How to Resolve Stuck Offline Mode Issue in Outlook?

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Microsoft Outlook is a professional email program that has been adopted by countless enterprises and businesses. Because of its widespread use, it is nearly at the pinnacle of recognition. Users expect Outlook to perform properly because it is a commonly used email client. While working on Outlook, several users have encountered difficulties, such as Outlook being stuck in offline mode.

When user is using MS Outlook, this situation is relatively infrequent. However, when this occurs, they are unable to rejoin or receive an email. When they attempt to restart Outlook or their internet connection, it no longer follows former procedure.

As usual, there are some valid reasons why the issue occurs. In this article, we will discuss those reasons and possible ways to resolve Outlook Stuck Offline Mode Issue.

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Possible factors for Stuck Offline Mode Issue in Outlook

Outlook may become stopped in offline mode for one or multiple of reasons listed below. Check them so you can figure out why you’re having the issue.

  1. Most of time, the issue is the source of your poor Internet access. As a result, Outlook may show the status as “Working Offline” or “Disconnected.” Until the network is restored, Outlook may stay in offline mode.
  2. This issue might be caused by Outlook Profile corruption. A damaged Outlook profile might prohibit Outlook from approving and accessing the mail server, resulting in Outlook being locked in offline mode.
  3. The error might potentially be caused by an issue with your mail server. While the mail server is unavailable owing to technical or other reasons, Outlook may find it difficult to connect and show the status “disconnected.” This shows that the internet connection is operational, but Outlook is unable to access the mailbox server.
  4. Account setup issues may also prohibit Outlook from accessing the mail server, which results in being stuck in offline mode.

Effectively Resolve Stuck Offline Mode Issue in Outlook

There are multiple solutions to resolve the issue. Below, we have discussed the most recent and effective solutions.

Solution 1: Reset the working offline mode and re-connect

Outlook has a “Work Offline” feature under the “SEND/RECEIVE” tab. To re-establish or reset the work offline mode and reattach to the Exchange or mailbox server, select the “Work Offline” feature.

How to Resolve Stuck Offline Mode Issue in Outlook?

Analyze the status. It should reconnect to the server and show the status Connected: Exchange Server or anything similar in the status panel. If not, verify your connection to the internet and try again.

Solution 2: Try running Outlook in Safe Mode

Because it prohibits any add-in from messing with regular Outlook activities, Outlook Safe Mode can assist in troubleshooting and resolving the Outlook stuck in offline mode issue. If you don’t know how to run Outlook in safe mode, then the steps are as follows:

  1. Firstly, close the Outlook application.
  2. Then execute the run command (click the Windows+R keys), then type in Outlook.exe/safe and press the “Enter” key. As a result of this, Outlook will be launched in safe mode. Manual steps to repair 'Stuck Offline Mode Issue in Outlook'
  3. Next, hit the Send/Receive option. Lastly, look at the status bar. It should go from offline to online mode.

Solution 3: Check for the most recent updates

Updates can sometimes cause problems with the apps installed on the Windows operating system. As a result, if there are any ongoing updates for Microsoft Office or Outlook, you must seek them out and apply them.

Furthermore, if the problem persists after applying the updates, rollback or remove the updates and restart Outlook.

Solution 4: Recreate your profile or create a new one

Sometimes, the issue can occur due to a wrong profile setup. In this situation, you may also want to build a fresh Outlook profile to resolve the Outlook stuck in offline mode problem. The procedure is as follows:

  1. In Outlook, hit the File tab > then go to the Account Settings > then click on Manage Profiles.
  2. Then press on the “show profiles” option and afterwards the “add” option.
  3. For now, we have entered Outlook. Hit OK after entering the profile name.Steps to fix 'Stuck Offline Mode Issue in Outlook' issue

You may now change profiles by going to File > Account Settings > Change Profile. This will shut off Outlook. Restart it, and then select the new profile name from the drop-down options list.

Solution 5: Recreate or repair the OST file

There might potentially be a problem with your Outlook OST file. It has potential to prevent Outlook from accessing and syncing mailbox items with mailbox server. This also plays a significant role in causing Outlook to remain stuck in offline mode.

You may have the opportunity to rebuild the OST file in Outlook. To reconstruct the OST files, perform the procedures mentioned below:

  1. Start Outlook and navigate to the File menu, then Account Settings, and finally the Data Files option.
  2. Choose the Outlook profile and then click the “Open file location” button. How to fix 'Stuck Offline Mode Issue in Outlook'
  3. Exit Outlook after copying the OST file to a safe location.
  4. Next, delete the OST file and relaunch your Outlook program.
  5. This procedure will reconstruct the new OST file as well as resolve the Outlook offline difficulties. All emails on the server are also synced.

However, if you find the above manual process critical for you and fail to recreate OST file, or if you have any important items in that OST file, then you can convert it to PST format and easily make it comfortable for online use.

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For this purpose, the Regain OST Recovery software can assist you. It is designed specifically to repair corrupt OST files and convert OST files to functional Outlook PST files. It is embedded with lots of features, to know more about OST Recovery tool vist our product page.


In this blog, we discuss in detail Outlook error as Outlook stuck in offline mode. This error restricts the user sending or Receiving new emails. Our main object in writing this article is to resolve this error manual way. Here we explain some manual solutions to fix this issue. But sometimes manual methods is not sufficient to fix the issue. In that case, you can try Regain OST Recovery tool. This tool repairs corrupt OST files in just a few clicks. It does not require any technical skill to fix OST files. This software allows you to save Repaired OST files in many other email formats. mode.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does Regain OST Recovery help me to fix Outlook Stuck in Offline Mode issue?
A. In this blog, we will explain all possible manual solutions if all of these methods do not work. Then there is a chance your OST file is corrupted. Our Regain OST Recovery tool easily repairs the OST file and saved it in a working mode which you can sync it easily.

Q. How to Switch Outlook from Working Offline to Online?
A. Various reasons people prefer to work offline and complete the task then go Online. Here is the blog post which describes in detail: Switch Outlook Working Offline to Online

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