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Exchange Mailbox is a feature in Microsoft Exchange Server. It is a digital storage space for email messages, contacts, calendar items, tasks, and other data. Exchange Mailboxes also provide features such as message rules, message tracking, and mobile access. Exchange Mailbox is a secure and reliable way to manage communications in an organization or business, but sometimes Mailboxes go into quarantine state, which creates trouble for the users. Let’s understand more about Exchange Mailbox quarantine issue.

What is the Exchange Mailbox Quarantine issue?

Unavailability of the mailboxes called Exchange Mailbox Quarantine. Multiple users can connect with Exchange Server at a time. Every user creates a thread with the Mailbox server to ask for the resources constantly. Sometimes these threads freeze for some reason. Start consuming CPU power more than necessary for long periods of time to make those threads work again and it becomes inaccessible. This is called Exchange Mailbox Quarantine.

Why MS Exchange puts Mailbox in a quarantine state?

Microsoft Exchange put a Mailbox in a quarantine state as a security measure to protect the user’s data. The quarantine state usually occurs when Exchange detects suspicious or potentially harmful activity associated with the Mailbox, such as spam messages or a high number of rejected messages. By placing the Mailbox in quarantine, MS Exchange Server can prevent further damage or spread of the issue and allow the administrators to investigate and resolve the problem before restoring normal access to the Mailbox. That’s why Microsoft Exchange puts Mailbox in a quarantine state.

How to recognize that the MS Exchange Server mailbox is quarantined?

There are several ways to recognize the MS Exchange mailbox is in quarantine:

  • A minimum of three threads remain frozen for two hours.
  • A minimum of five threads are freezed for more than 60 seconds.
  • Outlook web access display an error. ‘Something went wrong. Cannot get the information.’ The Mailbox will not send or receive any emails.
  • When someone send an email to you they’ll receive an error “Your Mailbox was not delivered because the recipient’s Mailbox is isolated”.

Solutions to Fix the Exchange Mailbox quarantine issue

To resolve the Mailbox Quarantine issue in MS Exchange Server, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check if a mailbox is in quarantine status: You can check Mailbox in Quarantine state by using this command which is mentioned below, but you use this command in the 2019/2016/2013 Microsoft Exchange.

Get-MailboxStatistics <UserName> | Select DisplayName, IsQuarantined | Format-Table –AutoSize

Enter the name of the Mailbox in the Username field and run the command. If it shows the value of is Quarantine as true, that means Exchange Mailbox is Quarantined. Then follow the next steps.

  1. Find out the Duration of Quarantine: Go to the Registry key and navigate the MailboxQuarantineDurationSeconds to see the total amount of seconds Mailbox stays Quarantined. Now you can wait for the timer to finish or remove the Mailbox from isolation.
  2. Run the Disable-MailboxQuarantine cmdlet: The Disable-MailboxQuarantine cmdlet may be used with the on-premises Exchange Server, and it makes intelligent use of a number of characteristics.

E.g., Disable-MailboxQuarantine –Identity (mailbox-name) -Database (Database-name)

The cmdlet will take the Mailbox out of quarantine so that you may subsequently mount it on the Exchange Server once more. The following list includes some of the cmdlet’s key characteristics :

  • Database- The database parameter will specify the name of the database holding the impacted Mailbox. The name, distinguishing name, and GUID can all be mentioned. Identity- The identity parameter asks for the name of the Mailbox that you want to remove from the quarantine. Any value you can use, like name, email address, GUID, canonical DN, etc.
  • IncludeAllDatabases- This option contains all databases where your Mailbox is in quarantine.
  • IncludeAllMailboxes- This option includes every database-stored quarantined Mailbox.
  • IncludePassive- This will include every inactive Mailboxes.

Resolve Exchange Server Quarantine errors with Regain EDB to PST Converter

Regain EDB to PST Converter is one of the best tools in the game to Resolve Exchange Server errors. This tool turns Exchange EDB files to PST format. By converting EDB to PST, users can access their email data using Microsoft Outlook. Users can do it easily and without any technical knowledge. This tool takes out all items from Exchange EDB files and converts them into a selected email format.

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Converter EDB file into PST format Effortlessly:

  • First of all, Install and open the software.
  • Choose EDB files or start searching EDB files in your system.
  • Click “Start” to proceed EDB file scanning.
  • Preview the Scanned EDB Mailboxes.
  • Click on the “Export” button to save EDB file in different file formats.
  • Choose the “PST” option to export Exchange EDB data into PST file format.
  • Use other options and click on the Export option.

As you can see, Regain EDB to PST converter is very simple to use. Even without technical knowledge person can run a task easily. Let’s know the other features which make this tool more useful.

Software Features:

  • Convert EDB to PST format: Regain EDB to PST Converter tool mainly coded to convert EDB files into PST format. This tool can convert any Exchange variant EDB files.
  • Export EDB file to Multiple Email Formats: It can export EDB files into many other email formats such as MSG, EML, HTML, PDF, etc.
  • No bar on EDB file size: This software is developed with an advanced algorithm that allows it to convert all sizes of EDB files.
  • Filter unwanted data: Using this software, you check the EDB file items to know which file you want to convert into PST format.

The Exchange Mailbox Quarantine issue can be fixed by using both method manual and automatic  tool, but the manual is time-consuming and requires expertise. The manual method has some limitations, but using Regain EDB to PST Converter tool is often the most efficient and user-friendly option. It is available with free demo version.

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    I am using the Outlook WebMail application. Recently, it displayed an error saying that “something went wrong.” Is this the symptom of an Exchange mailbox quarantine issue? I just followed your guide, and somehow it worked.

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