The Ultimate Guide to Download All Attachments from Gmail

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This write-up will explain the available ways to download all attachments from Gmail; read the blog till the end to get a better gist of the complete process. We know that to lighten the email size or to make a unique appearance to the receiver, all email users send data, including many file formats, as an attachment. An attachment carries crucial data, including one or many files. Users also send multiple files making it a Zip file or any other compressed file format. In many scenarios, users need attachments with utmost priority.

To download all attachments a once is one of the most common searched queries of tho downloading all attachments becomes a wiser decision. However, it keeps all attachments in one place and makes searching for an attachment in no time.  This write-up will explain the available ways to download all attachments from Gmail; read the blog till the end to get a better gist of the complete process.

What options do we have to download all attachments from Gmail?

The search for the best suitable options is obvious, so numerous users search for the same on all platforms.  Simply, we can categorize the methods to download all attachments from Gmail into two categories. One uses the manual method, and the other uses a professional third-party tool. Let’s know about both in detail:

Manual Way: Using Google Takeout Facility of Google

  • To use Google Takeout, firstly, visit and then enter into your Gmail account by providing the login details.
  • As our task is to download the attachments, we will check only the box for the Mail. It will download messages and attachments in. mbox file format. and attachments in. mbox file format. Gmail Selection to Download
  • Must uncheck all other apps and go with the Next step.
  • Now select the Frequency (for now, we will move with the “Export Once.”

set Gmail attachments download frequency

  • Select the size and the type of file in which data will be saved. Finally, click on Create Export.

To save attachments click create export

  • Now, you can see the export progress that shows that Google is creating a copy of files from Mail. You may have to wait for the same, and you will be notified when your export data is ready.
  • As per our input for the resultant file type, our zip file is ready for download. Click on the Download button to start downloading all Gmail attachments.
  • In the end, extract the ZIP file, and you will get all your downloaded attachments in the MBOX file format.

 Limitations and Demerits of Google Takeout:

Some limitations are also associated with Google Takeout, which every professional should know. Some of them are listed below:

  • There are limitations with the backup in terms of taking backup. Google Takeout allows 3 backups per day and seven times a week. However, this limitation is subject to change, but it is.
  • Being a manual process, if a user tries to download all attachments from Gmail, then being technically sound is the first condition. For non-technical users downloading attachments is like walking on eggshells.
  • There is also a limitation of size with Google Takeout. It permits a backup of only 50 GB a day.
  • Some users have also faced the issue of failing to download even if it shows 100% completion.
  • Google Takeout doesn’t back up the files shared with the user.

What Option Professionals Have to Download All Attachments from Gmail?

Professionals always search for an effortless and efficient solution and Regain Software offers it to users. Here are some of the highlighted features of this utility:

  • There are no limitations with size and attempts to download data from Gmail. In other words, users can download data of any size and multiple times without any restrictions.
  • The user interface of this tool is very user-friendly; hence any non-technical user without any complexity can efficiently execute the process on their own.
  • Users also get free lifetime technical support with this professional tool if needed. Having real-time technical support makes the process much easier for professionals.
  • This tool offers multiple file formats to download all attachments from Gmail. Some of the available file formats are PST, MBOX, EML, HTML, and PDF.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

Simple Steps to Download Gmail Items Using Regain Gmail Backup Tool:

  • Firstly, install and open the Regain Gmail Backup Tool.Backup Gmail Attachments using Regain Gmail Backup tool
  • Now, provide the login details of Gmail like email address, password et cetera. Click on the Next.Step 2
  • The tool will show a preview of all the folders present in the particular account. Here, users can also filter out the other folders by unchecking them. Proceed by clicking Next.Step 3
  • Here, you will get the option for the resultant file format in which Gmail data will be saved. For now, we will select the PST file format. To continue, press the Next button.Step 4
  • The backup process will start and sooner you will get all your selected data in the PST file format.Step 5

So, this is how you can download all your attachments from Gmail using a professional tool in a few clicks.

Wrapping Up:

This blog covered all the possible dimensions to download all attachments from Gmail. For the same, the Google Takeout method is available and explained in this write-up, but this method has some limitations that are also mentioned. Professionals don’t want to hustle with the technicalities and search for an effortless way for the same, and here, the professional third party comes to ease the process. A free demo version of Regain Gmail Backup Tool is also available to download which processes thirty items per folder.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques: Is there any limitation with the Regain Software in downloading the Gmail items as Google Takeout has a restriction of 50 GB/day?

Ans: No. There is no restriction on downloading Gmail items with the Regain Software. However, Google Takeout has 50GB/ day as well as 3 backups per day restrictions.


Quest: In which file format this professional utility by Regain will download all attachments from Gmail?
Ans: This professional utility offers multiple file formats to save Gmail data. Some of the common file formats are PST, MBOX, PDF, and EML. Users can simply select the file format as per their needs.


Quest: Will I get any technical support with the Regain Gmail Backup Tool?
Ans: Yes. Regain Software provides lifetime technical support with its products. Our technical support executives are 24*7 available to assist you. If you are unable to download all Gmail attachments then feel free to contact us via live chat/email at or by telephone.

Quest: I tried the demo version of Regain Gmail Backup Tool and I am impressed; how can I upgrade to the full version?

Ans: Simply, go to the buy page and select the license that you want to purchase. After purchasing, you will get licensing details that you have to provide in the Activate Software section available on each screen of the software. However, if you need any assistance regarding the purchase and upgradation of the license; feel free to contact us.

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