8 Ways to Fix Attachments Not Showing in Outlook Error

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Attachments are an integral part of emailing. We all are well versed with the attachment facility that helps to send and receive documents, files, and other supporting elements with the emails. On a daily basis, we get several quotations, work PDFs, word files, and other essential documents through attachments hence we know how important it is. Along with other email clients, Outlook also offers an attachment facility but the problem starts when Outlook stops showing attachments. This issue becomes more severe when our professional life gets inversely affected hence there is a need to fix attachments not showing in Outlook issue in an utmost manner.

Here, in this write-up, we will cover all the aspects of this issue. We will start from the probable reasons to the fixes of this issue. Be with the blog, and resolve attachments in Outlook not showing issues in a few clicks.

 Some Probable Reasons for Attachments Not Showing in MS Outlook

  • App Settings and synchronization issues in the Outlook.
  • Poor network connectivity and overloaded internet connection also cause the failure in loading the attachments.
  • One common reason is the disabled preview option in Outlook.
  • Outlook add-ins.
  • In-compatibility with files.
  • Outdated Outlook version.
  • Corrupt Outlook data storage files.

Workarounds to fix the Outlook Attachments Not Showing

After knowing the reasons that can cause attachment issues in Outlook, next the most important step is to know about the fixes. Below, I have mentioned All the possible workarounds to solve this issue and get rid of this issue. Before moving further, the first step is to cross-check whether the sender has sent the attachments or not. Sometimes, attachments fail to load at the sender’s end and without knowing the root cause, we start finding errors in our Outlook email account. If you have cross-checked and are satisfied that the issue is in your email client (Outlook) then try the below-given workarounds and manual methods:

1. Update Outlook

The first thing that you should do at your end is to update Outlook if you are using an old or outdated Outlook version. With the old Outlook versions, compatibility issue is a common thing and compatibility issue causes minor problems like attachments not showing in Outlook because of which users suffer a lot.

Follow the steps to update Outlook:

  • Open the Outlook >> click on the File tab.
  • Click on the Office account >> update options.
  • Then click on the Update Now

If you are using a very old version of Outlook, then:

  • Open Outlook >> File >> Help.
  • Click on the Check for Updates.

2. Check the Attachments Settings

To fix Outlook not showing attachments, it is a must to check attachments handling settings. Follow the below-given steps:

  • Open the MS Outlook and click on the File tab.
  • From the left pane, select the “Options”.
  • Again, from the left pane select the Trust Centre >> Trust Centre Settings.
  • Now, by clicking the attachment handling tab, uncheck the “Turn off Attachment Preview”.Check the Attachments Settings to fix not showing issue
  • By clicking the Attachments and Documents Previewers, must cross-check that all five previewers are checked.Outlook attachment issue

In the end, restart MS Outlook and confirm if the problem is resolved or not.

3. Delete Outlook Cache Files

Clearing Outlook cache files also helps if the problem is due to the presence of a corrupt Outlook cache. It prevents Outlook from running normally; hence, clearing them is a must to do a workaround.

  • First, close Outlook if the application is running.
  • Now, press Windows+ R, and the dialog box with open that asks you to enter the program location.
  • Type: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and click OK. Delete Outlook Cache Files to Fix Outlook attachment not showing error
  • You can open and view the cache files by clicking right on the RoamCache. It is suggested to keep a backup of the cache files (Move it to another location as a precaution).step 4
  • Delete all cache files using the right-click and moreover confirm the deletion by clicking the Yes.

4. Remove Outlook Add-Ins

  • Open the Outlook.
  • Click on the Read >> Options >> Add-ins.
  • Next to the Manage section, select “COM Add-ins.”Outlook attachments issue
  • After this, click on the Go. Must un-check all other add-ins.attachment not showing
  • When all is done, you must click on the

5. Disable Antivirus Programs

We all know that Antivirus programs also create an issue with the synchronization and sometimes in the running apps. So, by disabling the Antivirus for some time, you must cross-check if it is blocking legitimate files and creating attachments not showing in Outlook error. Must enable Antivirus when your task completes.

6. Is Outlook Blocking Your File’s Format

Outlook has many security checks, and file format is also one of the checks. Outlook blocks many file formats, finding possible threats. Some of the common file formats that Outlook blocks are CAB, CMD, JAR, MSI, and REG. If you also have such file formats that you are attaching, then you must try converting to other file formats that Outlook does not block.

7. Must have a Stable Connection

A stable and interrupted internet connection is a must for uploading/downloading data. Moreover, if an attachment, if it is large, needs a stable internet connection. Be assured that you should have an internet connection with no breakages.

8. Still Getting Error: PST File is Corrupted!

If, after trying all the above-given workarounds, you are getting attachments not showing in Outlook error, then it indicates the PST file is corrupted. Corrupted PST file is a crucial factor behind many Outlook errors, and attachment error is also one of them. So, it is essential to repair PST files.

The best part about this; we have a simple yet very effective utility. The tool is called Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool. It repairs PST files within a few clicks and offers many user-friendly advantages. Some of them are:

  • It can repair severe corrupted/damaged/inaccessible Outlook PST files.
  • You can convert and save data in several file formats like EML, MBOX, EMLX, vCal, and vCard file formats.
  • It recovers all items within the file formats like attachments, contacts, calendars, notes, and many others.
  • You get a preview of the items after recovery before saving.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Outlook and Windows OS.
  • You can also migrate repaired PST files to Gmail, Office 365, Live Exchange Server, and others.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

 How to Repair PST File in A Few Steps:

  • Install and open the Regain Outlook PST Recovery Software.attachment not showing in Outlook
  • Select the corrupt PST files and click on Open.Step 2
  • You will get a preview of the items within the files.Step 3
  • Now, provide a destination path to save the resultant files. Also, must select the file format in which you want to save. If you only want to save in the PST file, then you can also set the PST file size to manage size and prevent further corruption.Step 4

Final Words:

Attachments not showing in Outlook is a very frustrating error and, in many scenarios, inversely affects it. Several manual methods are explained in this write-up, but these manual methods are not a guarantee of resolution. If the above given manual methods don’t help, then we must try to repair PST file format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Attachments not showing in Outlook error be due to corrupted Outlook data storage files?

Ans: Yes, corrupted Outlook data storage files, i.e., PST files, are a probable cause of the same. So, must repair the PST file if you are frequently getting attachment errors in Outlook.

Q2. Can I directly move to repair PST files if I encounter an attachment issue?

Ans. If you are trying to fix Unable to Open Outlook Attachments error, then you must start with conforming the sent status of attachments, then network stability, and then check for the PST status and repair it.

Q3. Can I check the Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool before purchasing the license?

Ans. Yes. You can download and install the free demo version of the software. Moreover; it is just a limited version of the licensed version that proceeds 30 items per folder. There are no such limitations with the licensed version. In working both are same.


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