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In Microsoft Outlook, do you need help getting rid of duplicates? Looking for the best duplicates in MS Outlook removal tools? If you want to reduce your storage footprint by getting rid of duplicates, the information in this article will point you in the direction of the best Outlook Duplicate Remover tool available.

What are duplicates in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook duplicates refer to copies of email messages stored in MS Outlook. In most cases, MS Outlook is responsible for archiving your emails and any attachments they may have. Depending on your preferences, a copy of the message is created and saved in your inbox on your device each time you send or receive an email. Inevitably, this will take up space on your device that you don’t need to give up. Among the many consequences of this is an increase in the need for storage space and the likelihood of confusion while sorting genuine communications from duplicates.

MS Outlook duplicates can be eliminate with the help of an Outlook duplicate remover tool and by adjusting the relevant account settings. Let’s take a look at the best Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool out there.

  1. Regain Outlook Duplicate remover tool

If you need to eliminate duplicates in MS Outlook, go no further than Regain, the industry standard, and most popular Outlook duplication remover tool. Its primary benefit is that it eliminates duplicates in a wide variety of Outlook data types in addition to emails, including contacts, tasks, notes, and more.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29


  • Its size is not a constraint. This software can remove duplicates from PST files of any size.
  • Also, it can remove duplicate emails, contacts, notes, tasks, and more.
  • The tool doesn’t require the installation of Microsoft Outlook.
  • It is safe to use and provides a simple method to remove the duplicates
  • With this tool, you can remove duplicates within and across the folders
  • The software supports both ANSI and Unicode PST files
  • It can remove duplicates without installing the MS Outlook
  • Last but not least, the tool can remove duplicate items even from password-protected PST files.


If you’re concerned about the tool, you can download a free trial version of this best Outlook Duplicate Remover tool.

You should get a license for the software if you wish to maximize its potential and ensure its longevity. There are three pricing tiers for this Regain outlook duplicates removal tool:

  • Home license- $29 one year for 2 systems.
  • Corporate license- $99 for a lifetime and multiple systems
  • Technician License- $199
  1. Kernel Outlook Duplicate remover tool

One of the greatest programs to use if you want to eliminate duplicates in MS Outlook is called Kernel for Outlook Duplicates. Using a set of criteria can eliminate MS Outlook’s duplicates. First, we’ll examine what functions the kernel program will offer when the redundant data has been purged.

  • By comparing the sender name, recipient name, date, and time of sending, it will find the duplicates
  • Remove Outlook duplicates instantly
  • Save or Resume the removal of duplicates once found
  • Remove the duplicates based on the given period, i.e., week, day, or year.
  • You can eliminate duplicate messages in MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2007, and beyond.


If you’re interested in trying the program, download a trial version for free. However, only 10 duplicates can be deleted from the folder, and the feature expires after 30 days. If you purchase the software, you can use it forever to eliminate as many duplicates as you like. Costs for the various versions of this software are as follows:

  • Home license – $79
  • Corporate one-year license – $99
  • Corporate lifetime license – $199
  • Technician license – $249
  • Technician lifetime license – $349
  1. Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover tool

Stellar is a popular multi-tool for Microsoft Outlook and is popular for its high quality. Stellar’s product lineup includes the MS Outlook version of their duplication software, called Stellar Outlook Duplicate Remover. Let’s look at what the Stellar software offers as a duplicate remover.


  • With this, you can pick and efficiently delete duplicate messages from all of the mailboxes associated with your MS Outlook account.
  • Duplicate items can be deleted, marked as expired, permanently removed, etc., from the list of available actions when duplicates are identified. The duplicates are at your disposal for whatever use you see fit.
  • Its user-friendly interface and intuitive structure put you at ease during the duplication-removal process.
  • This program will sort your inbox for duplicates within the specified time frame. Using the available filters, you can collect and sort duplicate messages from the last day, last two days, last week, last month, last 100 days, last year, any time, etc.
  • A log report can be produce while it is eliminating duplicates. The whole story can be found in that log report.
  • It can efficiently eliminate duplicate emails by selecting them from anywhere and everywhere they may be stored.
  • The duplicates can be filtered in various ways, including by sender, time, date, subject, content, and attachment files.


It’s possible to test the software’s features and performance with a free download. It’s available for pre-purchase download. If you like the program and want more features, you can buy it and pick a subscription plan that suits your needs.

  • Small Office/Home Office Software: $20 for One System and One Year
  1. SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover tool

The SysTools Outlook duplication remover is a highly maintain software that facilitates efficient Outlook usage. It has the potential to be an efficient and reliable duplicate remover for Microsoft Outlook. Let’s examine the benefits of using SysTools Outlook’s duplicate removal software.


  • Options to select a category and also unwanted categories can be excluded.
  • Delete the redundant data items from the MS Outlook mailbox
  • Support to remove the duplicates without the need for MS Outlook
  • Pull out all duplicates from the multiple PST files and then delete those effectively.
  • Based on the multiple PST files to be processed, the software will identify and delete all duplicates in each file.


It comes in two different variations. Outlook Duplicates Remover is available in two distinct forms: either as a standalone program or as part of a suite that includes Outlook Recovery and PST Password Remover. Again, depending on the user’s needs, they can purchase the tool in one of three different Outlook Duplicate removal licensing types.

  • Personal License- $29
  • Business License- $99
  • Enterprise License- $299
  1. Aryson Duplicate Remover for Outlook

Aryson Outlook Duplicate Remover tool will eliminate all your duplicate Outlook data, such as emails, contacts, tasks, notes, and more. As a tool to eliminate duplicates in Outlook, it offers many useful functions. That’s what


  • Removes duplicates from a single file or a batch of files.
  • Allows you to search for duplicates and replicas across PST efficiently
  • Lets you choose a date range from which to delete duplicates
  • It supports all versions of MS Outlook, including 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and more
  • It creates a new PST file after removing the duplicate items.


We offer a fully functional, fully featured, fully functional demo for your evaluation. However, this free edition allows you to eliminate duplicates up to 25 times. So, the purchasing strategies to eliminate even more copies are

  • Single license (for 1 year)- $29
  • Technician license (for a lifetime)- $99
  • Corporate license (for a lifetime)- $199

Users frequently yell and become frantic when there are redundant pieces of information in MS Outlook profile. This blog describes the top 5 Outlook Duplicate Email Removers to address this problem immediately. Compared to the other products mentioned above, Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover tool comes out on top regarding speed, efficiency, dependability, and value for money. The only reason for this is its superior distinctive features and user-friendly design.

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