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Excessive data always leads to hectic and unarranged scattering if not appropriately planned. The same applies to emailing and email management if you have many emails. Several times due to unarranged and numerous messy emails, users unknowingly delete an important email and regret it later. Also, a large sized data inversely affects the speed of email clients. In other words, it degrades Outlook’s speed. To handle this situation, Exchange Server has offered an archiving facility for better handling of emails. If you are an Outlook user and have used the prominent archiving facility to manage your data, but now the Exchange Online archive mailbox is not displaying in Outlook, you have landed on the correct post.

In most cases, users store old emails in the archive mailbox, and when needed, they do not find the archive mailbox; hence they trouble a lot. In this blog, we will know how to deal with this issue as it creates panic among users. Also, we will understand some common reasons behind this issue and mitigation of them. Read the blog till the end to resolve the issue of the Exchange Online archive mailbox not displaying in Outlook.

Workarounds for Exchange Online Archive Mailbox is Not Displaying in Outlook Issue:

Solution 1: Verify if Users has Full Access Permission

It is a must that full permission is given by the administrator to the user to access the Archive mailbox of another user. This scenario will apply only when another user is trying to see the primary or archive mailbox. If this is the case with you, follow the steps below to mitigate the Exchange Online archive mailbox is not displaying in Outlook.

  • Open the Exchange Admin Centre and select the recipients from the left pane. Manual way to repair Exchange Online Archive Mailbox is Not Displaying in Outlook
  • Here, you will see three options: Shared, resources, and Mailboxes.
  • As we need to access Mailboxes hence select the Mailboxes. Now make a selection for the particular mailbox for the access.
  • Click on Edit to make changes. Step 2
  • You will prompt to the mailbox properties. The options are Send As, Send on Behalf, and Full Access. Go with the Full Access. Step 3
  • Under full access, select the mailbox of which full access permission is required. Now click on Save to apply changes. Step 4
  • In the end, a confirmation message, “saving completed successfully”, will pop up. Click Ok. Step 5
  • Now, Exchange Online archive mailbox is not displaying in Outlook issue will be resolved if another user tries to see it without permission.

Solution 2: You Must Ensure You Are Using Updated Outlook Versions

If you use an outdated Outlook version, you can also face the issue that the Exchange Online archive mailbox is not displaying in Outlook. You must upgrade your Outlook to the latest version to rectify any problem that persists due to an outdated old version.

 Solution 3: Cross-check for Automatically Detect Settings Option in Web-Browser

One must check for the status of the Automatically Delete Settings Option. If enabled, turn it off to prevent any issues with your account. If enabled, it can cause the Exchange Online archive mailbox is not displaying in Outlook issue. Follow the given steps to disable it from Microsoft Edge:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge Browser. In the upper right corner, there are three dots indicating Settings.
  • Now from the drop-down menu, make the selection for Settings.
  • In the search bar, enter “Proxy Settings”.
  • Here, choose the “Open your computer’s proxy settings” option.
  • Turn it off if you find “Automatically Detect Settings” is enabled.
  • Save the changes.
  • In the end, restart Outlook to see the effect on the Exchange Online archive mailbox not displaying in Outlook issue.

Solution 4: Use a Professional Tool to Handle Archiving Issue

If, after following all the workarounds explained above, you are not able to see and access the Archive mailbox, then you should use any other way to handle a vast number of emails. Instead of saving old and currently not required emails to achieve mailbox, you can keep them in local storage. Outlook PST file format is ideal as it always provides access to archived emails.

Benefits of Achieving Exchange Online Emails in the PST format

  • You will have all your archived data in your local storage hence all-time accessibility without downtime.
  • PST (Personal Storage Table) allows you to open and see the content within it by simply adding it to Outlook.
  • Users can manage the storage in Exchange Online by relocating old emails.
  • PST files are easily portable; data can be easily moved and accessed on any other device.
  • Also, PST files offer password security that adds another layer of protection.
  • The recommended size limit by Microsoft for PST file format is 50 GB; hence it is ideal for saving data.

Professionally Archive Exchange Online Emails to PST file:

If your all motive is to archive Exchange Online emails, then using a professional solution is the best practice. With professional software, you will get multiple user-centric features and effortless as well as errorless processing. For this, we have developed an astounding utility with the advanced algorithm: Regain Office 365 Email Backup Tool. Have a look at what does this tool offer:

  • Users can archive/backup the email data without any limitation on the size.
  • It takes backup of Office 365 /Live Exchange mailbox speedily.
  • Along with the.pst file format, it offers multiple file formats to save email data. E.g. MBOX, MSG, EML and EMLX.
  • Specific selection and archiving of a mailbox is possible; you can easily select and back up a particular mailbox.
  • It backup all folders present within the mailbox. E.g. Notes, Contacts, Calendars, Journals, and Emails.
  • Users can also have a preview of all the folders of the mailbox and their content before migration.
  • The software comes with a user-friendly GUI as it is developed by keeping the user’s needs at the centre of the development process. Because of which, any non-technical user can efficiently execute migration on their own.
  • A trial version of this software is also available to download. You must install and run the tool.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $89

How to Archive Emails into PST File in a Professional Way?

  • Firstly, install and open Regain Office 365 to PST Converter. Regain Office 365 to PST Converter
  • Now, select the Server (for now Office 365) and enter the login details and click on the Connect to the Server.Exchange Online archive mailbox not displaying in Outlook
  • Here, please select the desired mailboxes (you can also customize folder as per the need). Click on the  Next .Step 3
  • Now, you can select the file format you want to archive emails. Here, as per the topic, we will choose the PST file format as the require one. Click on the Next.Step 4
  • Browse the destination location and provide the destination path and click on Next.Exchange Online archive mailbox not displaying in Outlook
  • The backup process will start. You can see the status of the process.Exchange Online archive mailbox not displaying in Outlook

Final Words:

Many Outlook users find that the Exchange Online archive mailbox is not displaying in Outlook. Some checks and workarounds are in this write-up to resolve this issue. If this issue doesn’t resolve after all these efforts, then changing the Archiving process is wise. Archiving in a personal storage table and having data on a local device provides all-time accessibility to users. With the Regain Office 365 Email Backup Tool, this backup process becomes effortless and fast. Additionally, users can also explore the working of this professional tool by installing the demo version that allows processing 30 items per folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the alternative to archive/backup emails if puzzled with Exchange Online archive mailbox is not displaying in Outlook issue?

A. You can take backup of required emails using the professional Regain Office 365 Email Backup Tool. This tool offers customization of the folders/mailboxes and of destination file format.

Q2. What maximum data size can be processed using this Regain Office 365 Email Backup tool?

A. There is no restriction on the data size. You can easily add and back up many mailboxes of any size.

Q3. How this free available demo version is different from the fully licensed version?

A. The free trial version is just a restricted version of the licensed one. The demo version allows processing only 30 items per folder while there is no restriction with the licensed version.

Q4. To whom I should contact if I face Exchange Online archive mailbox not displaying in Outlook issue and need technical support?

A. If you want to archive important mailboxes and need an effortless solution you should contact Regain’s technical support team using live chat/ by writing to or by telephone. Our technical support experts are available round-the-clock to assist you. However, our tools are very easy to use.

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