2 Verified Methods to Export Outlook Calendar to Office 365

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There are a lot of queries for the way to export Outlook Calendar to Office 365. We know that Calendar plays an important role in our professional life as it is an integral part of scheduling meetings and remaindering events. Many advanced email clients offer calendaring with emailing, and Outlook is one of the prominent email clients.  Past migration trends are showing that migration toward Office 365 has boomed, and many factors are responsible for this.

Advanced features of Office 365 and multiple offerings in a single platform are attracting users; accessibility from anywhere is an obvious reason. Considering all the advantages users are migrating toward Office 365, and Outlook users are in large numbers. And for the same, there is a search for a way to export Calendar to Office 365. If you have landed on this page, it shows the topic of the blog matches your queries. Read the blog till the end to learn a way to export Outlook Calendar to Office 365.

So, how to Export Outlook Calendar to Office 365?

Here, a complete exporting process is mentioned in this post. There are two approaches for this export, including a manual approach and another professional approach.

Manual Method for Exporting Outlook Calendar to O365:

  • First, Open your Outlook application.
  • Go to Calendar.Manual steps to Export Outlook Calendar to Office 365
  • Then move to the File tab and select “Save Calendar”.Save calendar to ICS
  • Here, you can save the calendar data on your local disk. The data will be saved in the .ics file format; you must give a name to the file. Click on the Save.step 4
  • By following the above steps, you have now saved your Outlook calendar in your system. Now next step is to export Outlook Calendar to Office 365.

Export .ICS to Office 365:

  • Log in to your Office 365 Account.Sign In Office 365
  • Click on the Calendar option present on the Office 365 interface.Calendar to Office 365 export
  • At the bottom of the left pane, there is an option “Discover Calendar”; click on it.step 3
  • Under “Import Calendar”, select “from file”.Import file to Office
  • Now, using the “Browse” button, import the .ics file to Office 365.step 5
  • Click the Import.Import to Office 365
  • After the completion of the import process, you will be notified.

Is It the Only Way?

Importing Calendar to the system and then exporting to Office 365 by following the technical step is a manual method. It asks for prior technical knowledge and some compromise with the migration. The manual way is okay if you have very few calendar items and you have enough time to manually export to Office 365. Also, there is no guarantee of successful migration.

For professionals, software developers have developed advanced tools to provide a quick and efficient migration. Regain Software offers an advanced utility named the Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool. This utility offers smooth and error-less processing with several user-centric features:

  • Users can add multiple Outlook Personal Storage Table files (PST files) without any restriction of size and simply export Outlook calendar to Office 365.
  • Including calendars, users can also migrate emails, contacts, attachments, and all other attributes of Outlook emails.
  • Along with exporting to Office 365, it is also capable of exporting to Exchange Server.
  • Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool properly maintains the folder hierarchy and meta properties.
  • Before exporting a Calendar to Office 365, this tool also provides a preview of the content present within it. Users can simply cross-check and then move to exporting.
  • A free demo version of this utility is also available to download, which allows migrating before purchasing the license.
  • Users also get free technical support with the Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool.

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Export Outlook Calendar to Office 365 Using Regain Software

Follow the simple below-mentioned steps to migrate PST to Office 365 in a professional manner:

  • Install and open the Regain PST to Office 365 Migration Tool.
  • Here, must make the selection for the PST file format in which the Calendar items are saved. Options to add PST files are given at the left pane.Export Outlook To Office 365
  • Now, make a connection with Office 365 by entering the required credentials.Exporting Outlook Calendar to Office 365
  • Click on Connect and select Office 365 as the Server Type. Enter the asked credentials and log in.
  • After connecting, Start Importing and your Calendar from Outlook PST file will migrate to Office 365.

Over to You!

Calendar is an integral part of the Outlook email client, and all users use Calendar to save entries and events and schedule important meetings. The Calendar plays an important role in professional life; hence, if you are migrating to Office 365, then two ways are described in the write-up. Regain PST to Office 365 Migration is a perfect tool that professionals use for this task. It also provides a free trial version as well as free technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. In what file format will I get my calendar items if I use Outlook to import them into my local storage device?

Ans. You will get your Calendar data in the ICS file format if you use Outlook to save the Calendar.

Q2. Will my past entries in the Calendar also reflect in Office 365 after exporting?

Ans. Yes. You will get calendar entries as it was in Outlook; no alteration will happen to calendar entries if you export Outlook calendar to Office 365 using Regain Software.

Q3. Can I migrate Outlook contacts to Office 365 along with the Outlook Calendar?

Ans. This utility migrates all the items present within the PST file; hence can easily migrate Calendar, Contacts, and Emails items.

Q4. I have calendar data stored in .pst file format, and that is of Outlook 10; can I also migrate using this professional software?

Ans. Doesn’t matter if your PST file is of the 2010 Outlook version. The software is compatible with all kinds of PST types.


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