Repair Exchange EDB files through Eseutil utility tool

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The Eseutil utility is a Microsoft command-line tool that comes with the MS Exchange Server. It performs a number of functions like database offline defragmentation, database repair, database compaction, etc. In this blog, we learn about what is Eseutil utility and know, how to recover exchange edb files through Eseutil utility tool.

Although Eseutil utility has a lot of merits there are some loopholes as well. One limitation of the Eseutil utility is that it can be run against only one Exchange database at a time. Another drawback is that it supports only offline defragmentation and does not support online defragmentation. Moreover, another limitation is that it can repair and restore EDB files with less corruption. This simply means that if the EDB file is highly corrupt or damaged, the Eseutil utility will be unable to resolve the corruption.

Free and Manual Way to Repair Exchange Database by EseUtil Utility

In order to maintain the Exchange Server database, online defragmentation is an activity that is done automatically on a regular basis. Online defragmentation improves the database performance as it removes the objects that are not in use, from the EDB. Although online database defragmentation is a part of database maintenance, sometimes it leads to the generation of a number of errors that display some sort of EDB corruption, the existence of uncommitted logs, and many other issues. Once the online defragmentation is over, if there are any errors then you need to perform EDB repair and recovery. One of the error messages that appear after the online defragmentation is mention below:

“1067 The Information Store terminated abnormally”

During the online defragmentation, when some sort of issue forces the Information Store to stop abruptly, this error message appears. However, if you want to know why the Information Store has terminated abruptly, you need to check the Event Log. When you check the Event log, you get the following information:

“Date: date Source: ESE

Time: time Category: Database Corruption

Type: Error Event ID: 447

User: N/A

Computer: Servername

Description: Information Store (nnnn) A bad page link (error -338) has been detected in a B-Tree (ObjectId: 70950, PgnoRoot: 157120) of database C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb (157120 => 296404, 296403).”

Once you read the above-mentioned error message in the Event log, you can easily understand the cause for the termination of the Information store.

As mentioned in the Event Log, the reason behind this error is EDB corruption. Considering database corruption as the main cause for this issue, let’s see how to perform EDB repair. One can repair the Exchange database either by using Eseutil Exchange Recovery tool.

Recover Exchange EDB files using Eseutil utility tool

The Eseutil Exchange utility is use to resolve the issue if the database corruption is small. However, if the EDB file is severely damage, it cannot be repaired using the Eseutil Exchange utility. In this scenario, you can try to recover the EDB file from the last valid backup. In case of the absence of a valid backup, you can recover the EDB file using an efficient and professional third-party tool like Regain Exchange Server Recovery tool. The market is flooded with a number of third-party tools. You can choose the EDB recovery software that suits your requirement.

Regain Exchange Server recovery tool is one such efficient and professional third-party software that repairs the corrupt EDB files. It helps to store complete data from the Live exchange server to Outlook PST file format. Regain Exchange server recovery tool supports all kinds of MS Outlook and MS Exchange servers.

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Eseutil is Microsoft’s command-line utility that is capable of doing offline defragmentation, database repair, database compaction, etc. Eseutil can resolve EDB corruption to an extent. However, if the EDB file is highly corrupt or damaged, Eseutil cannot be used to resolve the error. For repairing highly corrupt EDB file, you can try Professional Regain Exchange EDB Recovery tool.

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