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We recommend using PST since it is the safest and most user-friendly file type for storing large amounts of data. Microsoft Outlook with a POP3 email account can create a PST file. It stays put on the user’s machine, and there’s usually no need to delete it. The PST file will remain in Outlook’s storage as long as the account is in use. A company is restricted from erasing old files because doing so would violate numerous regulations and laws. Because of this, they might need to keep some emails on an on-premises Exchange. Microsoft employs the Mailbox Replication function of Exchange Server to import PST to Live Exchange Server accounts directly. Mailboxes can be exported to Portable Document Format (.pst) files.

Methods to import PST to Live Exchange Server

You’ll need a few things to import a PST file into Exchange Admin Center first.

  • In order to import PST to Live Exchange Server, a UNC network share is required. The Exchange Trusted Subsystem group needs Read access to the network share. When attempting to import.pst files into mailboxes, there will be complications if the share does not have the appropriate permissions set up.
  • You can submit requests to import mailboxes in either the Exchange Admin Center or the Exchange Management Shell. Only the Exchange Management Shell can be used for any extra tasks.

Add Mailbox Import Export Role to the role group

The Mailbox Import Export Role can be assigned to such role group in which the account is a member.

  • There is no ‘Import PST’ button in the Exchange Admin Center’s mailboxes for the recipients list.
  • Then, in the Permissions section, select Admin Roles and click the plus sign (+).
  • Give the role a name and a description; leave the scope as default. Click add on Roles.
  • Select Mailbox Import Export. Simply select “Add” and then “OK” to proceed.
  • Select Organization Management from the drop-down menu, and then click the plus sign to add members. You can add other members too. Click Add, then OK.
  • After completing all the changes, click the Save button.
  • Now, the Mailbox Import Export administrator role has been added to the list.

Import PST from network shared location to Exchange Server mailbox

You’ll need the Mailbox Import Export Role if you want to import PST to Live Exchange Server.

  • To import a PST file, open the Exchange Admin Center and navigate to Recipients > Mailboxes > (…).
  • Second, enter the full UNC path to the stored PST file folder. Add the PST extension to the end of the file name. Proceed with the next step by clicking.
  • Decide which mailbox will receive the PST file’s contents. To choose a mailbox, click the Browse button. Then, proceed to the following step by clicking Next. Alternatively, you can use the second choice to import a PST file into a mailbox in the Office 365 cloud storage.
  • Choose a mailbox to be notified when the PST file has finished importing into it by clicking the Browse button. In order to complete, please press the Finish button.
  • The Alerts notice will display the current import job’s status.
  • The PST file import is finished.

Use Exchange Management Shell cmdlets

In order to import and export PST files, you can use the path of the file to create a job in Exchange Management Shell.

  • One must first launch the Exchange Management Shell in the Admin role.
  • Run the following command

New-MailboxImportRequest -Name “Request-Name” -Mailbox “Mailbox-Name” -Filepath complete-network-shared-pathfilename.pst

Users may need help to import PST to Live Exchange Server if they attempt to do so manually. However, no direct migration mechanism that relies on human intervention is yet available. If you’re having trouble moving your PST files to Live Exchange Server, consider using a third-party piece of software instead.

Users frequently exhaust all viable options while migrating, even understanding that mistakes made during the manual process can result in irretrievable data loss. Therefore, to import PST to Live Exchange server, always pick trustworthy and dependable software.

Professional solution

It is an automated tool specially coded to move PST files into a cloud server, hosted server, different file formats, and webmail email clients.

The tool is considered the most cost-effective and advanced solution and is recommended by several Exchange server administrators and Microsoft MVPs. Due to its advance as well as user-oriented GUI, even a newbie can easily import PST to a Live Exchange server without any hassle and glitches.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

Before diving into its features, let’s discuss its step-by-step process so you can have an idea of how the tool works.

How to Import PST to Live Exchange Server effortlessly

  • Step1: Install the free PST Recovery tool version in your system.
  • Step2: Click on the Open option from the ribbon bar.
  • Step3: Now click on the Browse or Add files option.
  • Step4: In the next wizard, Add PST files to import into Live Exchange.
  • Step5: Check the folders you want to import and click the Cloud Migration option.
  • Step6: Choose the Office/Exchange Server option from the dropdown menu.
  • Step7: Provide Exchange Server credentials and click on Login.
  • Step8: Now, the software will import PST to Live Exchange Server mailbox.

So now you know the process to move PST files into the Exchange server using Regain, let me tell you why you should pick this tool.

Advantages of using Regain Outlook PST Converter tool:

  • If you need to transfer multiple.pst files to Live Exchange, go no further than the Outlook PST converter from Regain Software.
  • The software provides its customers with an intuitive interface that makes this task simple and quick.
  • This allows you to move information from a Personal Storage Table (PST) to an Exchange Archive folder, an Exchange Live Server mailbox, or an Exchange Public folder.
  • In addition to moving data from Outlook to Live Exchange, this program can also restore information from corrupted or lost Outlook PST files.
  • In addition to this, there are further advantages of using the program. This program can also export information from Microsoft Outlook PST files to Office 365 cloud-based service.
  • As an added bonus, the program lets you export the contents of your PST files to more universal formats like EML, MSG, and HTML.
  • There are also more advanced capabilities available in the program, such as a preview function that may be used to verify the accuracy of the data.
  • You can test out the software’s functionality with a free demo version that lets you transfer the first 30 items from each folder.

Reasons to import PST to Live Exchange Server vary from user to user. Manual data migration is possible, but limits prevent it from being the preferable approach. The Regain Outlook PST converter tool is a powerful program designed for professional’s use. Also, this software comes with 24*7 technical support.

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