How to Fix Missing Sent Items in MS Outlook

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Are you a regular user of Outlook and do you use it to send or receive emails on a regular basis? If yes, you must check your “sent” folder regularly. Because sometimes it can happen that your sent emails as well as attachments aren’t available in that folder.

Basically, whenever you deliver or send an email or attachment to anybody in Outlook, by default it is stored in the sent item folder. But as you have found that some items are missing from the “sent” folder, it means your Outlook has some functional errors. Don’t worry! We will discuss the proper methods for fixing missing sent items in Outlook.

Reasons behind the missing sent items error in Outlook are?

Every error has a unique reason. You must be aware of the reasons that are causing the issue for you. It will definitely help you avoid this error in the future. Here we have added several common reasons why users face issue.

  • Among the most common causes of sent objects not appearing in the sent folder is that you suddenly closed Outlook.
  • Another factor that might cause this issue is the incorrect delivery of the specific item.
  • Whenever the feature to save copies of messages in the sent item directory in Outlook is deactivated,
  • Most likely, the object you were going to send has been removed, and you are seeing the error as a result.
  • Whenever the memory capacity is depleted as a result of outdated and undesired emails

Primary or first-aid methods to fix missing sent items in Outlook

  • Firstly, relaunch your Outlook and check it. If it doesn’t make sense, then restart your device and check if the issue has been solved.
  • If you are running an out-dated version of Outlook, update it to the most recent version.
  • Remove all the old or unwanted emails from your “sent” folder in Outlook.

Top 5 effective methods to fix missing sent items in Outlook

Now we will discuss effective as well as permanent solutions. Keep reading

1st. Change the destination folder or directory of the “sent” folder

After creating or establishing a new directory in which to store supplied items, if your sent emails or texts disappear from Outlook’s sent message directory, you can locate them at this location. To choose an alternate folder, follow the measures outlined below.

  • Start the Outlook program.
  • Press on the “New Email” tab; a different screen will appear; tap on “Options.” Select the “Save Sent Items to” option checkbox. Choose the “Other Folder” choice.
  • How to Fix Missing Sent Items in MS Outlook
  • A new dialog box will open on your display. Select “New.”
  • MS Outlook
  • Again, a new panel will appear. Choose a name for your new directory and the folder objects that you wish to keep in it. And then hit OK.
  • Outlook Folders
  • As a result, a new folder is established in which your sent objects are immediately saved.

2nd. Deactivate the cached exchange feature

Cached Exchange Mode is in charge of providing you with visibility to emails and other operations in Outlook, although when your machine is not linked to the network, it stores such data in OST data format on your device’s hard disk drive.

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Whenever this OST file becomes too large, it leads to corruption of your emails, mailboxes, folders, and so on. To disable cached mode, comply with the steps outlined below.

  • Start the Outlook program. Select the File menu item.
  • Select Account Settings and then go to the “Account Settings” option.
  • Fix Missing Sent Items in MS Outlook
  • Choose the account and then press the “Change” icon.
  • Steps to Repair Missing Sent Items in Outlook
  • Disable the “Use Cached Mode” box in the offline preferences.
  • Exchange Account Setting
  • Reopen the Outlook program to ensure that all modifications are implemented.

3rd. Check mark the “save copies of messages in the sent items folder” option

Whenever you activate the mentioned feature, you have chosen to consistently store a duplicate of any object that you send, such as emails, texts, documents, and so on. To allow saving copies of transmitted objects, follow the actions outlined below:

  • Start the Outlook program.
  • On the top menu, select File. Select Options.
  • How to Fix Missing Sent Items in MS Outlook
  • Select Mail Scroll to the bottom to the Save Messages area, and then to the Store Messages segment. Tick the checkbox to “save copies of messages in the sent items folder,” then hit OK.

4th. Remove unwanted emails from the “sent” folder

It is likely that the Sent Items folder has filled up all of the available storage space. That’s why the Outlook sent items directory is gone. As a result, we recommend that you delete some outdated emails to make room for freshly received emails. The proper measures are as follows:

  • Begin by right-clicking the Sent Items directory and selecting “Properties.”
  • Select the “AutoArchive” option, then “Archive this folder using these parameters.”
  • Change the “Clean out things older than” option to your liking.
  • Missing Sent Items in MS Outlook
  • Next, select “Permanently erase old objects” and press “Apply” > “OK.”

5th. Repair your Outlook profile or PST file

A number of users face missing sent items in Outlook due to the corruption of their Outlook profile or the Outlook data file, which is a PST formatted file. You don’t need to worry. Because Microsoft has provided an in-bulit tool known as scanPST to repair corrupt PST files.

But the tool is just a basic PST repair utility. It can’t solve any critical corruption issues. Therefore, we will suggest using the Regain Outlook PST Repair tool. It is a professional PST repair tool with a simple to use UI and advanced features that is more quick and reliable than any other manual solution.

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