How to Solve Outlook Archive Not Working Easily?

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Microsoft Outlook’s Archive feature can make backups of your mailbox data and remove unnecessary items from your inbox. The program’s AutoArchive function allows you to schedule automated backups to be created at regular intervals. The vast majority of Outlook users report zero problems while utilizing this option. Still, there are times when Outlook’s built-in auto-archive feature could be more effective. In this write-up, we’ll discuss the ways to solve Outlook Archive not working help.

How to Solve Outlook Auto Archive Not working in Microsoft Outlook?

To activate AutoArchive in Outlook, try the following workarounds:

1. Verify Your Auto-Archiving Settings

Outlook Archive settings can be checked in the following places:

  • In Outlook 2007: Go to the Tools menu, then click Options, then click Other, and finally click AutoArchive.
  • For Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Microsoft Office 365: Go to File > Options > Advance >AutoArchive Settings.

Verify that the necessary parameters, most notably the auto-archiving interval, have been set. The Run AutoArchive once every XX days option should also be checked.1

2. Fix PST File from Outlook Archive

Your Outlook archive file cannot accept new archival data if damaged or corrupted. MS Outlook includes a free PST repair program called the Inbox Repair Tool that can fix your corrupted file.

Here’s how to fix your Outlook inbox with Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe):

  1. Activate Email Fixer (ScanPST.exe). This can be found in the following places:
    • 64 Bit window: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office1X.
    • 64 Bit window: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office1X.
    • 64 Bit window: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office1X.
  2. Launch the ScanPST.exe program, select the Browse button, and specify where the archived file is stored.2
    1. First, click on Start to begin scanning the archived PST for errors.
    2. Now, click Repair to begin fixing the PST.

However, if the PST file is substantially corrupted, ScanPST may be unable to fix it. A third-party PST repair application, such as Regain PST repair tool, can be used in such a circumstance.

3. Archive Locally

PST files saved on a network share cannot be opened in Microsoft Office. For this reason, you cannot archive a PST file that is located on a shared network.

Due to the potential for connection instability, this quota on network shares must be enforced. Since the archiving process requires a great deal of disc activity, any disruptions in the network connection, no matter how brief, can cause the archiving operation to fail and/or corrupt the archived PST.

Problems with auto-archiving can be resolved by moving the Outlook Archive folder from a network share to a local drive.

4. Verify Group Policy

If the AutoArchive option is missing from the Archive options, it may be because the admin has disabled it via Group Policy. If you need to speak to someone about this, feel free to talk to a manager or the head of your department.

5. Check for Exclusions to Auto-Archiving

The AutoArchive feature will not archive any emails or other mailbox items that have been specifically excluded. Go to File > Properties; you can see the item archiving status. The item will not be archived if the option to “Do not AutoArchive this item” is selected. If archiving the item is your goal, you turn off this option.

6. Edit the ArchiveIgnoreLastModifiedTime Value in the Registry

Many customers experience this difficulty. When you reply, mail, forward, move, edit, or import an item in Outlook, the time and date are updated accordingly. This is the basis for archiving files or items in Outlook. These will be automatically archived and won’t be saved after we archive this. Users have reported that archiving has occurred automatically based on the value of the ArchiveIgnoreLastModifiesTime registry key.

While this may solve Outlook archive not working issue, creating a backup copy of the file is prudent, just in case.

  • Firstly, open the run window using the Windows key + R. Type Regedit to access the system registry editor.3
  • Copy the address given below and head over there.
    HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Office.0\Outlook\Preferences4
  • Once you have navigated to the aforementioned registry subkey, select Edit from the menu.
  • Choose to add a new DWORD (32-bit) Value to the registry by clicking the New button, followed by the appropriate menu choice.5
  • Insert a new line, label it ArchiveIgnoreLastModifiedTime, and hit Enter.
  • Following, make a right click on the new item and choose the Modify option.6
  • Enter 1 in the Value Data box, and then click OK.7
  • Lastly, after making any necessary changes, close the registry and launch Outlook again to see if they have been taken.

7. The ability to archive data in an office environment

Group policy prevents automatic archiving: Many corporate offices disable the auto-archive function in Outlook because of security concerns, such as disseminating mailbox data to other organizational computers.

Administrators should be notified in such a situation since they can provide direction on where data should be archived. Or if the office may use a different method to archive and save information.

Archiving Methods that Use the Internet: One business justification involves storing all company-related documents in a central online archive accessible only through an Exchange account that disables the client archive capability. This is helpful since it means that the archive files can be accessed from any computer with an Outlook application or online.

By doing these processes, your archival features will work properly. However, archiving feature will only archive the items revied after that day. If you want to archive already received data, then the only option available is to use an automated tool like Regain Outlook PST repair tool.

Regain Outlook PST repair tool is automated and allows you to repair corrupt PST files or move data into a new PST file. The tool is convenient and can also be used by non-technical users. The tool has several advanced features that you can check by installing its free version.

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Outlook’s Archive and Auto-Archive features may only be functioning properly if the Archive settings are checked. A corrupt PST file is likely to blame if the preferences have been properly entered, but the features are still inoperable. ScanPST or any specialized program like Regain Outlook PST Repair tool can fix the PST in such a situation. The software can fix a badly corrupt PST file of any size in just a few easy steps.

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