A Comprehensive Guide Move Exchange Mailbox Database to New Server

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Summary: Moving your data from one mailbox to another server isn’t easy. You have to download the data from your mailbox and then accordingly, make a backup for transferring the data once again to the new server. It is definitely a confusing process, but here we will discuss some common manual and professional methods to transfer the data to a new server.

In order to protect the data in the Exchange Mailbox, users often think of moving the entire set of data to a new server altogether. This not only creates an additional layer of security but also provides an extra back up. However, moving your mailbox data to a different server is not that easy. It is a complicated process. In this article, we will definitely make an attempt to understand the simple methods to transfer the mailbox data to a new server and get the desired results in a hassle free manner.

Reasons for transferring data from Exchange Mailbox to new server

There are several reasons for transferring data from Exchange Mailbox to a new server. Let us study them one by one.

  • It helps to easily recover the data especially when your original server is corrupt or damaged.
  • It helps to prevent data loss while migrating to a new server.
  • It helps to verify and test if the emails are accessible.

Methods to Restore Exchange Mailbox to a new server

Let us discuss the methods one by one to understand the process of restoring Exchange Mailbox to a new server.

Data portability

Data Portability is the easiest way to transfer data from the old server to a new one. Here are the steps that you need to follow for this process:

  1. Check the database to ensure it is in a Clean Shutdown state. You can perform a soft recovery, to ensure that it is in the Clean Shutdown state. To do so, open the command prompt and run the following command.

    ESEUTIL /R < DatabasePath >

  2. Create a database on the server using the following syntax:

    New-MailboxDatabase -Name < DatabaseName > -Server < ServerName > -EdbFilePath < DatabaseFileNameandPath > -LogFolderPath < LogFilesPath >

  3. Set that ?This database can be overwritten by restore attribute?. To set it, just run the following Exchange Management Shell command:

    Set-MailboxDatabase < Database Name > -AllowFileRestore:$true

  4. Copy the database files such as Exchange Search catalog, .edb files, and log files to the specified database folder on the new server.
  5. Now you will have to mount the database. To mount the database, use the below Exchange Management Shell command:

    Mount-Database ?identity < Database Name >

  6. Enter the following command to move users from the old database to the new:

    Get-Mailbox -Database < SourceDatabase > |where {$_.ObjectClass -NotMatch ?(SystemAttendantMailbox|ExOleDbSystemMailbox)?}| Move-Mailbox -ConfigurationOnly -TargetDatabase < TargetDatabase >

  7. To trigger delivery of any pending message in the queue, use the following syntax:

    Get-Queue < QueueName > | Retry-Queue -Resubmit $true

  8. Now, on successful completion of the Active Directory replication service, you can easily access your Mailbox Database on the new Exchange Server.

However, this method is very complicated and difficult. It isn’t possible for the beginners to execute this coding effectively. We will discuss another method which might be useful for you.

Windows server backup

This is an in built tool of Windows that helps to create backup of the data and transfer the same to a new server. Here are the steps that you need to follow for this.

  1. Open Windows Server Backup and click Recover to start the Recovery Wizard.
  2. Now, you have to choose Another Server from the options available and click Next.
  3. Choose location type and click Next. You can either choose Local drive or a Remote shared folder, depending on the location of your database.
  4. Select the backup date and time for data restoration and click Next.
  5. Select Applications and click Next and then Next again.
  6. Choose Recover to another location and click Browse to specify the location.
  7. Choose the database that you want to restore on the new server.
  8. Review and confirm the restore settings and click Recover.
  9. Once the process is completed, click Close.

Tips for moving the Exchange Database from one Server to another

One needs to remember certain tips that can help to move the data from one server to another. Here are some of them.

  • Always plan the approach that you will have to follow.
  • Manually check if all the files gave been transferred or not.
  • Follow each and every step properly.
  • Monitor the entire process to avoid any failure.

Regain EDB to PST Converter Tool: The best solution to every issue

We have noticed that the methods that have been discussed above are difficult and complicated. There is a great risk of data loss all throughout. But there is nothing to worry about as we have a professional tool. Regain EDB to PST Converter Tool is the best tool that can help you to restore and mount the Exchange Mailbox database from one server to another effortlessly. It allows you to export data to multiple email clients and formats.

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Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Launch Regain EDB to PST Converter Tool. Restore Exchange mailbox to new server using Regain Software
  2. Select the EDB file that you want to export to a new server. Step 2
  3. Click on Cloud Migration option from the bar. Step 3
  4. Select Exchange Server from the drop down menu. Step 4
  5. Provide the credentials and log in. The process of restoration will automatically begin. Step 5


We have shared all the feasible methods with you so that you can restore the data is a hassle free manner to a new server. But if you are looking to minimize your efforts then the professional method would be the best for you.


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