How to Fix Error – MS Outlook is slow to receive emails

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Summary: If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you are not able to receive emails on time, fret not. This comprehensive guide explores both manual and procedural approaches to troubleshoot the ‘MS Outlook is slow to receive emails’ error, offering practical solutions.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of missing emails, whether they arrive late or are inaccessible even after receipt. This critical issue isn’t necessarily tied to MS Outlook; rather, it lies within the server responsible for delivering messages to users. Here, in this blog, we will explore the causes behind this issue and discover effective ways to resolve it quickly.

Understanding the issue

Before we proceed forward, it is essential to understand what the issue is. Whenever an email is sent to your email address before receiving the same in your inbox, multiple back-end processes are happening. This process requires the server to write down the entire email in the form of PST files and store that on a local drive.

However, if your Outlook profile is damaged, there is a great possibility that this process of copying your emails to a PST file will take time. In addition, the information that is copied in PST files will also be fragmented, and the entire file will be damaged. Due to this entire issue, you end up receiving emails very late in your inbox. Now, you would be in the position to realize that the fault is at the back-end and not in the MS Outlook account.

Causes behind the Outlook is slow to receive emails

In addition to having a problem with the server, there are other causes behind this issue as well. Let us discuss them one by one.

Solutions to fix MS Outlook is slow to receive emails issue

There are many solutions to fix this issue of receiving your emails late. Here are the steps for the same.

Check your Hard Drive

When dealing with a damaged hard drive, the process of copying information from received emails to the PST file may be time-consuming. To address bad sectors on the hard drive, execute the CHKDSK command with the /r parameter to identify and resolve any issues and errors on the hard drive. It’s important to consider the likelihood of the PST file itself being damaged in such cases.

Fragment your Hard Drive

If you’ve been utilizing the same hard drive over an extended period, it’s advisable to defragment it. This ensures that emails aren’t concentrated in a single location but are instead distributed across multiple segments of the hard drive.

Compact the size of PST files

Compacting the size of the PST file can be a great way of solving this issue. Here is what you have to do to compact or reduce the size of PST files.

  1. Go to MS Outlook.
  2. Right-click on Personal Folder or Outlook PST
  3. Click on Properties and then go to Advanced. Compact the size of PST files to fix MS Outlook is slow to receive emails error
  4. Check Compress contents to save the disk space box and click on OK. Outlook is slow to receive emails

Disable faulty add-ins

An incompatible or faulty Add-In may also be the reason why you are not able to receive and load your emails on time. Follow these steps to identify the problematic Add-In and either disable or uninstall it.

  1. Navigate to MS Outlook Options and access Add-ins.
  2. Proceed to File, then select Manage COM Add-Ins. This action opens a dialogue box displaying all installed add-ins.
  3. Disable the add-ins by unchecking their respective names.

Repair PST with the help of the inbuilt tool

You can also repair the PST files with the help of the inbuilt repair tool. SCANPST. EXE is the best tool for repairing faulty PST files. Here are the steps that you will have to follow.

  1. Search for the SCANPST.EXE tool in your Windows Directory. Repair PST with the help of the inbuilt tool
  2. Browse the PST files that you want to repair.
  3. The tool will begin scanning the files.
  4. If there are any issues, then a Repair option will appear. Click on the same. Optimize Your MS Outlook Settings for Faster Email Retrieval

Regain PST Repair tool: A professional solution to every problem

We’ve explored various methods to resolve this issue. If none of them delivers satisfactory results, we recommend trying the Regain PST Repair tool. This professional tool is designed to repair damaged and corrupt files effortlessly. Whether dealing with permanently deleted, encrypted, or trojan-affected files, this tool excels in data recovery.

It reduces the risk of data loss while preserving the data structure. The tool facilitates importing files into various formats, including PDF, HTML, EML, DOC, and more. Boasting a user-friendly interface, it is particularly suitable for beginners. This tool stands out as the optimal solution for effortlessly overcoming any issue.

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All these methods are highly effective in achieving the desired outcome. They make sure that you receive emails on time. However, for a swift resolution, the professional tool stands out as the optimal choice. Don’t hesitate – proceed with any of these methods to enhance your email experience.

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