How to Protect MS Outlook Data File from Unauthorized Access

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Summary: Privacy has become one of the most important concerns for users these days. As a result, users always want to secure their data from unauthorized access. Your data in MS Outlook is equally vulnerable to these security threats. So, here we will discuss the ways to enhance the security of your data in MS Outlook from unauthorized access with the help of manual and professional tools.

MS Outlook is one of the most efficient email clients that allows professionals to connect to each other across the world. But what if we tell you that data in MS Outlook is not safe and it is prone to a number of threats such as damage, attacks from malware and unauthorized access? Wouldn’t you panic and worry about your data protection? We understand that your mailbox contains all the crucial information such as passwords, attachments, calendars and tasks. Therefore, protecting this information from unauthorized access can become essential. Let us first identify these risks and discuss the methods to prevent them.

Identification of common risks

There are various kinds of common risks which MS Outlook users are vulnerable to face. These risks basically include the following:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware and virus attacks
  • Hacking and data breach
  • Unauthorized access to your hardware and software

Now that we have discussed the common types of risks, let us know the methods to boost the protection and avoid these risks.

Methods to improve the security of MS Outlook from Unauthorized Access

Let us discuss these methods one by one.

Password protection

Setting a password for your file is the best way to prevent unauthorized access. Here are the steps that you can follow for this.

  1. Launch MS Outlook. Go to File.Protect Outlook Data File from Unauthorized Access using Password Protection
  2. Select Account Settings and click on Account Settings. step 2
  3. Click on Data Files and select the data files that you want to protect.
  4. Click on Settings and then click on Change Password. step 4
  5. Enter the password and click on OK to save the changes.

Disable Cached Exchange Mode

  1. Go to the File menu and click on Account Settings.
  2. From the drop-down list, choose the Account Settings option
  3. In the new Account Settings box, double-click on the Exchange account under the Email tab.
  4. After that, a new dialog box of Change Account will appear on the screen. Users can find and disable this “Use Cached Exchange Mode” checkbox. Disable Cached Exchange Mode
  5. Click on the Next button. Then, click on OK. step 5
  6. Now, will have to perform the second important process.
  7. Under Account Settings dialog box, go to Data File tab
  8. Now, double-click on MS Outlook OST file
  9. Then, a new dialog box comes up Microsoft Exchange, and move to Security tab
  10. Users can enable the checkbox in front of this option “Always prompt for logon credentials” to Protect Outlook Data File step 10
  11. Click on OK to save the changes


Encryption is yet another way to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. It is the process to protect your data so that the one with the key can only decrypt it. It is not easily readable. Here are the steps that you can follow for this process:

  1. Open MS Outlook. Go to File.
  2. Select Account Settings and then go to Account Settings.
  3. Click on the Data File that you want to decrypt.
  4. Select Settings and click on Advanced.
  5. Check the Encrypt data file box and click OK to save the changes.

Two factor authentication from unauthorized access

This is an advanced security feature which helps to add an additional layer of protection to your data. The files that are protected with the help of two factor authentication require an additional code with the password. Here are the steps through which you can add this layer of security to your data.

  1. Open MS Outlook. Go to File.
  2. Select Account Settings and click on Security and Passwords. Go to Additional Security Options.
  3. Choose any authentication method and follow the on-screen instructions.

Limit access to data file

Limiting access to data files can be a great way to protect your files from unauthorized access. All you need to do is to create a separate user account for this. Follow the steps given below for getting the desired results.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click on User Accounts.
  3. Click on Manage Another Account.
  4. Create a new account with the help of your credentials.
  5. Once the account is created, log in to the new account and set up MS Outlook.

Update your software regularly

Updating your software regularly can be a great way to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Here are the steps that you need to follow for regularly updating your software.

  1. Open MS Outlook and go to File.
  2. Click on Office Account and then click on Update Options.
  3. Click on Update Now.

The methods which we have explained above are useful and effective. But at the same time, they take a lot of time and effort. In fact, many of these methods may not give the desired result despite complying with every step. In such a situation, there is a need to find a better solution which is far more effective and useful.

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We have always heard that prevention is always better than cure. That is why you don’t need to wait for the time when you lose your data. Follow any of the methods discussed above to get the best results. However, the damage has already taken place and your data is already damaged, then nothing could be a better solution than the professional tool that is easy to use and gives amazing results.

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