Perform Exchange Recovery After the Occurrence of “Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store…” Error

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Exchange Server is used extensively across the globe for the world-class services it has to offer. Microsoft offers easy-to-use and ideal email environment for corporate users so that they can communication effortlessly. Exchange Server comprises of Information Store; this acts as the most important part of MS Exchange Server. If any type of corruption in Exchange Server, the Information Store is also affected. Here we read about the Exchange Server error “Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store” and know, how to fix this issue.

Reasons why Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store Error occur

Let’s talk about Information Store first; it expands over four different kinds of database files which are Priv1.edb, Priv1.stm, Pub1.edb and Pub1.stm. Like other database files, these files too are prone to corruption situations. When corruption issues strike Priv1.edb or Pub1.edb then the Exchange administrator will experience a number of symptoms and MS Exchange Information Store service will stop or would decline to initiate.

With the information store failing to start and allowing you to access the data stored in these files. Consequently, the Exchange users find it difficult to continue their communication. MS Exchange Server displays a number of error messages that limit the user to send or receive emails.

However, you can avoid this havoc situation if you have the latest database backup available with you. Usually, administrators in the workplaces keep updating the backups of the Exchange databases in-lieu of these databases. But if you are left with no available backup then the administrator must immediately use the available Exchange recovery solutions to recover Exchange databases. Consider a real-time workplace situation, where you try mounting the mailbox store in Exchange Server and come across the following error message:

“Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store with error c104173c The Information Store is Busy”

The above-mentioned error message appears when there is possible corruption in one or both EDB database files which are Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb of the information store. In order to perform Exchange recovery, follow these steps to ensure your EDB databases are safe:

Run the eseutil/mh command to make sure that the database is in a consistent state or not.

  1. If the result display as ‘Clean Shutdown’ then remove all the log files from the Exchsvrmbddata folder
  2. If the result display as ‘Dirty Shutdown’, then run eseutil/r command to perform soft recovery
  3. If the database fails to come to the consistent state, then run eseutil/p command to perform hard recovery to recover Exchange

Corrupt EDB database files can easily be repair with the above-mentioned commands. However, at a time when Exchange Server database display messages that were in log files and are not related to the Information Store database.

Regain Exchange Recovery Tool for Fixing Error Like “Unable to Mount the Mailbox Store”

In a situation of corruption, the use of professional Exchange Recovery software is ideal as it helps you to recover Exchange databases in even the most severe situations of corruption. In such a situation use Regain Exchange EDB recovery tool to help you perform Exchange recovery from corrupt EDB database and also convert edb to pst file safely so that it comes into a consistent state. Owing to the robust scanning algorithms of this software, you can Recover Exchange data that became inaccessible effortlessly.

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Rely on Exchange recovery software to recover Exchange data that became inaccessible due to Exchange database file corruption. Use of Regain Exchange EDB Recovery tool helps you ensure effective data recovery.

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