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Office 365 has completely changed the email servicing niche. It offers several modern days required features that have tilted the market towards it. Microsoft 365 comes with features that other organizations don’t have a think before. In this write-up, we’ll help MSG files users for MSG files to Office 365 migration.  

Why is Office 365 ruling the email niche currently?

There are many advanced features in Office 365, but the main reason behind its popularity is it is available for all types of users, professionals, students, organizations, etc. Apart from this, Office 365 can be accessed anytime and anywhere; users can access it on Android, MacBook, Desktop, Laptop, iOS, etc. This makes it a portable option for users as they can access important emails from anywhere.

Last but not least, Office 365 is offered by Microsoft and comes with high-level security.

Why User Moves emails from MSG files to Office 365?

MSG files are email messages saved in Outlook’s proprietary format. Many organizations have a large number of MSG files saved on their local machines or servers, which can make it difficult to access and manage emails. Migrating MSG files to Office 365 allows for a centralized email management system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, Office 365 offers a range of features that can improve productivity and collaboration, such as shared mailboxes, online meetings, and document collaboration.

Benefits of using Office 365 for email management over MSG files

Office 365 offers many benefits for email management, including:

  • Access from anywhere with an internet connection: With Office 365, users can access their email from any device with an internet connection, making it easier to stay connected and productive.
  • Improved collaboration: Office 365 includes features like shared mailboxes and real-time document collaboration, which can improve teamwork and productivity.
  • Enhanced security: Office 365 includes advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and anti-spam and anti-virus protection, which can help protect sensitive information.
  • Scalability: Office 365 can scale to meet the needs of organizations of any size, from small businesses to large enterprises.

How to Import MSG files into Office 365 mailboxes?

Basically, there is no direct manual solution available for MSG files into Office 365 migration. In order to move MSG files into Office 365, one has to convert them into PST format, as Office 365 only allows importing PST files.

Manually you can drag and drop MSG files into your Outlook account and create a PST file. After that, you’ve to assign an Import/export role in Office 365 and use the Exchange Admin center to import PST files into Office 365. Below is the process to export converted MSG files into Office 365

Preparing for MSG to Office 365 migration

  1. Checking system requirements

Before migrating MSG files to Office 365, it’s important to ensure that the system meets the necessary requirements. This includes checking the system’s operating system, Office version, and internet connectivity.

  1. Verifying Office 365 account permissions

Users must have the necessary permissions to access and migrate data to Office 365. It’s important to verify that the user has the appropriate level of access and permissions.

  1. Backing up MSG files Before migrating

MSG files to Office 365, it’s important to create a backup of the files in case of any issues during the migration.

  1. Organizing MSG files for migration

Organizing MSG files prior to migration can make the process smoother and more efficient. This includes consolidating files in a single folder and removing any duplicates.

Import converted MSG files to Office 365 using Office 365 import service

The Office 365 Import service allows users to import PST files or individual email messages from MSG files to Office 365 directly. The service can be accessed through the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Using the Office 365 Import service

Steps to import MSG files using the Office 365 Import service include:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center with a global admin or Exchange admin account.
  • Click on “Admin centers” in the left navigation menu and select “Security & Compliance”.
  • In the Security & Compliance center, click on “Data management” in the left navigation menu and select “Import”.
  • Click on the “+ New import job” button to create a new import job.
  • In the “New import job” window, enter a name and description for the import job.
  • Select “Upload your data” and then select “Select the data you want to import”.
  • In the “Select the data source” window, choose “Outlook data file (.pst or .ost)” and then select “Next”.
  • Click on the “Browse” button to locate the folder containing the MSG files you want to import.
  • Select the MSG files you want to import and click on “Open”.
  • In the “Select the destination” window, select the Office 365 mailbox or archive where you want to import the data.
  • Select the options for how you want to handle duplicate items and click on “Start the import”.
  • Once the import job has started, you can monitor the progress by going to the “Import” tab in the Security & Compliance center.

After the import is complete, verify that all data was migrated correctly and that there are no missing or corrupted messages.

Post-migration tasks

  • Verifying data integrity after migration: After migrating MSG files to Office 365, it’s important to verify that all data was migrated correctly and that there are no missing or corrupted messages.
  • Updating Outlook profiles: Users may need to update their Outlook profiles to access the migrated data in Office 365.
  • Archiving old MSG files: Once the migration is complete, it’s important to archive old MSG files to avoid clutter and improve performance.

Troubleshooting common issues during manually migration

  • Failed migration: If a migration job fails, it’s important to review the error message and address any issues before retrying the job.
  • Duplicate messages: Duplicate messages can occur during migration if there are multiple copies of the same MSG file. It’s important to remove duplicates before migration to avoid this issue.
  • Slow migration speed: Slow migration speeds can be caused by various factors, such as network issues or large file sizes. To address this issue, users can try optimizing the network connection or breaking up large files into smaller batches for migration.

If you’ve several MSG files, we recommend something other than this approach to you and suggest you go with an automated tool like Regain MSG to Office 365 migrator.

A reliable approach for MSG to Office 365 migration

Regain Software is a well-known name for providing email migration and backup solutions. They provide an MSG to Office 365 migrator tool to successfully and accurately move MSG files into Office 365 mailboxes. There are several features in the tool which make MSG file migration a cakewalk, even for newbies.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

Software Features:

  • Add MSG folder: The software supports the simultaneous selection of two or more MSG files through a special Add folder mode. With the user interface panel’s Select Folder option, you can import a whole folder full of MSG files, including all of its subfolders. As a result, it’s simple to move several MSG files into Office 365 account.
  • Keep Files properties and hierarchy intact: When transferring emails from MSG to PST, the program preserves all of the original message attributes, including attachments, sender and recipient details, subject lines, body text, hyperlinks, and more.
  • 100% secure tool: The app features a completely secure user interface that will never save any of your private information or login credentials. In truth, Office 365 credentials are never cached in the interface during the conversion process.
  • Features a Simple-to-Use Interface: Anyone may use this program to import their MSG files into their Office 365 account in bulk without needing any specialized knowledge.
  • Support MSG Files from All Latest Editions: The program fully supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook and MDaemon clients.
  • Compatible with Windows Operating System: It’s compatible with all Windows versions, so you can install it without any problems. So, you can install this application on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, etc.

So, these are a few of these MSG files to the Office 365 migration tool’s features. Now let me show you how you can move your MSG files into Office 365 mailboxes.

Before going through the process, make sure to install the free version of the software and process as follows:

Steps to Import MSG files to Office 365 using Regain Software

  • Launch Regain MSG to Office 365 Migration tool Regain MSG to Office 365 Migration
  • Click on the Open option and then click the Browse button.
  • Select the MSG files folder and click on the Add MSG folder option. Add MSG Folders
  • Now the software will list all your added files in the left pane with all their subfolders. Display Preview
  • Select the folders you want to move into Office 365 and click on the Office 365 option from the ribbon bar.
  • Now provide Office 365 credentials in which you want to migrate your files and click Connect. Enter Login Details
  • At last, the software will start MSG files into Office 365 migration process and display a live log report.

As you can see, the process is quite simple, and even a newbie can easily complete the task without any hassle. Apart from this, you can preview all your MSG files emails before migrating them into Office 365 mailboxes.


In the above article, we’ve described an automated solution to migrate MSG files into Office 365 mailboxes. The tool is cost-effective and offers a straightforward and direct approach for MSG files into Office 365 migration. The software is also available in a free variant, so you can install and evaluate the tool before purchasing the tool.

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