Unable to Verify Server’s Identity on Apple Mail – 8 Easy Fixes!

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As an Apple user, we expect a smooth experience that allows us to work on different applications seamlessly. But even the mightiest warriors can face unexpected challenges. One common challenge that most Apple users face is the “Unable to verify server’s identity” error on Apple Mail. This blog is dedicated to helping you understand and implement solutions to resolve this error yourself.

What this blog has to offer:

What does the “Unable to Verify Server’s Identity” error mean?

Before trying fixations, it is crucial to understand what this “unable to verify the identity of the server” error means.

When you see this error in Apple Mail, it means your device is trying to establish a connection with your email server, but it can’t confirm that the server is legitimate and secure.

Several reasons can lead to this error. We will discuss them in the next section. But the good news is that it has some easy fixation that you can implement without having a technical background.

Why Are You Seeing This Warning in Apple Mail?

Unable to verify the server’s identity error can happen for several reasons. Let’s discuss them first before moving on to 8 easy fixations.

  1. Mismatched SSL Certifications: This is the most common reason for this error. Sometimes, the SSL certificate on the email server and the information Apple Mail expects are mismatched. Due to this, Apple Mail won’t trust the server and refuse the connection.
  2. Software is Outdated: Sometimes, your device operating software or the Apple Mail application needs to be updated. In this case, it might not recognize the newer SSL certificates or security protocols and fail to verify the server identity.
  3. Server Settings are Incorrect: Apple Mail got confused if there is any typing error or misinformation in your email account settings. It results in an “unable to verify the identity of the server” error.
  4. Malicious Activity or Network Connectivity Issues: In rare cases, Apple Mail can’t verify the identity of the server due to these reasons. Temporary network drop or disruption can be a reason. In some instances, phishing attempts or malicious attacks try to make the connection with an insecure server that Apple Mail can’t confirm as a legitimate and secure server.

Due to any of the above reasons, your Apple Mail failed to verify the server certificate. In the next section, you will get the 8 easy fixations to eliminate this error. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into the solution.

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Unable to Verify Server’s Identity – 8 Easy Fixes You Can Try

From basic settings adjustments to certification troubleshooting, we have categorized the fixation into three stages. You can implement these stages one by one for quick and effective results.

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Stage 1 – Basic Setting Checks

The first three fixations belong to this stage, where you can check and adjust your device and carrier settings. Sometimes, these basic adjustments can fix the “unable to verify server’s identity” in Apple Mail.

Solution 1: Restart Your Mac System

First, ensure that you have saved the open files, remove all external storage devices, and quit every application before restarting your Mac device.

  • Click on the Apple menu.
  • Select the Restart option.
  • Now, check the “Reopen windows when logging back in” option.
  • A timer countdown begins, or you can click on Restart again to start the process immediately.

Solution 2: Update macOS to the Latest Version

You can check and install updates manually on your Mac by following the below steps.

  • Click on the Apple menu.
  • Now, select System Settings and click on the General option.
  • After that, you can click on the Software Update.
  • You can also change settings for Automatic updates from the Info button.

Solution 3: Check and Update Carrier Settings

If you encounter the Unable to verify the identity of the server error in your iPhone or iPad, you must check and update carrier settings by following these steps:

  • Ensure your device is connected to a Wi-fi or cellular network.
  • Now, go to device Settings and choose the General option.
  • After that, select About and check for any updates available.
  • If yes, then follow the onscreen instructions.

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Stage 2 – Troubleshoot the Mail Application

The following three solutions help you troubleshoot the mail application to fix the “Unable to verify server’s identity” error.

Solution 4: Perform the Force Quit Apple Mail

Sometimes, the problem is with your Apple Mail application. Therefore, you need to perform the force quit and restart the application.

  • Press three keys together: Command-Option-Esc button.
  • It brings the Force Quit menu.
  • Select Mail from the list and click the Force Quit button.
  • At last, click Force Quit again to confirm the action.

Solution 5: Remove and Re-Add Email Account

  • Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • Click on Internet Accounts.
  • Now, select the email account that you want to remove.
  • Click the (-) button and confirm that you want to remove this account from the Mail application.
  • Now, open the Mail app.
  • It will ask you to Add an Account. If another email account has already been added, select the Mail option and click Add Account.
  • From the dialogue box, select your Account type or Other Mail Account.
  • Finally, enter the login credentials and account information property.

Solution 6: Temporary Turn-off the Mail Privacy Protection

Sometimes, Mail privacy protection can cause certificate verification-related issues. Therefore, you can temporarily disable this feature to fix the “unable to verify the server identity” error.

  • Open the Mail application and select Mail.
  • Choose Preferences, then click the Privacy option.
  • Here, uncheck or disable the Protect Mail Activity.

After troubleshooting, enable this option to protect your mail privacy. If Apple Mail still can’t verify the identity of the servers, it must be due to the certificate verification issue.

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Stage 3 – Troubleshoot Certificate Verification Error

In this stage, you can check the certificate details and confirm that the server is legitimate.

Solution 7: Verify the Certificate Details

  • Open the Mail window.
  • Now, select the “Warning” icon next to the server name.
  • Here, it provides the certificate issuer and validity details.

You should contact your email provider for assistance if it shows an unknown and self-signed issuer.

Solution 8: Trust the Certificate

Remember, use this option if you are confident that the server is valid and legitimate. Only then Follow the steps below to perform this task.

  • From the Mail window, select the Warning icon.
  • Now, click the “Always Trust Certificate” to enable this option.

With the help of these 8 easy fixes, you can resolve the “Unable to verify server’s identity” error on Apple Mail. If none of the above solutions work, it is recommended that you should contact Apple support or your email provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I verify server settings in Apple Mail?

Ans. The following steps help you to verify server settings in Apple Mail.

  • Open the Mail app on your Mac device.
  • Choose the Mail option and select Settings.
  • Now, click Accounts and choose an account.
  • You can click on Server Settings, then select the Outgoing Account pop-up menu.
  • At last, choose the Edit SMTP Server List to review the server’s information.

Q2. Why is my Mail not sending on my Mac?

Ans. This issue can occur due to the firewall problem. Ensure it doesn’t block email traffic on ports 25, 465, or 587. Apart from this, you can also check whether you’re affected by another firewall, such as a separately installed software on Mac or administered by your email provider.

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