’ve chosen this choice, tap “Repair.” Whenever the operation is finished, an update will appear on the display. If your issues persist after ‘Quick Repair’, you can select the “Online Repair” option.

repair Outlook 365 in Windows 10

2nd option: Using the “Online repair” option

Store all of your statistical information and exit all Office applications before you start with the “Online Repair” option. It should be acknowledged that there is a possibility of losing Office 365 customization and settings.

Manual process to repair Outlook 365

Select the “online repair” option and press the “repair” option. The page will display a message. After carefully reading the message, tap the “Repair” button once more.

How to Fix Outlook 365 in Windows 10

Sit tight for the repair procedures to be completed. It’ll be like a brand new configuration, and it may end up taking a little time, based on the pace of your connection to the internet and the intensity of the problem.

Free Manual Guide to repair Outlook 365

Restart your system once the configuration is finished.

Sometimes, your Outlook PST files may get corrupted, and as a result, you may get Outlook errors. Do you know how the .PST formatted files get corrupted? We know the majority of the Outlook users don’t have much knowledge about it. But you should have to know so that you can keep yourself aware.

The most probable reasons to corrupt PST file in Outlook 365

There are numerous factors that cause the corruption of Outlook PST files. In this section, we will briefly specify the most common causes of Microsoft Outlook PST data file corruption.

  • An inappropriate shut down of the Microsoft Outlook application damages the PST file framework and renders the file inoperable.
  • PST files become damaged as a result of various types of spyware and malware, which are becoming more advanced.
  • Due to the excessive size of the PST file, it gets corrupted.
  • If there are any problems with the system that contains the PST file, this could result in corruption of the Outlook file.
  • Certain software issues can also cause damage to MS Outlook PST files. For example, repeated shifting among both the elderly and the latest versions may lead to inaccuracy.

What is the best solution to repair corrupted PST files?

Basically, Microsoft has provided a default inbox repair tool, which is quietly known as scanPST. This tool is basically developed to repair damaged PST files. However, most of the time, you will be unable to repair a PST file using this built-in software.

Actually, scanPST is a basic repair tool that can’t identify advanced errors and also doesn’t have the batch repair facility. Overall, it’s not the best and most accurate .PST repair tool at all, and for this reason, we are not suggesting that you use it.

We strongly recommend the Regain Outlook PST Repair software, which is quite professional, time-saving, and the most reasonable thing is that it doesn’t require any technical expertise at all. Besides, it has a batch repair facility, which means you can repair multiple files at a time.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

However, if you somehow lost your PST files, this software has a recovery facility. In other words, you will get more advanced features than the scanPST.


In this blog, we explain all possible methods to repair Outlook 365 in Windows 10. You first try all the manual methods if you still getting issues with your Outlook 365 application. I would strongly recommend you try Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool, this tool not only repair corrupt PST file but also recover lost email data. It is embedded with lots of features. You can try this application free of cost to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Is there any difference between Outlook and Outlook 365?
Ans. There is only one difference between Outlook and Outlook 365. That is, Outlook 365 comes with Office 365 subscription. On the other hand, you can purchase an Outlook subscription as a standalone.

Ques2. I want to try the Regain Outlook repair tool. Can I do it without any spending?
Ans. Yes, we provide a free version of the tool, which you can use to check the tool’s skills and compatibility with your PST files. The free version allows you to process the first 30 items per folder with all the premium features.

Ques3. I got PST files of Outlook 365 but now want to access them on the desktop version.
Ans. Yes, you can open the PST files of Outlook 365 on Outlook desktop using the import/export feature of Outlook. If your PST files are corrupt, you can use our tool for a hassle-free process.

Ques4. What is the best solution to repair corrupted PST files in Outlook 365?
Ans. Microsoft’s scanPST tool is a default option but may not handle advanced errors. The recommended solution is the Regain Outlook PST Repair software, a professional tool with batch repair capabilities, time-saving features, and no requirement for technical expertise.

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