Fix “Contacts Not Syncing Error” in Lotus Notes

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A file on your hard drive with Names.nsf contains all of your Lotus Notes contacts. However, sometimes, a user may experience difficulties when trying to access his contacts in the HCL Notes client. The error “Lotus Notes Contacts Not Syncing” may also appear. This blunder must be understood in order to prevent it from happening again. Reasons for this, as well as potential solutions, are discussed below.

Causes that hudle the contact synchronizing in HCL Lotus Notes

Synchronizing one’s address book and email inbox is a common and useful feature, but there are a number of situations in which this is impossible. To give just a few examples:

  • The trouble with the Network
  • The Names.nsf file, which stores addresses, has some problems.
  • A problem with the Notes client/server connection

Lotus Notes: What Is Replication and Sync?

One of Lotus Notes’ best features is called “Replication and Sync,” and it allows users to keep their local and offline replicas in sync with one or more Domino servers. It’s possible to sync all of the contacts without interrupting the work of any user who may be using the email application at the same time. A user can set up a timetable for creating and syncing data items, and the system will do it automatically on a regular basis. Follow this procedure to activate synchronized contacts in Lotus Notes.

How to Import Contacts into Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes users who want to use the program’s built-in contact management features will need to synchronize their local address book with the email program’s mail file. The contact synchronization procedure is as follows.

    • Initially, you should exit the Lotus Notes email client.
    • Double-check that your Names.nsf file has all of your contacts. The Names.nsf file, which includes: must be backed up.
      • Standard User Setup: C:Program/Files/HCLLotusNotes/Data
      • Multi-User Install: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Lotus\Notes\Data
    • Access your contacts list in HCL Lotus Notes.
      • Using Ctrl + A or the Edit >> Select All option, select all of the contacts. Choose All.
      • Press Ctrl + X, or go to Edit > Cut to remove the contacts from the View. See to it that your address book contains no names or numbers.
    • Activate “Synchronize Contacts” by going to the “File” tab, “Preferences,” “Contacts,” and “Ok” on the left panel.
    • Select the Tools menu >> Replication to access the replication page. Copy Everything and Keep It in Step
  • To immediately begin the contact syncing process, click the Start Now button.

Now is the time to look through your contacts in Lotus Notes. We have successfully synchronized all of your contacts with your email address book.

So this is the manual method to resolve Lotus Notes “contacts not syncing” error. However, nowadays, Lotus Notes users are also frequently moving towards Outlook. And for this, several users are utilizing Regain NSF to PST converter tool.

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The tool is specially coded to move data from Lotus Notes files to Outlook PST format without any hassle and glitches. With this tool, you can also move your Lotus Notes contacts into Outlook, and as we all know, Outlook has all the features that the after covid world needs.


The “Lotus Notes Contacts Not Syncing” problem appears if there is a synchronization fault or a connection issue with the network. The aforementioned procedure illustrates how to synchronize the Names.nsf file with the HCL Lotus Notes mail file, which contains all of the user’s contacts. When you go to the Replication and Sync page, you’ll be able to manually sync your contacts. If the aforementioned solution doesn’t work, you can try switching to another widely used email client. With the help of NSF to PST Converter Software, you can easily convert your Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook and make the switch to a new email client.

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