How to Open NSF Files Without Lotus Notes

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Users still need to adopt HCL Notes, formerly known as IBM Notes, as their preferred email client. Since Microsoft Outlook is becoming increasingly popular, many users will need to convert their NSF files to PST to be opened in Outlook. While conversion is the best long-term option for moving NSF data, other options are worth exploring if the user’s main goal is open NSF files without Lotus Notes to get answers to pressing questions.

Because of market trends like business mergers, acquisitions, and switches, as well as cost factors (high installation and maintenance costs), the complex user interface of Notes, a poor or down Notes Server, a slow backup process, benefits with other email clients like Outlook, and so on, users prefer or are required to open NSF files without using the Notes application.

Why do users seek to open NSF files without HCL Notes?

  • The high expense of upkeep
  • The need for a lot of RAM to hold NSF data items.
  • Lack of application installation, fragmented files, and a sizable database
  • Problems with the Notes server or associated problems

Which options are there, exactly?

The only program that can read NSF files is Microsoft’s Outlook, so if you’re the only person in the world who needs to read one, you’ll have to use Outlook. Instead, a time-consuming export procedure consisting of two stages is used.

Also, users can open and examine NSF files without HCL Notes using the free NSF Viewer program. There is also no requirement for an email client to access NSF files in this situation.

Let’s take a step back and compare the two approaches by seeing how they each begin to solve the problem.

How does one go about doing it manually?

In order to read an NSF file in Outlook, users must first convert it to the Outlook data file format, PST. The next step is to do an NSF to PST conversion. The next step is to carry out the import/export procedure. In order to export the files from Lotus Notes, users must install Lotus Notes and then import the exported CSV file into Outlook using the Import/Export wizard.

There are two phases to open NSF files without Lotus Notes:

  • Phase 1: Export NSF files to CSV format.
  • Phase 2: Export CSV file in Outlook

1st Phase: Convert NSF files to CSV format.

  1. Launch Lotus Notes in your system.
  2. Select Export from the File menu.
  3. In the drop-down menu, pick the destination for the output file and Comma Separate Value as the data format.

Select Export, give the file a name and then click the name.

You can download a CSV file to your computer when everything is done.

2nd Phase: Convert CSV file from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook

  1. After opening Microsoft Outlook, one must select the Import/Export option under the File menu’s Open & Export submenu.
  2. To do this, go to the File menu and click the Import from… option. Then proceed by selecting the Next button.
  3. You should select Comma Separated Value and then click Next.
  4. Click “Next” after deciding where to save your PST file.
  5. Press the “Finish” button.

Reviews:┬áIt’s a tedious process that requires two different email applications (HCL Notes and Microsoft Outlook) and needs to be more secure and trustworthy. The trial is only suggested for those with extensive field knowledge.

Method for Professionals to View NSF Files Without Lotus Notes

Regain NSF to PST converter is an automated solution allowing users to open NSF files without additional software installation. In other words, it opens NSF files so users can preview their entire content. In most cases, you won’t need any prior experience or training to use this tool successfully. Download the software from the website and follow the instructions to set it up.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $49

  • Launch the Regain NSF to PST converter tool application, and then either select the Browse button to add the NSF file or the Find button to look for the NSF files on a certain drive. Once the file has been added, click the Open option.
  • When you add an NSF file, its contents will be displayed on the following screen. When you click on a message in your inbox, it will open into a list, and you can use that list to preview or display the message in its entirety by clicking on the item again.
  • You may see the entire message, including the body, headers, metadata, attachments, etc., in the preview.
  • Therefore, you have accessed the NSF file without the use of HCL Notes.

The following are areas where the expert solution excels.

  • Supports all versions of Notes and Windows OS; opens NSF files independently of an email client; saves users time;
  • The full version of this application enables saving NSF to PST and other formats.
  • It is a secure and trustworthy method for opening NSF files.
  • It displays calendars, notes, calendars, and tasks;

If you want to learn more about this tool, you should get the download link from the website and try it out for yourself immediately.


The aforementioned manual process can open an NSF file in Outlook. To open NSF files without cost, an automatic solution is always available if the manual one doesn’t work for you. With Regain NSF to PST converter, you can open individual NSF files with ease, no matter how many there are.

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